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JWs do flipflops on Shunningno shunning WTF Wrap my Brain

JWs do flipflops on Shunningno shunning WTF Wrap my Brain


Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses break silence on shunning: 'My mother treats me like I'm dead'

Jehovahs Witnesses actually do this if/when the organization tells them to- even to

Christmas Fractions Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Find other Christmas Fractions pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucke.

only if they're willing to put down the kool-aid, and risk being shunned by all of their self-righteous JW friends and family still refusing to do anything ...

I saw this on a jw humor board..it's the most heartbreaking jw pin

Christmas Fractions Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Find other Christmas Fractions pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucke.

Why get an education, when you can believe in mythology. A joke most ex dubs will recognise. The JWs don't like further education, most end up as window ...

Why are taxpayers dollars being spent on those who need that money the least?

We will regret how we have come to be, act and celebrate things that are offensive to the Lord on the day of Judgement!

Mommy loves you no matter what, until the day you turn your back on the JW cult. then I will shun you.

Summer outfits| I'm obsessed with my Birkenstock sandals.

I could be wrong, but perhaps these practices are the reason I see less postural kyphosis in the elderly ladies. Also, I should mention that gyms are nearly ...

The Watchtower and the Jehovahs Witness cult. Whenever I think about what went down in 1975 I cringe inside. it happened.


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Funny pictures about Healthy Brain. Oh, and cool pics about Healthy Brain. Also, Healthy Brain photos.

On Sat I worked (as usual) but didn't have any showings scheduled so I volunteered to drive the company bus for a couple hours, providing shuttle ...

My buddies Jason & Kevin were there too so I spent a little time chatting with them as well. It was a really fun night!

Watchtower's book Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, which instructs Witnesses on how to discuss their faith with others, features the ...

Long nails and long toenails.

Kingdom Hall brain check

On FX we're watching the series "Pose". Set in the late 80s, this series explores the NYC ball culture, AIDS fear, and the lives and struggles of several ...

Dont get distracted with fear and doubt and start to sink,,, Focus on Jesus!

From left to right is Kaitie, me, Joey, Brandi, and another of the bra models (Josh?) who had died his beard red to coordinate with his bra and costume.

Even though I knew this decision would eventually result in being shunned by my family and friends.

My cousin and I were very close until our mid-20s. That's when she fell in love with Manny, who was not a Jehovah's Witness like us, got pregnant, ...


So Sat I worked, as I normally do. I had a home inspection in the morning, and a couple showings in the afternoon. Sat I night I performed as Boy George in ...

Jehovah's Witnesses abuse the divine name YHWH of my God

Busty: The former X Factor star shunned the icy weather in favour of a typically

Loving the South American styles coming through. Would love to wear these with some faded

185 Likes, 7 Comments - highheels love (@shoeslove18) on Instagram: “. Flip FlopsSandalShoesBlue ...

On Sat I worked (as usual) but also drove the company bus to shuttle folks to the Sea Glass festival, which is rather unusual. Our bus holds 14 passengers ...

Instead, JB is the one to extend a friendly hand when everyone else is shunning her. It's strange, because he was the assy mean boy who looked down on her.

Gwen Stefani shops at affordable retail chain Target with her sons

Fierce and powerful.


[Taiwan] Don't miss the comments below! And check out my blog and its sidebars for events, links to previous ...

App-a-latch-in and DO NOT correct the natives

Kingdom Hall in Tetzaltenango Guatemala. Photo shared by @frosty_lee

Kobi Levi is a shoe designer. One who created a pair of high-heels that make it look like you just stepped in gum. Ooh ooh -- do dog shit next! designer ...

IamA Former Jehovah's Witness, author of a JW memoir currently being sued by the cult & just made a short 8bit walking simulator about being a teenage ...

Elders in my congregation knew that there was a predator in our midst. But they



AtheistJewoftheUS: JWsurvey.org recent articles and comments posted in regular print- Part 2

Watchtower released a cartoon encouraging children to part with their ice cream money to bolster organization

I met Devon a couple years ago when he was a bartender at the Blue Moon. After the bra auction was over he changed into his street clothes and we took this ...

While still showing homes I noticed a tick on calf so I removed it with a tissue. Of course the rest of the day I was nervous and kept checking my legs ...

So the Bras for a Cause event did not disappoint! This year's theme was Mardi Gras so many of the bras were decorated accordingly, while others not.

This was written by author Patrick Gale and was essentially 2 stories, 1 set in the 1940s and the other set in modern ...

Can You Solve Them All?


I'm telling ya — it's hell on earth in the Crimea! (Where do I pick up my check?)

Daphne Romero

Syria connected now since shunned Paris agreement

In Dawson City, it can legit be 15 degrees Celsius, and EVERYONE is out in their flip-flops and shorts, and I mean EVERYONE.

Willow Smith stuns in Karl Lagerfeld shoot after shunning limelight

Phoenix and Reilly will play Eli & Charlie Sisters.

malcstone: “ Lloyd x Malc Stone, Grooming x Helen Ainsworth ” Man bun.

Michael & Nathan

However, after you have discovered Benedict wearing sandals in the back, you can't see anything else.

Hiding abusers, rationalizing these kinds of things all in the name of Jah is disgusting

Knee socks

Shun them all!

Jenifer Jones

what a brain washed idiot.

Jeffrey Tucker is my favorite political bow tie wearer. He even once wore one while swimming. posted by stolyarova at 2:04 PM on August 22, 2016

very long toenail pictures | Toe Fashion | passion for nails | Pinterest | Long toenails, Funny pics and Humour

One of the things that I believe is integral to living a life of freedom on your terms, is working out what you don't want. I think a great example of ...

—Kate Addonizio, “You with the Crack Running Through You” objectification

Michael Antonio Women`s Granby Sandal (bestseller)

Thad & Steven

Fluffy Fur Slide Sandals PINK

The feeeeels!

Grocery stores and warehouse clubs sell water in plastic bottles by the dozens, by the case, and by the palette. About 50 billion (not million) plastic ...

"the make up your mind shoe" (this tumblr of ugly shoes is HILARIOUS)

How long is a generation again?

My worst shot

Being indian.


What do current movies like “Jackie” and “Moonlight” have to do with your ability to communicate to your employees and customers?

Pepe Varela shows graphically what happens to Cuban bloggers who don't follow the hard-right Miamero line.

Plus Size Designer Christian Ome'shun: Urbane Chic Collection

Deborah Frances-White is a comedian and former Jehovah's Witness

creationist fucktard

When you joined the Jehovah's Witnesses, did you read information for and against the Watchtower

אתה תתחיל פה כדור צמר שכולנו נצטער עליו, כדור צמר, הפרלמנט, ארץ נהדרת

Rap's Climate Change Deniers

Teen Girl Accuses Her School Of Slut Shaming After Being Sent Home Because Her Jorts Were

For those fun nights - when you spend the next day with your girlfriends trying to piece it all together.

His direct object is the establishment of an absolute Tyranny | MetaFilter

What ...