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I don39t need a KUB to know you39re full of SHIT Happy ER Nurses

I don39t need a KUB to know you39re full of SHIT Happy ER Nurses


I don't need a K.U.B to know you're full of SHIT! Happy ER Nurses Week! | Funny | Pinterest | Nurses week, Nurse life and Nurse stuff

Nurses, let's celebrate our ability to hold in our pee for 10 hours.

If I could say this as a nurse

Whereas I do find it funny, it irks the shit out of me that nurses

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Here's to all the ER nurses who assured their patients they weren't dying after Google convinced them they were. Happy Nurses Week!

I don't need a K.U.B to know you're full of SHIT! Happy ER Nurses Week! See more. from someecards.com · Happy Nurse's Week!

Happy Nurses Week sorry you are so overworked and underpaid, can you do an overtime shift?

I don't need a K.U.B to know you're full of SHIT! Happy ER Nurses Week! | Funny | Pinterest | Nurses week, Nurse life and Nurse stuff

For all my favorite ER nurses.Love our ER patients.


Boy that sounds like patients I know.but wait Norco and Vicodin are both hydrocodone. They should have changed one to Percocet. --- Jas know wat tht life be ...

If your nurse is freaking out, you're most likely dying within several minutes. Otherwise-- remain calm!

happy nurse's week :) See more. from Someecards · Last two weeks! Fuck it!

I don't need a K.U.B to know you're full of SHIT! Happy ER Nurses Week! | Funny | Pinterest | Nurses week, Nurse life and Nurse stuff

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Oh Im sorry, you didnt think you would have to wait in Triage? Guess youd better start dying for real, then.

They always wonder why we don't have pens by the station

I have lots of other great humor at The Happy Hospitalist Blog.

Nurse humor.

ED problems!

I solemnly swear to clean up the most disgusting fluids that come from your body.

ER nurse relationships are special. 'I'll get the legs open and hold the penlight in my teeth, you find the orifice' kind of special.

250 Funny Reasons You Know You're A Nurse

radiology quotes funny I don't need a KUB to know you are FOS

Life of an ER nurse or most job positions in the ER for that matter.

Without CNAs nurses would have a horrid night! Thanks to all the CNAs who bust their butt at work! Nurses don't say it enough but we do appreciate ...

When my patient finally pees and I don't have to straight cath them!

Happy nurses week!!!:)

Happy ER Nurses Week!

so lucky and blessed to work in the best place ever (Labor and Delivery) with the very best nurses/friends/family ever!!

The reason we don't know what is wrong with your knee.

Happy Nurses Week to my fellow nurses, CNA's and student nurses, especially to those in Neuro ICU and Neuro stepdown, I couldn't imagine doing this without ...

At MY hospital, I use an Ativan stress test protocl to stabilize all my patients with call light abuse exacerbations nurse ecard humor photo.

Thank nurses for doing all the gross shit they do

I love all nurses! Especially Trauma/ER nurses. Ok - especially you.

I [heart] Trauma Women's Plus Size V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

Nursing humor...why must it all contain cuss words?? So dang

You need to work on your staffing ratios.

I don't need a K.U.B to know that you're F.O.S. | Nurses

10 Fun Facts & Quotes For The National Nurses Week

250 Funny Reasons You Know You're A Nurse Belts? Feel like a packhorse

Nursing nursing-stuff Heather-- I'm very proud of you for the choices you have made - I love you mom

More information

Amazing X-Rays Of Random Objects Inserted Into Bizarre Places – 15 Pics. Please, please, people stop shoving things up your asses! And I'm probably going to ...

Find this Pin and more on Nurse humor by Sarah Kinnaman. See more

I have seen some of the babies mothers be like this!

11 things only a true hypochondriac will relate to Nursing lol

12 Funny Nurses Quotes to Lighten Up Your Mood

ER nurse - what they think I do

Dementors are here sucking the life from me. That's work, work sucks the life out of me. lol this is so me, if there's one thing that I dread most out of ...

Happy Nurses Week! For all my beautiful nursing friends :)

See more. Welcome to WebMD. Type quickly, you don't have long.

Xray humor, radiology humor. Yup, it always points to the side that hurts, lol.

Luckily I don't work IN the ER, but these sound like absolute truths

I propose a toast to all the ER nurses over the years who've hung our banana bags & rolled us to keep us from aspirating on our own vomit Happy ER Nurses ...

Haha I love this - ER nurses :)

Happy Nurses Week to all my nursing friends and family. I will be extra nice

Way to go doc....Way. To. Go. Er NursesMedical ...

The life of an ICU Nurse.the humor we have to maintain our sanity.

Except clerks even have nurse's we list lol ain't nobody want the foley or rocephine happy nurse unless it's last resort lol

Happy nurses week to all my nursing friends !

Send FREE FUNNY Nurses Week ecards and Nurses Week cards with a personalized Nurses Week message from someecards ecard site. Our Nurses Week greeting cards ...

Nurses auto insurance

Have actually seen this

When you're nursing, you can't beat a few days ...

Happy National Nurses Day! #nurse

Happy Nurses Week to all my Bix peps!

Nursing and Medical Humor

Accidentally ruining your friends' appetites because you forget 'normal' people

I'm going to diagnose you as being full of s**t. | Some E cards | Pinterest | Humor, Ecards and Funny stuff

I Waste So Much Time

I have excellent assessment skills, Jack!

See more. Fantastic pain scale meme. Just for a little fun, I think I'll

Happy Nurses Week! LOL. See more. Some Patients Think "H" Stands for Hotel. #NursingHumor #Cartoon #Funny

Or don't worry I'm the rectal tube insertion king. Don't worry I got this, you just hold the butt.

Nursing is Not a Profession for Everyone.

I'm so happy to be working during the full moon. Said No night

Tips for ICU patients and families

You Know You're A Nurse If . .

I literally just laughed out loud · Happy Nurses ...

Ahhh, being a nurse lol

Happy Nurses Week! Proud to be a nurse!

Shit man

Need more coffee! Also as a cna on the night shift. 250 Funny Reasons You Know You're A Nurse

"Have you ever just looked at someone and knew the wheel was turnin' but. the hamster was dead?" Too funny!

Being the charge nurse

Can't wait to say I'm not a waitress ;

Do you know how much that medication costs? Now I just tell them all the places I looked when I'm telling them the medication I need.

ER Nurse- Limited Edition



See more. grrrrr... all the time!! HAPPY NURSES WEEK FRIENDS!

The first male nurse must have felt a little uncomfortable in those small little white dresses

Nurse humor for Nurse's Day! So grateful for all you do and all you put

ER Nursing

I had to tell my wife "No, you don't get to practice sticking an IV on me." (Of course, once a week I have her give me my allergy shot. so the ...

“Don't Mess with My Mom .She's a Nurse” Car Window Decal awwww.I can't wait to put this on my car when I have little ones :)


The look I give my patient when they're trying to get out of bed. "Don't you dare set that bed alarm off!

Nursing meme are every where! They inspire, motivate and keep us sane in the juggling world of nursing. We love to share inspirational quotes time to time ...

Nurses: Here to SAVE your ass...not KISS it!