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InexplicataThe Journal of Hispanic Ufology Argentina Further

InexplicataThe Journal of Hispanic Ufology Argentina Further


A lively UFO symposium known as the Café Ufológico de Mendoza is held on a regular basis in this Argentinean city's Café Five Stars, representing a source ...

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Animal Mutilations and Two Strange Beings

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Shadows and a Winged Man in

Argentina: The Route 5 Teleportation Quandary

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and Diario HOY (Spain) Date: 20 November 2016. Article by Sergio Lorenzo http://www.hoy.es/caceres/201611/20/

Argentina: The Hernandarias Event - UFO Teleportation or Abduction?

Argentina: Further Detials on the Parque Mitre "Alien"

Spain: UFO Reported Over Brenes (Seville)

Argentina: A Landmark UFO Case from 1972 is Disclosed

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Seven Friends Break Pact of Silence

Argentina: UFOs in the “Western Corridor”

Argentina: Three Children Abducted by a UFO

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Recorded in the Sierra de Córdoba

Argentina: Did a UFO Nearly Collide With a Stunt Plane in Varese?

Argentina: CEFAE - Ten UFO Cases Studied by the Kirchner Administration

Argentina: Specialist Analyzes UFO Photograph; Forecasts Nationwide Wave

What is striking about the police report concerning the being's behavior is that it leaped into the water, leading us to believe that could be perfectly ...

Argentina: Alleged Contactee Experience in Salta

Argentina: Latest UFO Reports from CEUFO By Fabio I. Romano, La Pampa www.ovnismac.blogspot.com

Argentina: An Alleged UFO over Carlos Paz

Argentina: Hunter Claims He Shot "An Extraterrestrial"

Argentina: Air Force Debunks Nearly 40 UFO Sightings

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and La Gente (Honduras) http://www.radiolaprimerisima.com/noticias/resumen/225543/incrementa-el-avistamiento-de-ovnis-en- ...

Mexico: More on the Acayucan "Lights"

Earlier today, Eduardo Grosso posted an interesting comment on Contributing Editor Guillermo Giménez's Planeta UFO site regarding the very likely ...

Meteorite or UFO? Scientists discover where the 'object' fell from the sky in

Argentina: More UFOs Reported in Sierra de la Ventana

Argentina: Tucumán, UFOs and the Story that Inspired Spielberg

Argentina: Sightings in the Delta Go Back 20 Years

As part of their effort to conmemorate Argentina's long and distinguished UFO history, the ICOU (Investigadores de Campo Unidos / United Field Researchers) ...

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and TN8 (Nicaragua) Date: 12.09.2016. Article by Milenia Lopez Palacios, TN8 newsroom

Argentina: Luis Burgos Forecasts a UFO-Active 2018

Argentina: Round Two - More Anthropomorphic Phenomena (1972)

Argentina: UFO Reported Over Fray Mamerto Esquiu

A possible triangular UFO over Tucumán, Argentina?

Victoria, Argentina: UFOs, Bridges and the Unexplained

Argentina: Researcher Proposed UFO Tourism for Salta Province

Argentina: Anomalous Objects Over Villa Ventana

Argentina: UFOs Return to Salta

Argentina: More Images from Chicoana

Incidents on the Argentinean Atlantic Coast: UFO Sightings at Necochea and Quequén

Argentina: Alleged UFO Over Quequén

Thoughts on Bell-Shaped UFOs

Source: PLANETA UFO and La Prensa Austral (Argentina)

Argentina: Raul Baigorri Discusses UFOs in Caleta Olivia

Argentina: Humanoids in Santiago del Estero (1979)

Argentina: As Seen On the X-Files

Argentina: Dead Cow in a Pasture is a Source of Mystery

Argentina: The Saucers of July 1947

Argentina: Unidentified Object at Construction Site Shocks Family

Argentina: The Dique La Florida CE-3 (1978)

Argentina: Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO Over Necochea

Puerto Rico: Strange Creature Photographed in Guayama

Argentina: The First UFO Encounter (El Maitén, Chubut – 20 Feb 1949)

Argentine Air Force's UFO study releases their first report | Openminds.tv

Argentina: UFO Sightings are Ongoing in Victoria

Source: Planeta UFO and El Tribuno (Argentina)

Our friend and colleague Alfonso Salazar, a UFO researcher and aviation expert whose accounts have been featured over the years, shares with us these ...

Argentina: Strange Creature Slays Two Dogs in Santa Fe

Argentina: Three Out of Four People Have Witnessed UFOs in San Luis

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Peru: Strange Entity Recorded in Huánuco

Argentina: Operación Patagonia Sets Its Sights on Trelew

The Amelia Case: UFO Contact in Necochea (Argentina)

Argentina: UFO Over Merlo

Source: Planeta UFO and El Litoral (Argentina) Date: 07.10.2017. An article by Francisco Villagrán

Argentina: Humanoids at San Antonio de Areco (1975)

The teacher, astonished, began asking all manner of questions from her colleagues and local residents. She was told by way of reply: “This isn't the first ...

Source: Orbita Cero Mendoza (Argentina)

UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids Since the Spanish Civil War

Argentina: 50th Anniversary of the Argentinean Antarctic UFO Sighting

Argentina: Electromagnetic Effects in Tierra del Fuego

Argentina: The 1963 Trancas Case Revisited

Argentina: A UFO Abduction in Hernandarias?

Argentina: Consternation in La Rioja Over a Strange Object in the Sky

The UFO Phenomenon in Argentina: Believe or Bust

Dominican Republic: UFO and Alien Experiences and Sightings

PROTECTION - away from Negative Energy Electronics - S. C. A. P. - Symbol Compensator Andre Philippe

Unidentified Submarine Objects in Argentina - A Conspiracy?

Source: Planeta UFO and La Arena.com

Argentina: An ALLEGED Alien in Parque Mitre(Corrientes)

Argentina: Was a UFO Photographed over Jáchal?

Argentina: Astronomer Admits Merlo Object is "a UFO"

Argentina: UFOs? Researchers Look Into the Ibicuy Lights

Argentina: Tractor Operator Claims Seeing Vehicle; Farmer Sees Cow Abducted

Argentina: CE-3 Policeman Given Mandatory Retirement in La Pampa

Chile: UFO Sightings Have Become Commonplace in Patagonia

Argentina: Giant UFO Causes Commotion in Salta

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and www.OJO.pe (Peru)

Argentina: "The South is Being Visited by UFOs"

Argentina: The Day UFOs Invaded Uribelarrea

Argentina: Flying Object over the El Toro Viaduct (Salta)

Chile: UFO Sightings Over Port Natales Cause Curiosity and Fear

Subject Revisited: Argentina's Monte Grande Explosion (2011) - Threats, Spies and UFOs?

Argentina: April 1950 - Unidentified Flying Object over Corrientes and Resistencia

Argentina: The UFO Phenomenon in Salta - A Substantiated Story

SOURCE: GIFPU and Planeta UFO Date: 03.04.2017. A report by Joe Carpio, ...

Argentina: Anomalous Object Photographed over Carlos Paz

Argentina: The Punta Indio Aquatic Connection