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If the largest known star were placed at the center of the Solar

If the largest known star were placed at the center of the Solar


If the largest known star were placed at the center of the Solar System, its

The biggest of the biggest stars: UY Scuti

The biggest stars in the universe. Space

If the largest star in the Galaxy was placed at the center of our Solar System

Largest ever yellow star is 1300 times bigger than sun

Blue supergiant via NASA

Our sun vs VY Canis Majoris, the largest known star. If placed in the center of our solar system, it would reach beyond the orbit of Saturn.

Exoplanets · artist concept of HD 131399 triple-star system

VY Canis Majoris is the largest known star in the universe, with a radius about 2000 times that of the sun, if it were placed in the center of our solar ...

Arcturus star vs Sun

Our Sun (Sol) in comparison to some of the largest stars in the Milky

Astronomers Identify the Largest Yellow "Hypergiant" Star Known - Universe Today

A comparison between the hypergiant, our sun and Earth's orbit. (Credit: wikipediacommons

The Kepler-444 system formed when the Milky Way was just 2 billion years old

The Andromeda galaxy is our closest spiral

... the largest and most massive stars known. It is headlined by the star Westerlund a red supergiant star so big that if placed in the center of our Solar ...

image of the sun

The Biggest MONSTER Stars - Compared to our Sun

Black Hole at the center of NGC1277

Found: Another star system with eight planets, just like ours - Chicago Tribune

Left ...

Betelgeuse ~ The bright, pinkish-white star at upper left of Orion. A red supergiant, it is one of the largest and most luminous stars known.

Until recently, VY Canis Majoris held the title of the largest known star in the

It's one of the largest known stars with a diameter estimated around 1,500 times that of the Sun. If placed in the center of our Solar ...

A selection of stellar giants, ranging from the orange giant Aldebaran up to the current

This artistic rendering shows the distant view from Planet Nine back towards the sun. The

Our Solar System Montage


VY Canis Majoris has a diameter of almost 2 billion kilometers (compare that to…

Kepler Mission Announces Largest Planet Collection Ever Discovered | NASA


As we all know that galaxies are huge clusters full of stars and the most distant of these which is still visible with naked eyes .

A diagram showing the many layers of our solar system, including the mysterious Oort Cloud (via NASA)

A comparison of the size of our Sun with the planets in our Solar System.

UY Scuti - Largest Known Star

TRAPPIST-1 and its planets. Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech

IC 1101 approximation by Jaime Trosper/From Quarks to Quasars

Black hole Sagittarius A

Betelgeuse vs sun

Canis Major hosts the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, as well as our featured star VY. You'll find Sirius twinkling brightly about halfway up in the ...

This image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows the sun at 12:

False-color imagery of the Sun, a G-type main-sequence star, the closest to Earth

70,000 years ago, a brown dwarf pair known as Scholz's Star, right on the precipice of igniting hydrogen fusion in its core, passed through the Solar ...


Aldebaran is an orange giant star located about 65 light years away in the constellation of Taurus. Aldebaran is around 44,2 times larger than the Sun, ...

What is the Biggest Star in the Universe

Artists' idea of what the TRAPPIST-1 solar system might look like. For now, each of it's Earth-sized planets is known by a letter only.

Planet Spin Directions

'Super-Jupiter' Discovery Dwarfs Solar System's Largest Planet

earth compared to sun

How big is the sun

If you placed NML Cygni at the center of our solar system, it would reach out just past the planet Jupiter.

The Largest And Most Powerful Black Hole Ever Discovered

This image from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (


The largest star - VY Canis Majoris

The simple yet incredible size of the Universe!

The Universe Cosmos Galaxies Space Black Holes Earth Planets Moon Stars Sun Solar System

... star in the constellation Scorpius, it has around 850 times the radius of the Sun and 12 time massive than the Sun, if it was placed in the center ...

AH Scorpii

Jupiter's red spot compared to earth

Red hyper giant VY Canis Majoris and our sun

The field around HR 5171 A (the brightest star just below center). Credit

A Sense of Scale

star-forming region R136

While these voids are not totally empty, and some galaxies do reside within them, they contain significantly less matter than the rest of the universe.

Ruddy Giant a Flicker in Scutum

Illustration of stellar eclipe and planetary transit events on new exoplanet

Largest Planet

Biggest things in the Universe

VY Canis Majoris (brightest star in the image) and its surrounding molecular cloud complex (Rutherfurd Observatory/Columbia University)

NASA Image of Earth via Wikimedia Commons

An artist's illustration of a young, sun-like star encircled by its disk of

Scale representation of comet 67P compared to LA by Matt Wang

Milky Way

By far the largest object within the belt is Ceres. The total mass of the asteroid belt is significantly less than Pluto's, and approximately twice that of ...

This illustration depicts the best-known candidates in our search for life in the solar

Jupiter's four largest moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto) are known as the Galilean satellites because they were discovered by Galileo Galilei in ...

... The largest known supermassive black hole compared to our solar system.