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It could possibly be a lovebird who escaped and then got attacked

It could possibly be a lovebird who escaped and then got attacked


Snuggly lovebird

It could possibly be a lovebird who escaped and then got attacked by another bird. Description from tailfeathersnetwork.com.

Yellow-collared Lovebird

Peachface lovebird

black masked green lovebird

How to get your new adult lovebird pair to start breeding faster. - YouTube

yellow-collared lovebird (Agapornis personatus), also called masked lovebird or eye ring


Agapornis by personatus10, via Flickr

Yellow-collared Lovebird, Tanzania

Two beautiful lime green love birds falling asleep on a perch

And, for more fun, I will add a picture of my favorite lovebird. He's still up for adoption, and it is a struggle not to bring him home after I visit!

Capture (2)


yellow collared lovebird

What has the lovebird that makes many have fallen in love with this curious bird? Her beauty? The simplicity of your care? Or can it be the sociability that ...

pareja de agapornis jaula

parejas de agapornis

Lol , this bird looks like Shiki in the awkward baby form he probably was

Love bird.

Peach Faced Lovebird

The lineolated parakeets Merlin (green) and Bianca with their friend: budgie Max

random beauty

Fischers lovebirds (pale blue and pale d blue sf violet)

Cockatiels and budgies can be kept together

Yellow-collared Lovebird or Masked Lovebird pet in cage with toys.

parejas de agapornis en percha

Fischer's lovebird has a bright green body, with some blue in the tail and wing

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Peachface lovebird on a perch

An Orange-Winged Amazon: infested birds soon recover after treatment

pareja de agapornis

Keeping Lovebirds as Pets!! love_birds_hd_widescreen_wallpapers

My little girl conure died in my hands yesterday because of my ignorance!

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Alleger: In case the agaporni is happy, he will be active, will browse all around him and will comb his plumage, besides emitting sounds.

Rosy-faced lovebird - A pet chick

My little girl conure died in my hands yesterday because of my ignorance!

Image titled House Lovebirds Step 1

Photograph of lovebird parrot sitting on a metal fence

Red-Lored Amazon was a favorite import that is now found wild throughout California.

Women in South London warned by police after series of violent attacks within four-mile radius - Mirror Online

5)Soccabeea, a Senegal, came home when I adopted her in October, 2000. As an escaped pet, she had lived free in Hawaii until she was recaptured and then, ...

Lovebird Sosa sits on rescuer Mike Scott's shoulder. Scott, who was working near the 39th Avenue S.E. CTrain station on Tuesday, saved Sosa after the bird ...

Lovebirds are very active.

And here's Henry and Domo feeding together like best buds :)

Types of agapornis

Florida couple busted trying to smuggle endangered lovebirds into the country


Pair of Fisher lovebirds

2. Bonding

Colourful bird is a Fischer's Lovebird: Bird Park

Rosy-faced lovebird - In Namibia, Africa

The first thing I would do is try to figure out what is happening when she bites. Maybe keep a journal. Does she fly over and bite every ...

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pareja de agapornis nido

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Three healthy masked lovebirds; © Farinoza | Dreamstime.com

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The bird brings his face down to the head of the dead budgerigar in order to

Image titled Gain Your Parakeet's Trust Step 6

Green back and blue rump

Parrotlet and Lovebird - Parrot Lovers Community ?

Find out what kind of cage you should buy, where to put it and how to clean it, where her perches should be, and more.

Image titled Gain Your Parakeet's Trust Step 7

Respiratory Acariasis: The bird breathes tired, it scrapes the throat and has the feathers upset. As a general rule, it is due to mites that nest in the ...

Image titled Clip a Parrot's Wings Step 5

Parrots in the wild are increasingly learning to talk after picking up phrases from escaped birds

Stay back: The budgie attempts to bite the hand of his owner as he reaches

GET HELP FOR PARROT BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS RIGHT AWAY! Comprehensive Resources from the Leading Expert on Companion Parrot Behavior

We will never look or feel this good if you don't feed us right as well.

Agapornis cana

(Image from http://www.123rf.com/photo_15342575_rosy-faced-lovebird -flying-agapornis-roseicollis-also-known-as-the-peach-faced-lovebird -in-front-of-.html)

They will often attack new lovebirds introduced to their cage as well, so it's best to let potential cage mates get used to each other in side-by-side cages ...


Some parakeets will guard the mirror from cagemates after becoming obsessed with the reflection.

Lock for clues and vital objects here for the rescue.

As we mentioned before, there are combinations that may not be incompatible, but which results would not be very convenient. A good example would be the ...

Black-winged lovebird - Male at San Diego Zoo, USA

Here we will go over some of the essential things to do before you move any egg or chick to a new foster parent.

Before embarking on lovebird breeding, please bear in mind that this undertaking is not without its risks. You may wind up with birds that do not get along, ...

Hero Image

I got this food for my lovebirds few weeks back and omg I stopped using it cause

Beside the above named parakeets, you can also keep rosellas (Platycercus), bourke's parrot (Neopsephotus bourkii) or birds belonging to the genus Psephotus ...

He also was attacking Thomas over the weekend when Thomas was wearing normal clothes (i.e. not scrub pants, a mostly-white old T-shirt, ...

Lovebirds are very active and love to chew things

This is my treat for my lovebirds, and somehow they all like it! ☺

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Black-winged lovebird - Female (left) and male (right)

Lovebirds may get cautious (when their chick is born) when we come closer to

Friendship can take time! (Courtesy of @Luna_the_Lunatic_Parrot)

Re: lovebird killing mate

Some birds may look as healthy as this Fischer's Lovebird in the early stages of disease

Fischer's lovebird - At Ueno Zoo, Japan

Clues are perfectly hidden here, keep on a look-out as you find them

A female lovebird may become very territorial of her bird cage. Watch your fingers! Gina Cioli/Lumina Media

Yellow-collared lovebird - Image: Masked Lovebird (blue mutant)