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IBM Selectric Typeball The IBM Selectric introduced in 1961 was

IBM Selectric Typeball The IBM Selectric introduced in 1961 was


IBM Selectric II front view

The selectric typewriter

The selectric typewriter

IBM Selectric


Other middle-aged men waste money buying a car just like their first one; this is cheaper.

The IBM Selectric with interchangeable type ball elements.

The IBM Personal Computer was introduced on August 12, 1981. The IBM Selectric typewriter debuted July 31, 1961. What a world of difference between the two ...

IBM “golf ball”, the typeball for the IBM Selectric typewriter, introduced 1961. Via flickr

IBM Selectric II

One of my first Selectrics, I found it (and it's pink twin) at the swap meet, for an irresistable price. I got it working pretty well, but the pink one has ...

The newer of the two, a Correcting Selectric II, is neat not only because it carries over the typeball element of the Selectric I, but also includes ...

IBM Selectric I

Manual & Electric Typewriter Repair

Lexington's famed Selectric typewriter turns 50 | Lexington Herald Leader

A nice change after the nightmare of the Selectric III. More to come………. Definitions: IBM ...

... IBM Selectric II

IBM Selectric II interior

The selectric typewriter

design-is-fine. IbmTypewriterGolf ...

IBM Corp. begins selling its Selectric, introducing a new era in typewriter design and technology. Gone were individual typebars with a letter, ...

Correcting Selectric III

IBM Selectric typeball - IBM Selectric typewriter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Craigslist ad for "selectric", but could see it was a memory model

IBM Selectric typeballs, 1970s

The selectric typewriter

A nice change after the nightmare of the Selectric III. More to come………. Definitions: IBM ...

Selectric Typewriter Museum

196X IBM Selectric Composer - 6251

The IBM Selectric III was released in 1985.



IBM Font Elements, IBM Selectric, Type Elements, Type Ball, IBM Font Ball, Electric Typewriters

First Generation (Rabbit Ear): 1961 to about mid-60's. 88-Character Selectric I/II elements only. These are the simplest design, just a bent wire held in ...

Vintage IBM Selectric I TYPEWRITER Model 286A Black w Cover TURNS ON Gothic Font

IBM Selectric Typewriter with Ball

Many seem to have been brainwashed by the bombardment of 1960s IBM propaganda, its heavy duty promotion and advertising for the Selectric, the so-called “ ...

The Selectric "Golf" Ball

... Image of IBM Selectric II and photograph of bug

Selectric (1961)

IBM Selectric. '

from ibm.com

... IBM Selectric typewriter type ball | by Nick Sherman

Image is loading MINTY-amp-WORKING-RARE-80s-BSI-Model-182-

Photos: From the first PCs to the ThinkPad – classic IBM machines - Page 2 | ZDNet

Commercial for IBM's Selectric Typewriter 1960's

IBM Electronic Composer, 1970s

The IBM Selectric reinvented the typewriter by introducing the typeball, a spherical metal ...

the typewriter the typewriter

From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Clark Hinson: 1962 IBM Selectric I


45885302-DSC01738 44323698-IMG_4302 44323683-IMG_4299 ...

... ibm-selectric-fonts.jpg style–were ...

IBM Electric Model 01

In order to type, the Selectric used an internal mechanical binary coding and two mechanical digital-to-analog converters called whiffletree linkages, ...

... IBM Selectric Golfball 15" Typewriter with Changeable Typeball - USA - 1960s - English Characters

Executive #795522

Typewriter - Selectric 1

1946, IBM Model 04

... a typeball is a sphere that contains raised characters on its surface that strike an ink ribbon on a typewriter that was first introduced with the IBM ...

IBM Selectric Typewriter Mechanism in Action

IBM's museum at its UK base in Hursley doesn't only chart the early years of its century-old history but also tells the story of its more recent role in ...

... Model D IBM Executive typewriter - actual advertisement

IBM Selectric Typewriters

Daisywheel with Courier font

A nice change after the nightmare of the Selectric III. More to come………. Definitions: IBM ...

... IBM Correcting Selectric II Typewriter ...

Keeping It Old-School: Resuscitating SFMOMA's Vintage Selectric Typewriter · SFMOMA

... available IBM Selectric Typewriter

They both still work, and they're quite fun to compose with, as the keyboards are really nice (I think the Model M was based on the key feel of these, ...

Newer Selectric. IBM_Selectric_typeball. Selectric type ball

The IBM Selectric Composer, ...

IBM Correcting Selectric II

IBM Selectric II Typewriter

Vintage used old broken ibm selectric ii portable electric typewriter parts

type wheel type basket single element typewriter

Assorted 96-character IBM typing elements for the Selectric III, distinguished by the yellow lettering, the "96" legend, and different grooves inside the ...

IBM Model 11c Electric Typewriter (circa 1959) (Large, Bottom, Hood Open) The tag on the bottom of this typewriter says it is a Model 11C.

At the end of the day, the IBM Selectric was first and foremost a team effort, involving not just Beattie but Hickerson, Palmer and many other IBM design, ...

Fine example of an early Blickensderfer No.5 typewriter, dated 1902

From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Steven Kuterescz: 1970 IBM Selectric I

... 45885283-DSC01730 ...

Selectric typeball.

Electric #161311 (1933)

... IBM Selectric Style | by Arne Kuilman

Remarkably, this software product appears to have evolved from the mechanical typewriter. This article is the first of a series ...

IBM Selectric I s

My 1983 IBM Selectric II #typewriter #writer #1980s #ibm #vintage #

IBM's first electric typewriter, the Electric Typewriter Model 01, introduced in 1935.

... head of the IBM Selectric is ...