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I love the looks of this Hope to own one myself real soon Porsche

I love the looks of this Hope to own one myself real soon Porsche


You have to search long and hard to find fault with the Porsche Cayman S. There may be faster and more powerful sports cars on the market, but there are few ...

Porsche-991.jpg ...

I'd fall in love with a new release and then find myself at the annual auto show with no real serious intent or purpose, but then leave the event with the ...

I do have a baby seat in the Porsche and will take my son with me on shorter drives. I'd like to think I get 'cool Dad' points for that one.

CAR's Tim Pollard says farewell to our long-term Porsche 997 Carrera

... looks The Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 964 is just spectacular

Roland Ratzenberger's Porsche Holds Memories Of A Racer Gone Too Soon

FactoryTwoFour Porsche Backdate

The last few months have seen a slowdown in air-cooled Porsche market activity. Long-time owners who have watched their hobby become a speculator playground ...

... year than have one more-expensive Porsche. That is just me, personally, and the way I choose to experience Porsche. There is excellence in both eras.

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When I first saw images of this watch, I really wanted to like the dial for its simplicity but there was one thing troubled me – the date indicator, ...

About two months ago, I purchased my fourth new-to-me car in as many years — and I still had two of the previous three. Of those three, one was purchased ...

Mark Webber is sitting across from me in the driver's seat of a new Porsche 911 GT3 RS, trademark grin wide on his semi-bearded face. "Good, right?"

2012-Porsche-911-Carrera-S.jpg ...

Two generations of 911, one generation of Tim Pollard

Real? Replica? Who Cares? The Outlaw Speedster

Photo of Porsche Experience Center - Atlanta, GA, United States

Dream Come True: Project 996 Turbo

It looks modest, doesn't it? But lavish $600k on a 964 shell and the results are pretty special 'I ...

At 300 hp and 280 lb-ft torque, the 718 outperforms my first Cayman – and the deficient exhaust note that many in my Porsche community warned would send me ...

1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S “

1965-1969 912 – Want to own an old 911, but still want that connection to the 356? Than the 912 is for you. It was built as an entry level 911. Porsche ...

Here's Why You Buy A Porsche 911 Sight Unseen And Leave On An Epic Road Trip

Porsche graveyard

I have to say that ever since we added a MINI Paceman to our gang both myself and Mrs P have really warmed to the SUV thing. We both like the semi ...

My wife and I play a lot of backgammon. We used to record our backgammon scores in a book. Over time, those yearly books became a bit like an old family ...

LEGO 42056 Technic Porsche 911 - Body

Curbside Classic: Porsche 928 – The Future Of Porsche, Twenty-Five Years Too Soon

Waiting in Line for My Next Porsche: The 718 Cayman

Enlarge / Derelicts start weak but are potentially some of the most powerful cars in the game—assuming you grind enough.

Porsche 356C Garage Find ...


It's going to be very much a working progress, for now I'll have to live with it's foibles and indiscretions as I just want to drive the thing.

McKeel Hagerty and his tale of two Porsches

Opinion · Human Driving · self-driving cars


Let me give you the back-story. Like most Porsche lovers, my pursuit began many years ago as a young boy. I've always wanted a 911.

Daily Driven: Life with a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S

Matt Hummel is the California king of Porsche patina | Classic Driver Magazine

2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S Coupe 6-Speed


5 Best Mods for Porsche 996 (996TT, Carrera + 911)

Life in the fast lane: Driving a Porsche. Owning a Porsche has given me ...

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that's dead stock (this one is not, BTW), it's great fun at town speeds. You get looks and waves, and Porsches flash their lights at you, and everyone wants ...

The rubber canary in the air-cooled coal mine.

This guy's Steven Kane, works driver for the Bentley M-Sport Blancpain GT racing team – and he's getting an advanced look at the boss's next car.

Both professionals and engineers have voiced concern about the supercar's suitability for

My plate says “LOVE SUN”. An often-asked question, usually at gas stations, is “How fast have ...


Dan: “Ah, outside of that… Oh, what is it called? There's an electric sports car… starts with an R… Oh my god, I sound like such an idiot now. Just cause, I ...

Outside the shop, we have a 1989 911 (964) Carrera 4, first of the all wheel drive 911s. If you have never been lucky enough to drive a 964, ...

2019 Aston Martin Vantage first drive: The Porsche hunter

Missed Out on the Cool Porsche 911 R? You'll be Able to Buy One Soon

The RS and the even rarer GT2 are very special models and if you are in the market for one of those then you're probably connected to a knowledge base that ...

1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (993)

... 997.2 GT3RS.

Porsche 918 Spyder, met.-grey , Model Car, Ready-made,

This particular model has a Porsche 991 front and a [more or less] 991 rear. That's more exciting for me than a 935 since I've actually own a 991 style ...

Aston Martin Rapide v Porsche Panamera Turbo v Maserati Quattroporte GT S v Bentley Flying Spur

Porsche 911 - Project Turbo Whale Tail

Let's get this straight: If something horrible happens to me on a ride, don't ever say I died doing what I love. I feel no affection about the idea of ...

Photo by Josh S. Rose. Luftgekühlt 5.

LEGO 42056 Technic Porsche 911 - Back View

Porsche Repair, Service, Maintenance, Specialist: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Broward, FL

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Just something about it even though I never see myself actually owning one. The Volkswagen Museum was a great place to walk around too.

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 RS review

Ninemeister Porsche added 11 new photos.

No Reserve: 2002 Porsche Boxster S 6-Speed

Distinctive and yet familiar, the Cayman designers have really stepped up their game. Schön


I do have a baby seat in the Porsche and will take my son with me on shorter drives. I'd like to think I get 'cool Dad' points for that one.

Inside the box, the parts are separated into 5 boxes. and again, with what logic? I dont know for sure. The wheel rims and tyres get their own packing so ...

Porsche of Huntsville always provides Award winning sales experience, optimal customer service and offer the best showroom experience in the Southeast.

02 996 3.6 75000 mil Rebuilding myself with oil fed ims bearing about $3800 parts total in garage .They want $10,000. I love my car, I'm keeping it.

Rod Simpson Hybrids First V8 Porsche - 1966 Porsche 912 with a 400 ci Chevy V8

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Admittedly I've never driven a 3.2 or an SC for that matter, but fortunately there are a decent number of them locally that I can drive.

The above photos I believe were taken about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then I've kept her in an underground garage, and for the last year at my new house on ...

Photo of Porsche Warrington - Warrington, PA, United States

How it works …

Image courtesy of @geofflowdermilk on IG - he's selling this lovely example!

Some would say every car you look at will be some sort of compromise but I disagree. I believe every car you buy should feel 100% right and like a dream ...

... especially Porsche, have always fascinated me - be it a classic car in his angular shape or modern, innovative vehicles in their futuristic appearance.

... Lamborghini Countach, but for me it was the Porsche Carrera. Thirty-nine years later, I am still a car fanatic. I still look at cars virtually non stop.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition Highland Park IL

Great artists steal, and I'm obviously inspired by Paul Niedermeyer's GM's Deadly Sin series here. I am currently the owner of three Porsches, ...

Reduced to ashes: Classic cars burned in California fires add to the devastation