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Hubble Sees Spiral in Serpens Spiral galaxy Telescope images

Hubble Sees Spiral in Serpens Spiral galaxy Telescope images


Hubble Sees Spiral in Serpens

NGC 3627 (M - This intermediate spiral galaxy is about 36 million light-years away in the constellation Leo. NGC 3627 is part of the famous Leo Triplet, ...

Hubble Views a Galaxy on Edge. Whirlpool GalaxyHaloSpiralsNasa ...


Hubble Spies the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 4394

The Hubble Telescope finds a cosmic hummingbird. http://hubblesite.org/

Interacting galaxies Arp 273 http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/. SpiralsHubble Space TelescopeTelescope ...

Chandra is studying a black hole in Serpens! Nearby, this ring galaxy known as

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows Messier 96, a spiral galaxy just

NGC 1309 is a spiral galaxy located approximately 120 million light-years away in the · Telescope ImagesHubble ...

Blue Stars Ring Nucleus of Galaxy AM 0644-741 #wow

Hubble Sees a Galaxy With a Glowing Heart. Hubble Space TelescopeNasa Space Hubble ImagesSpiral ...

Hubble Sees Spiral in Serpens

Barred spiral galaxy NGC 6217

Antennae Galaxies reloaded

The arrangement of the spiral arms in the galaxy Messier 63 recall the pattern at the

Hydrogen gas

A poster-size image of the beautiful barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows the spiral galaxy NGC 3021 which lies about 100 million

The Antennae galaxies, viewed in the sharpest-yet image of this merging pair of galaxies. During the course of their collision, billions of stars will be ...


Hubble Sees Anemic Spiral NGC 4921

Hubble took note of this pretty spiral galaxy called NGC 4102 in NASA describes it as having an "understated, but charming, appearance." The galaxy is loc.

Barred spiral galaxy NGC 6217. Galactic wreckage in Stephan's Quintet

-Ring Galaxy NGC 922 --The ring structure and the galaxy's distorted spiral shape result from a smaller galaxy scoring a cosmic bullseye, hitting the centre ...

Inside two merging galaxies, NASA has discovered a region full of star formations. (NASA / ESA / C. Wilson) Constellation: Serpens Distance from Earth: ...

See the 50 Best Images Taken by Hubble. SpiralsGalaxiesNebulasHubble ...

Through an extraordinary chance alignment, the Hubble telescope has captured a view of a face-on spiral galaxy lying precisely in front of another larger ...

See the 50 Best Images Taken by Hubble. SpiralsSpiral GalaxyTelescope ...

M74 (NGC 628) The Perfect Spiral Galaxy Hubble Space Telescope

Holiday wishes from the Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble sees galaxies galore

NASA, ESA, and Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA), W. Blair

Out of this whirl: The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and companion galaxy

Twins with differences

Flocculent spiral NGC 2841

pinwheel galaxy,grand design spiral galaxy,m101

The perfectly picturesque spiral galaxy known as Messier 81, or M81, looks sharp in

Hubble mosaic of the majestic Sombrero Galaxy

The Ring Nebula as seen by Hubble Space Telescope. NASA/ESA/STScI

A grazing encounter between two spiral galaxies

Unexpected interaction between dark matter and ordinary matter in mini-spiral galaxies

New rings discovered around Saturn - Stock Image

Picture of the Week 2010

Astronomy Magazine - How the Hubble Space Telescope changed the cosmos | Astronomy Magazine

Spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 plows through space. This galaxy is zooming toward the upper right, in between other galaxies in the Norma cluster located over ...

colliding galaxies,spiral galaxies

Hubble shears a "woolly" galaxy

... This view, captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows a nearby

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides us this week with a spectacular image of

This NASA Hubble Space Telescope view of nearby barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672 unveils details in

Hubble views NGC 4522

Dramatically backlit dust lanes in NGC 7049

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have found a spiral galaxy that may rotate in the

ngc 6027,galaxy group

Loose Spiral Galaxy

NASA ...

... is a system of "three galaxies" that appear to be partially overlapping in the image, although they may be at somewhat different distances. The spiral ...

Rainbow Pinwheel galaxy

This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a beautiful spiral galaxy known as

messier 81,barred spiral galaxy

southern pinwheel galaxy,messier 83,starburst galaxy

Core of the spiral galaxy μ100 imaged with hubble a. before corrective optics b. after corrective optics

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

A Galactic Penguin. From our perspective, viewed by Hubble, this pair of interacting galaxies bears a resemblance to a penguin guarding its egg.

This image from NASA's Hubble telescope shows one of the most distant galaxies known, called

A bizarre cosmic rarity: NGC 660

pinwheel galaxy,m101,spiral galaxy,ursa major

Supernova 1993J in spiral galaxy M81

NASA's Hubble and Spitzer telescopes combined to make these shape-shifting galaxies taking on the

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, using infrared technology, reveals the <

whirlpool galaxy,m51

messier 64,m64,spiral galaxy

Tag: NGC 6872

Hubble Sees an Ancient Globular Cluster

messier 81,m81,grand design spiral galaxy


HUBBLE'S TOP 100 • #99 • Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

m104,unbarred spiral galaxy,


A dwarf galaxy ravaged by grand design

Spiral galaxy Messier 83 20" CDK at F4.5. FLI-PL6303E camera. L:25mins. RGB:3mins.

NGC 3256 was previously imaged through fewer filters by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope as part of a large collection of 59 images of merging galaxies, ...

A dusty spiral in Virgo

Hubble Space Telescope view of the Meathook Galaxy (NGC 2442) - Stock Image


Discovery Channel telescope sees first light!

Tag: barred spiral

Spiral Galaxy NGC 6744. 20" [email protected] FLI camera. L:120mins. RGB: 20mins. March 2013. Collaboration with Ian Sharp.

... Hubble view of the spiral galaxy M66: hst_m66

Magnificent spiral galaxy NGC 7424

The spiral arms and dust clouds in the nearby Whirlpool galaxy Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomy. Star birth clouds in deep space. Eagle nebulae. Hubble telescope image.

This shows two views of the lovely face-on spiral galaxy NGC 6946. On the left is a visible light image, and on the right is the radio view, ...