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Is your ISP spying on your surfing under the pretext of quotstreamlined

Is your ISP spying on your surfing under the pretext of quotstreamlined


Vivaldi browser and privacy

... an encryption algorithm that's known to be tough or impossible to break.

... specifying their email address. Cybercriminals managed to get hold of a list of email addresses of potential investors and send out a timely invitation ...

Here is another flaw in the new comment system:

Figure 1 Timeline of net neutrality in Norway

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Best VPN

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More companies will prefer to advertise on this news group as it is having an ...

It Gets Worse

In mid-October 2005, researchers from Human Rights Watch and the Open Net Initiative (ONI), working in cooperation with local Syrian volunteers, ...

The chart shows average percentage decrease in application traffic in the days before and after the election.

The List

(Mark Huffman @ ConsumerAffairs) Emails that pop into your inbox, appearing to be from a bank, utility, or shipping company, are favorite vehicles for ...

Top 10 Cheapest VPN Client, Software and Services Workable in Iran, China and Saudi Arabia

Net Neutrality Is Government Censorship

1999-04 the Computer Paper - BC Edition | Personal Computers | Http Cookie

2017-09-06: How to detect and remove a rootkit in Windows 10 · 2017-09-06: How to Choose: Penetration Tester vs. Red Team

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Support for U.S. Air Strikes in Syria ...

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Can Comcast still track my torrent downloading even if I use a VPN? - Quora

Maxine Waters Confirms Big Brother Database 2013 Foretells NSA Phone & Internet Spying

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Wibiya makes short cut for one to, through a browser in the bottom, to

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Steve S: "My God, what a confession it is to believe that 13 non-billionaires could influence an American election: “Horosho! Now that election goes to ...

... invasion there are multi dimensional beings also known as fallen angels who are our enemy. They have been in our skies, under the ground and undersea ...


While Breitbart News is reportedly plotting to go 'thermonuclear' against 'globalists' inside the Trump administration, Bannon may be personally gearing up ...

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What Is the Patriot Act?

Bradley ...


"In the House": Ozon makes a comic thriller about a precious teenage writer and "domestic spy", all for family

A. Dumpster Diving B. Scanning; 35.

Create An Exceptional Customer Journey With Your Website

Never mind what a router does or what these settings mean. The point here is that in the future every device — every toaster, every thermostat, ...

FNE Bourgogne



not so formal cover letter

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ICIW 2013- The Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security by ACPIL - issuu

... the usual lines about property rights and how we're going to see less content going forward, which Bell rightly scoffs. The video then uses our Sky Is ...

Shameless Amazon.com lists Rough Anal Sex Collection next to The Speeches of Martin Luther

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“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.” - Isaac Asimov


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A reissue of the dialer in “ ...

And now we find out that they were winding it up weeks before Hezbollah captured the Israeli soldiers. The captures were just a pretext: Israel and the ...

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Data Privacy Lab

Alphabet, Google's parent company, promises not to allow use of its artificial intelligence technology in weapons and in certain forms of surveillance.

Your guide to quality literature.

Discussing this topic of 2k digital distribution and exhibition with my friend Daniel in Lake Constant, we realize this conversation is not new to say the ...

Michael Barron; Four teenagers stole rare books from a university library in 2004, and now their heist


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palinpicuv1.jpg (Palin and McCain in their Hitler poses)

Add A URL TO Search Engines

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The Government tells us we should trust them with our data because they are the Government

... See the source image ...

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It's one of the bigger purchases we make every so often, but unfortunately, there is a general lack of education on how to properly buy a car.