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I39m working at the NASA Long Duration Balloon LDB site at LDB

I39m working at the NASA Long Duration Balloon LDB site at LDB


I'm working at the NASA Long Duration Balloon (LDB) site at LDB

The equipment is owned and operated by NASA, but various scientific entities from other nations use the equipment for various scientific projects.

The site has bathroom facilities and a galley for serving lunch or snacks for everyone at LDB. In the photo below, they were serving Thanksgiving dinner!

Looking across the ice-clogged McMurdo Sound.... Antarctica 2017-2018

Michele is a researcher from Columbia University in New York City and he works on this project with scientists from the University of Minnesota.

In 2013, we shipped all of our equipment to Palestine, Texas, where CSBF, the NASA facility that oversees long-duration ballooning flights, operates.

The Long Duration Balloon Facility at Willy Field

Scientific Balloons · A Super Pressure Balloon takes flight from Wanaka, New Zealand.

The LDB shuttle stop


And finally the balloon is released to lift the payload, which has been held in place by the Boss.

The LDB facility. From the left: a yellow storage facility, the GRIPS hangar (green stripe), the STO-2 hangar (brown stripe), the CSBF machine shop, ...

We had the opportunity to visit the NASA Long Duration Balloon facility this week. There are two of these tall buildings that house the payloads for the ...

Balloon system overview at launch site in Ft. Sumner, NM.

SPIDER screen shot

NASA Balloons Begin Flying in Antarctica for 2014 Campaign

Payload Building

The Long Duration Balloon (LDB) Facility at Willy Field. Image credit: Jenna Kloosterman

On the day of a launch, Anne Dal Vera, who works at the LDB site, sends up a special small balloon called the pibal (pilot balloon).

Flying high over Antarctica, a NASA long duration balloon has broken the record for longest flight by a balloon of its size.

... Dec from NASA's Long Duration Balloon (LDB) site on Ross Ice Shelf #Antarctica; cosmic rays = high-energy particles rapidly accelerated from remnants of ...

LDB Galley

The gondola and telescope inside the STO-2 hangar at LDB

This is what the marathon looked like: a line in the white.

(A) A large NASA balloon at float in the stratosphere carrying

I'm a Survivor, Jeff Probst.

... @SuperTigerLDB instrument at the Long Duration Balloon Facility in Williams Field airport, Antarctica. Live stream: www.ustream.tv/channel/nasa -cs.


... about 22 miles (36 kilometers) up. Launched on Tuesday (Dec. 25) from the National Science Foundation's Long Duration Balloon (LDB) facility on Earth's ...


Eribus was making quite a show for us yesterday. here it is, smoking, behind a panoramic view of the LDB facility. featuring prominently in center are the ...

Investigating SPIDER Polarimeter Long Duration Balloon Payload

12 from McMurdo ...

Panoramic view of NASA's super pressure balloon in Wanaka, New Zealand

Waiting at the US Antarctic Program Passenger Terminal to check-in

With all three balloon payloads up in the air, each team has a room for monitoring in Crary Lab. Our Super-TIGER room is in "Phase 1", which is conveniently ...

The Antarctic Report @AntarcticReport. After days of bad weather at McMurdo, flurry of activity at NASA's Long Duration Balloon (LDB) site ...

This photo was taken with a telephoto just outside the launch site's 3km safety circle. The payload is barely visible hanging from the crane on the left.

A view of LDB on the drive between McMurdo Station and Scott Base en route to

A Super Pressure Balloon takes flight.

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BOPPS balloon mission during its ascent after launch from New Mexico on September 25, 2014. Image Credit: NASA/JHUAPL.

Re: Near Space - Stratospheric Balloons. «

The view from the LDB payload buildings. Not everyone works near a volcano.

Working on the STO-2 instrument inside the hangar at LDB

Mcmurdo station

Helium tanks for NASA's LDB (Long Duration Balloon) program.

Re: Near Space - Stratospheric Balloons. «

Launched on Christmas Day from the National Science Foundation's Long Duration Balloon (LDB) facility on Earth's southernmost ...

STO launched today, it was a beauty. here is a photo of it rising up from LDB, as pictured from the top of Ob hill by McM. see if you can spot the balloon!

A long overdue update

Launch site locations of the NASA Balloon Program. Map backdrop image courtesy

Almost as mysterious as the Big Bang theory is the acronym-riddled speech used by folks on the ice. With a Masters in linguistics, this is something Jen is ...

The Observation Tube was open for one month and was placed on the ice frozen above the ocean. A hole was drilled down the ice and the tube was put inside.

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... 20150730_ICRC_086-1167.jpg ...

... at the same altitude during a long period. A SPB always maintains a positive internal pressure in relationship to the environment it is floating in.

This is what is suspended from the balloon. Its a telescope/time machine.

Seals lay across the sea ice along the pressure ridges adjacent to New Zealand's Scott Base

LDB table 2 at Thanksgiving Dinner


Work in Antarctica

Grilling flank steak on the glacier at LDB

LDB table 1 at Thanksgiving Dinner

The LDB sight launched large balloons into the lower atmosphere with equipment attached to measure conditions of the earth at that height.

Helium tanks for NASA's LDB (Long Duration Balloon) program.

The equipment is owned and operated by NASA, but various scientific entities from other nations use the equipment for various scientific projects.

A balloon-borne instrument getting ready for launch.

... which is managed by the Physical Science Laboratory of New Mexico State University. The National Science Foundation manages the U.S. Antarctic Program ...

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Once the balloon is launched, it starts to collect and send back data. Scientists can track its progress. When the experiment has circled the continent, ...


BARREL1lau2.jpg ...

I made it to Antarctica!! October 2017

well unfortunately we were caught on the road when LDB went into launch lockdown, so i couldn't post the link. but here is BACCUS just after launch! notice ...

North American Helium

Figure 3. Generalized profile of Earth's atmosphere (not to scale) and the diurnal

During the storm we quickened the pace of balloon launches and found radiation dropping to levels we hadn't seen since 2015.

Giant balloon takes off from ice.


Download high-res image (575KB) ...

... grinning as she gives an example: “Go pick up SOPP at 165, stop at JSOC for 2 more NASA pax, then take them to the VXE6.” A common response is, “Copy, ...

Antarctic Mountains

The Chef's would volunteer to work at LDB and I wouldn't blame them, as I wanted to as well. The LDB sight also houses the tallest building in Antarctica ...

I'm a Survivor, Jeff Probst.... McMurdo Station - Antarctica ~ October 2017 #Survivor #jeffprobst #TheJeffProbstShow | Antarctica ~ I Am Here!

Image credit: Raditha Dissanayake of http://photos.raditha.com/

Ameresco's NASA Facility Project Takes Flight

Oct. 22-2

2017 AWS map

Discovery Hut and the preservation plans.

EUSO-SPB is the second generation of the balloon-based version of EUSO. The first one denominated EUSO-Balloon was flown in August 2014 over Canada in ...

Costumed ping pong at New Zealand's Scott Base

went out to LDB today in condition 2 (bad-ish weather, condition 3 is normal, condition 1 is bad news) to button things up, then returned straight away for ...

Hang test

... 20150730_ICRC_049-1111.jpg ...