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Ijo peoples Nigeria 19th20th century wood metal plant fibres 155

Ijo peoples Nigeria 19th20th century wood metal plant fibres 155


Africa | Headdress from the Afo culture of Nigeria | Wood and seeds

Africa | Bird headdress from the Ijo people, Niger Delta region, Nigeria | Wood

Twin figure (ere ibeji), Yoruba people, Southwestern Nigeria, early 20th century

Shango devotee figure, Yoruba people, Southwestern Nigeria, late 19th century AD, wood

N/A. English: Exhibit in the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas,

IGBO Figurenpaar Nigeria. H 129 cm. - African & Oceanic Art Auctions - Auction

Female Diviner's Figure Date: 19th–mid-20th century Geography: Côte d'

Africa | Mask from the Igbo people of Nigeria. ca. 19th - 20th century

Africa | Fertility doll from the Namji people of Cameroon | Wood, glass beads,

Armour and Helmet Set Yami peoples of Orchid Island, Taiwan Rattan and fish leather tall by wide century with some early century indigenous restoration ...

... 20th century Geography: Papua New Guinea, New Ireland, New Ireland Culture: Northern New Ireland Medium: Wood, paint, fiber Dimensions: H. 108 in.

Ejagham headdress Nigeria, Lower Cross River region Medium: Wood, leather, metal,

Nouvelle-Irlande , Bois, coquillages, Sculpture Malangan XIX° siècle (New Ireland

Africa | Bow harp from the Banda Togbo people of DR Congo | Wood,,

Afo peoples Headdress Date: Late to century Medium: Wood Dimensions: H x W x D: x x cm

Africa | Plank Mask ~ Nwantantay ~ from the Bwa people from the Black Volta River

Salampasu Ram Mask Dem., Rep. of the Congo, 19th–20th century

Headdress 19th century Nigeria Lower Cross River Ejagham peoples Wood leather metal bone fiber pigment 28

Water Spirit head crest, Eastern Ijo people, Niger Delta Valley, Nigeria, early

Africa | Writing board from the Hausa people of Nigeria | Wood, leather and paint

Prestige Stool: Female Caryatid | 19th–20th century | Democratic Republic of the Congo

Africa | Mask from the Luba people of DR Congo | 19th century | Wood and

Beaded Container Tutsi people Rwanda Early century Glass beads applied to carved wood container cm high Probably used for storing ceremonial beer straws.

Africa | House of the Head (Ile Ori Shrine) from the Yoruba people of

West Africa | Gris-gris from the Fulani people of northeast Nigeria and Chad

Male Figure [Inyai-Ewa people, Korewori River, Middle Sepik region, Papua New Guinea] (1978.412.856) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan ...

Africa | Anklet from the Igbo (Ibo) people of Nigeria | Brass | ca

Africa Water spirit headdress mask from the Ijebu-Yoruba people of Nigeria Wood, pigments, glass / mirror and metal This headdress echoes Ijo conventions ...

Ijo Fetish panel, Nigeria

Senufo maskSenufo kpelie mask, wood, horns, fibre, cotton cloth, feather, metal, sacrificial material, Côte d'Ivoire, 19th–20th century; in the Metropolitan ...

Afo people, Nigeria.

Africa | Cape from the Turkana people of northern Kenya | First half of the 20th century | Leather; believed that the crocheted fiber "macaroni" were ...

Costume for a female diviner (Igqirakazi), before 1966, Xhosa peoples, Thembu

Africa | Cape from the Xhosa people of South Africa | Cotton, beads, horn

Africa | Edepka. Woman's Marriage Shawl. Nupe people. Bida, Nigeria | First


Africa | Cloth from the Kuba people (Shoowa group) of DR Congo | Raffia

Malagan mask from Northern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. Wood, shell, plant

Eharo Mask Date:early century Geography:Papua New Guinea, Orokolo village, Papuan Gulf Culture:Elema people Medium:Barkcloth, cane, paint

Mask (Tatanua), 19th century. Wood, bark, fiber, Turbo petholatus

House of the Head Shrine: Equestrian (Ile Ori), century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Africa / Yoruba Door by Olowe of Ise Ondo State, Nigeria / Pigments on Wood (probably for Ikere Palace)

Stool: Zoomorphic Date: century Geography: Mali Culture: Dogon peoples Medium: Wood Dimensions: H x W: 10 x 34 x

Africa | Vest (front and back) from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Intricately

Univers Mininga

Africa | Wrapper from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Narrow stip weave; cotton and

Nigeria - Most probably an Akwete cloth, in the so called 'Popo' style design, based on simplified Ewe cloths and women in the Niger Delta by a few people ...

