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Iku YORUBAN CONCEPT OF DEATH Yoruba religion t

Iku YORUBAN CONCEPT OF DEATH Yoruba religion t


IKU: YORUBAN CONCEPT OF DEATH For the Initiates of the Cuban religious cults of origin

She is an Osha closely associated with Iku, the divinity of death. She favors

Ifa Theology; volume 1

The Western Africa is the source of an ancient religious traditions such as Ifa and Vodun. Many anthropologists consider that the approximate age of ...

Deuses africanos retratados em incrível série fotográfica

Pataki Of Eyila (12) "The magical Gourd of Shango". Yoruba ReligionYoruba ...

¿Cuantas veces has buscado información sobre los orishas en la red y no has conseguido

words and seeds | “Olokun Seniade, the merman. To the Edo (Esan. Yoruba ReligionYoruba ...

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Orula,,when Orula answers "Yes" it is, yes; when he answers "No" it is, no. | s p i R i t | Pinterest | Orisha, Yoruba orishas and Yoruba religion

Photo-manipulation by James C. Lewis inspired by Yoruba deities called Orisha - Found

The Art of Stephen Hamilton - ”Daquan as Babalu Aye” Acrylic On Paper

Yoruba women done in needlepoint

A Yemoja devotee in Nigeria. The Yoruba religion ...

Beautiful chart provided by thanks again for this information. is an Iyanifa (Ifa priestess) and a holistic health practitioner.

F O B: Steps to be followed for effective Prayer(Iwure)

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Why We Must Reconnect With the Orishas & Other African Deities 12 28 14

Lee Thompson Young

Olokun is an Orisha in Yoruba religion, associated with the sea. It works closely

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Yoruba Copper mask for King Obalufon, Ife, Nigeria c. 1300 C.E.

Can his YORUBA RELIGION be blamed for his untimely death?

Ogum - In Yoruba religion, Ògún is one of the primoridal Orishas, the first

Maferefun Eleggua... Ifa ReligionYoruba ...

An explanation of Yoruba cosmology; the higherarchy of the deities.

52 Goddesses: The Goddess and Orisha OYA

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Yoruba African Orishas

Olokun ...

... 33.

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These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of. Move over Odin, Ra, and Zeus, there's a new really old pantheon in town.

Yoruba doll - Dos Aguas, 28" porcelain doll by Marlene at Yoruban Arts

OSUN-African deity of beauty, love, fertility & the Divinity of Rivers

Oya is a Orisha and is closely related to Iku, the deity of death.

Character, Destiny

Maferefun Oya

African, Inspired, Orisha


Yoruba Goddess Oya on Behance

Orunmilá era um babalaô que estava com um grande problema. Orunmilá estava fugindo da morte

Oya and Shango - CK

All this and she has found time to be the mother of nine and keep them away from the glare of publicity. They don't make Goddesses like this any more.


Olokun is an Orisha in Yoruba religion, associated with the sea. The Orisha works

Artwork for sale by Yoruba African Orishas. This site has been established for the artistic vision of renown photographer, James C. Lewis of

Black Goddess Orisha Oya by Patricia Grannum Oya is the powerful Yorùbá Orisha of winds and tempests . In some traditions, she is considered the sister of ...

Oya yegbe Iya mesa oyo orun afefe iku lelebi oke Ayaba gbogbo loya obinrin oga mi

#religion #yoruba #osha #maferefunlaosha #santo #santeria #santeros #iyawo

Ori by André Hora

In the Yoruba religion, Orunmila is the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge and

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The word; 3.

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American TV Star Lee Thompson Young Took his Life because “He Began Practicing Yorùbá ” – Read the Report

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Ibeji: African Child Deities of youth and vitality. Also known as the sacred twins. One is male and the other is female, balancing the cosmic duality ...

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Death and the King's Horseman

Atlanta-based photographer James C. Lewis has come up with a photo series featuring gods and goddesses of the Yoruba religion. These deities.

Gitana Yoruban Arts. Yoruba ReligionGypsy ...

Olokun painting. Yoruba ReligionIfa ...

Veve imagined and interpreted by artist Eliot Alexander, the Prayer to Eshu by Travis Bowman

I can't keep calm cuz they comin for me

A major theme in the play is the life cycle. In the Yoruba traditions,

I can't keep calm cuz they comin for me

Yoruba African Orishas Poster Print by James C Lewis. All prints are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days.


Olokun resides in the bottom of the ocean; an androgynous orisha that can turn…

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ASE/ASHE (pronounced ah-shay) An Yoruba word, generally defined as


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Yoruba Omolangidi (Child's Doll), Nigeria http://www.imodara.

Orishas by Noire 3000 aka James C. Lewis - Ogun

Iansã -Lady of leaden clouds- by Beto Marques.

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Orunmila , Orula by Stephen Hamilton❤

Till Death Do Us Part

The mythology of the Yoruba is sometimes claimed by its supporters to be one of the world's oldest widely practised religions.