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Islam is known as a promoter of misogyny in its worst form Children

Islam is known as a promoter of misogyny in its worst form Children


Women in Islam: Was Muhammad a Misogynist?

The victim of rape is murdered for the crime of rape committed against her. Islam is EVIL! Sharia law is Evil!

Here's a hard-hitting article, posted at Dreuz, denouncing Emmanuel Macron's multiple acts of betrayal of Western civilization, his overt displays of ...

... “misandry lacks the systemic, trans-historic, institutionalized, and legislated antipathy of misogyny,” revealing the lack of a trend in male-hatred.

What Is Misogyny: Definition And Signs Of Misogynistic Behavior | Women's

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How is it different from the definition of sexism and what are the signs?

As for misogyny in Islam, author of Popular Islam and Misogyny: A Case Study of Bangladesh, Taj Hashmi writes:

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Worship the one true God.

The illegitimate child of 9 beasts

A form letter every concerned British parent should consider using in some way.

Marcus Tullius Cicero. Cicero reports that Greek philosophers considered misogyny ...

A few days ago I posted an article by Guy Rouvrais on the Islamization of certain French Catholic schools where the teaching of the Koran has eclipsed ...

What Is Misogyny

Despite claims by ideologues that Islam is a “static” religion opposed to progress and in need of reformation, reformist challenges to the status quo have ...

Since sexism applies to men too, a sexist woman would say: “My coworker takes care of children, but I wouldn't trust a man “who likes kids”, if you know ...

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There are some outstanding issues with the form letter that parents may wish to put right. The letter doesn't mention for example, school assemblies which ...

Donald Trump's Comments On Women | Top 5 Insults & Misogyny by the President of the USA

The Religion of Peace


Vol 2 - Issue 1 : 2006

Arthur Schopenhauer is another philosopher known for his misogynistic views. According to him, women are meant to obey by nature, because they're “childish, ...

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Classical Greece

There is more than one definition of what is misogyny

Guru Nanak in the center, amongst other Sikh figures

Islamic 'smartphone' promoter lectures on music and dancing

“We Used to Have No Regard for Women”: Gender Equity & the Advent of Islam

person ive become Internalized misogyny exists due to the institutional ...

According ...

Ageism in Hollywood Still Exists: We Have Examples to Prove

Gender Inequality Examples. Misogynists ...

Aristotle spoke of women as the weaker sex. He noted:

ॐ नम: शिवाय


Islam is known as a promoter of misogyny in its worst form. Children learn the rituals of Hajj were Moslems swirl around the Ka'aba, like shit in …

Hunger kills more that Ebola, but its not considered a significant problem since rich people can`t die of it.

Besides some material on Juppé, there's mention of Philippe Barbarin's speech in Lourdes, and a possible explanation for the canceling of the traditional ...


French Minister of Immigration and National Identity, Eric Besson, divorced with three children, will marry his Tunisian companion, Yasmine Tordjman, 23.

The Church turns to Islam

Sexy Culonass ®🍑👯 on

Dr Suhaib Hasan, Maulana Abu Sayeed and Mufti Barabatullah of the Sharia Council of Britain

15 of the Most Dangerous Anti-Muslim Extremists

Is Beating Women Permitted In Islam? Rebuttal #2: Peter Townsend Debate Contents DEBATE RECAP LINKS .

If only parents realized.

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People of all religions and atheists "United against Islamic extremism"

There is no peace to be had with evil.

What is in it for Muslim Women?

Islam and Sex with Infants

Religion - and misogynistic politicians. Women in USA should have known better and voted last

Islamophobia-phobia and the Rotherham Rapes

2016-01-25 Ayaan Hirsi Ali asking for 45 thousand dollars 2

Every act of groveling is one more affirmation of contempt for his own people, and one more step in the relinquishing of power to the Afro-Islamic dominant ...

Talk about someone whose never read it, or she would know Christian's sworn mortal enemy is Islam. what a stupid person

On children[edit]

Eve rides astride the Serpent on a capital in Laach Abbey church, 13th century

Anya, the oldest who is nine, also wanted to make bookmarks so I've enclosed one of those as well along with a picture of the children.

Inna Shevchenko (above, accepting her award), Ukrainian-born leader of the pack of deranged harpies who have been disrupting traditional Christian events in ...

An image of Breton suicide, French suicide, European suicide, and the suicide of Western Christianity.

If Misogyny Was a Factor, Is the Toronto Rampage a Terrorist Act Against Women?


Atiya Khan Pakistani TV Personality

Social Justice, Comic Book, Graphic Novels, Comic, Comics, Comic Books

Sharia's Incompatibility with Western Values, Explained Everything you need to know.

Owen Jones despite being openly gay is an utter apologist for a belief system that wants to criminalise his entire way of life. He treats all legitimate ...

The changing face of France

More Murder, Mayhem, Mexicans and Misogyny: Allegations: Woman Sleeping with Illegal Alien Armando Garcia-Ramires, 35, Lets Him Continuously Rape Her ...

Displaced Iraqi boys, who fled from Mosul with their families, carry food and other

I have lived with Islamic totalitarianism and religious barbarism in all its forms. Where are those armchair intellectuals and apologists for Islamic ...

Marion: Our children will pay the price... Updated and completed

There has been much publicity lately about the danger posed by the ideology of Islam, and especially from its followers, to our children and young people.

Once again French authorities have banned a demonstration against Islam, in this case against halal, one inevitable consequence of the Islamic presence in ...

The Handmaid's Tale doesn't quite get modern American misogyny

Kartik Aaryan

... embrace their multi-racial future and “its new peoples” that are fleeing from war which is the result of Western oppression and aggression as a form of ...

On a larger scale, internalized sexism falls under the broad topic of Internalized oppression, which describes when individuals think lesser of themselves ...

If you are Iranian-American and you don t know whether you are Muslim or Not.

A woman stands in profile and looks directly at the camera. She is smiling and

Stop the ignorance! This is only 4 egs., of evil,satanic & brutal murders of our kid by moslims.


Antonio Banderas Reconsiders Picasso's Misogyny in the Wake of #MeToo

Media Lies, Islam Muslim

They must be exercised to constraint, so that it costs them nothing to stifle all their fantasies to submit them to the will of others.

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White Liberals Attack Brown Islamic Dissidents


It's speculative and incomplete, and I invite others to share any knowledge they have. This is just what I know ...

Steve Bannon listens at right as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting in the Roosevelt

The Place of Women in Islam

We look forward to the day that the institutional acceptance of misogyny toward women who speak out against vaccine injury and who have the courage to share ...