An extremely fine and rare Afo female figure Ex. Wally and Brenda Zollman, Indiana

Sub Saharan Africa Jewellery / Mali

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Small Mbwété. Wood and copper: the top of the semicircular face, lamellae arranged

(155) Photos | Taras Bibilashvili Art | Pagelous

Full Details for Lot 155 -Thomaston Auction. '

Philippines | Armlet from the Ifugao people of Luzon. | 2 boar tusks, joined · Carved WoodPhilippinesStatuesWeaveEthnicFiberAsiaPlantMountain Range


Africa | 4 head power figure from the Songye people of DR Congo | Wood,

Africa | Mask from the Igbo people of Nigeria | Wood and paint

Igbo, Nigeria. Female Uli body paint artist Mgbadunwa Okanumme's house, Nnobi, Nigeria

Papua New Guinea ~ South Coast | Old clamshell ornament, decorated with glass beads and

Afrikai & Oceanic Művészeti aukció - Aukció-Lot

Double caryatid, Lower Benue, Nigeria before 1904, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, IIIC18455

Rare beaded necklace from the colorful Fulani peoples in Nigeria, West Africa.

Africa | Wrapper from the Igbo people of Nigeria | Cotton, rayon | 20th century

British Museum Af1934,0307.121 - Beving Collection, late C19th, southern Nigeria, precise

A West African mancala board, probably Liberian

Necklaces made of wood were presented to men who had distinguished themselves in battle.Last

Africa | Mbawa ~ Face mask from the Suku people, Kwango, Bandundu, DR

Statuette, Afo, Nigeria | lot | Sotheby's

Mask Pwevo or Kalunda (woman or Lunda woman) Lunda peoples Zambia Late 19th-

Africa | Woman's wrapper/skirt from the Bamana people of Mali | Cotton, painted

Display textile used as a backdrop for chieftaincy ceremonies and other important events, kpokpo , early to mid Mende or Vai people.

Africa | Wrapper from the Hausa people of Zaira, Kaduna State, Nigeria | ca

LOT SOLD 168,750 EUR 03 DEC 2009 | PARIS Search Results | Sotheby's

Yoruba, Nigeria

Ancestral Screen

Africa | Cloth from the Nupe people of Nigeria | Woven with stripes of raspberry,

Fulani necklace, Nigeria

US$ 40,000 - 60,000 Baule Goli Mask, Ivory Coast23 May 2017, LOS ANGELES

Dogon Sanga mask, Mali, early c (wood, pigment, fibre)


Helmet, late 1800s - early 1900s Guinea Coast, Nigeria,Yoruba people, late

A dancer/masquerader of the DAN or GIO people from west Africa.

Blanket for the Bed, Fulani c 1980 L 256 cm x W 128 cm - The Fulani people of West Africa are known for their woven blankets, or khasa, ...

6016-062_1365x2048.jpg (1365×2048)

Gelede mask with a bird on the head, from the Yoruba people, Nigeria. Now in the Brooklyn Museum.

Mask New Guinea (Western Elema People; Orokola Language Speakers) Bark, Rattan, And Pigment century

Lobi Prestige Sword Lobi peoples, Burkina Faso Steel Early 20th century 26 1/2" tall x 6" wide A beautiful forged steel prestige sword / staff, and possible ...

Fulani necklace, Nigeria/Cameroon, 20 strands of old European glass beads, spiral metal beads and yarn.

Gelede Mask Culture: Yoruba Medium: Wood, pigment Place Made: Nigeria Dates: late century

Shield, Western Asmat, West Papua, Indonesia carved wood, pigments, fibre 131.0

Shield Mongo or Saka, DR Congo Wood, pigment 19th/early 20th Century 61

Prestige Cap (Laket mishiing) century Geography:Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sankuru River Culture:Kuba peoples Medium:Raffia palm fiber, beads, metal ...

While the concept of user experience and the term UX have become ubiquitous in the workplace, most non-UX people still have ...

Kasai region DR Congo First half century Raffia fiber, bent cane; embroidery and knotting technique 19 x 11 x 8 cm 7 x 4 x 3 high