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Important Facts about Dog Dental Health ChewChallenge t

Important Facts about Dog Dental Health ChewChallenge t


Being diligent about dental care can save you and your pet lots of problems down the

Dog Chews For Good Dental Health From Only Natural Pet

Good dental health isn't just important for you, but for your dog, too. From brushing, to dealing with yucky bacteria, to feeding, we've got some simple ...

The best answer to the challenge of looking after your dog's teeth is to start into

Oral Health

"Pets with regular dental care live an average of 2 years longer when compared with pets that don't," explains Dr. Jen Emerson-Mathis DVM, CVJ.

It's Pet Dental Health Month. Get the facts you need to keep your pet's mouth healthy and clean! Check out May's DoggyBarx box full of goodies with the ...

Providing good dog dental care is an important part of your responsibilities as a pet owner, and a clean mouth is usually a happy mouth!

Dog toothbrush

10 Warning Signs of Dental Disease in Pets


Great dental care can make a big impact on your dog or cat's overall health.Teaching your pet to be comfortable with a toothbrush is easier than you think!

Dr. Ernie Ward offers advice on what to do if your pets won't. Dental HealthPet ...

Dog chewing clothes on the floor

February is Pet Dental Month, but it is important to think about oral health all

Anybody who has ever raised a dog from a puppy knows that one of the challenging stages of puppyhood is the destructive chewing stage.

Dental Month

Vet examining dog's teeth

At-Home Dental Care for Your Pet

Does My Dog Really Need a Dental Chew?

All dog and cat owners need to be very aware of a big threat to your pets health and comfort.

Proper dental care could prevent heart disease in dogs.

But before giving your dog a chew toy, take a closer look. Could it cause the chipping or fracturing of all-important canine teeth?

Oral hygiene is often overlooked when it comes to our canine companions, but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't important. In fact, brushing your dog's ...

Mouthing, Nipping and Play Biting in Adult Dogs

dental chews

dog with toothbrush

Our Readers' All-Time 15 Favorite Chews to Keep Dogs Busy | The Dog People by Rover.com

Many of us have encountered the shock of coming home to our things being completely shredded and destroyed. It can be very frustrating.

Dental health warning signs for pets. Watch out for them - Healthy teeth are important to dogs & cats!

Pet Dental Health Starts at Home

Best chew toys for teething puppies written beside a GR puppy with chew toy

Man on a green grass with dog

10 Chew Toys for Puppies That'll Save Your Shoes | The Dog People by Rover.com

Dog Teeth Raw versus Kibble Fed

Why KONGs are the Best Interactive Dog Toys

The Potentially Deadly Treat You're Probably Giving Your Dog | The Dog People by Rover.com

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Why Does My Dog Keep Tearing, Ripping & Chewing Everything Up? – 10 Reasons

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews, Small Dog, 30 Count

Their stomachs can handle a lot, sure, but shoelaces and socks can cause major problems, and in some cases, even death, for puppies.

The causes of unwanted chewing — and how to stop it

Healthy treats for dog dental health

Disclaimer: A thorough dental cleaning under anesthesia, and brushing your dog's teeth, is considered the “gold standard” by veterinarians for maintaining ...

Dog looks up at owner - how to help your dog live longer

View Larger Image Vet Recommended Dog Chews

10 Most Common Ailments in Young Dogs

Dog instincts and drives: A Labrador hunting with pheasant in mouth

(2) Oral Problems Be Gone!

10 Puppy Teething Survival Tips! Symptoms and Pain Relief

How to stop a dog from chewing

Puppies are notoriously aggressive chewers, but some dogs never grow out of chewing. If you want to save your shoes or furniture from untimely destruction, ...

Sticks may look tasty, but they are not good for your dog.

10 Best Plush Dog Toys That Your Dog Won't Destroy Immediately | The Dog People by Rover.com

Nylabone Chews Best!

Welcome ...

Is your dog a chewer

raw dog bone

Prevention is about peace of mind – the kind that comes from knowing that you are proactively monitoring the health and wellness of the pets you love.

Training a Puppy to Stop Chewing

101 Funny Names for Goofy Dogs

Giving your dog plenty of her own toys and dental chews will help prevent her from gnawing on your things. Additionally, dental chews help to keep her teeth ...

Congratulations on getting your first dog! If it's a puppy, then Oh Boy! Are you in for some fun!

Regular dog food is optimized for most dogs' needs, but adding vegetables can provide great health benefits too! Vegetables for dogs are a great supplement ...


How to Brush Pet's Teeth & Internet Root Canals

Natural Dental Prevention nov 17 2014

tough dog names

Why Dogs Howl at Sirens

Six month old Labrador puppy FAQ

Puppies chew on their littermates

Woman outside with a dog on a leash

If I were to tell you that one of Henry's favorite snacks is completely vegetarian,

9. Naturally Shed Antlers

Puppy Teeth


10 Things Only Aussiedoodle People Understand | The Dog People by Rover.com

Dental disease in older dogs

More options available. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dog Treats

If I were to tell you that one of Henry's favorite snacks is completely vegetarian,

(1) Safe Chewing