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Jade Emperor joss table at Lim Clan Association temple on

Jade Emperor joss table at Lim Clan Association temple on


Jade Emperor joss table at Lim Clan Association temple on Cantonment Road. This temple was

The Thian Hock Keng at Telok Ayer Street, Singapore's oldest Hokkien Taoist temple.

The entrance to the Chong Hock Pavilion and the Chung Wen Pagoda.

The ...

The Chong Boon Gate and the Chung Wen Pagoda.

A table of offerings together with two stalks of sugarcane, placed at the front of

The Nine Emperor Gods Temple ...

The side of the main hall of the temple. The temple is a fine example

Another view of the altar dedicated to Kuan Yin.

Part of the Thian Hock Keng Temple on Telok Ayer Street.

The temporary altar to the Jade Emperor at the Thian Hock Keng.

Preparations to greet the Heavenly Jade Emperor begin in earnest on the eve of the ninth day. Stalks of sugarcane are purchased by Hokkien families who ...

Stalks of sugarcane going on sale on the seventh day.

Lanterns for the Chinese New Year at the Thian Hock Keng.

Jade Emperor joss table at Lim Clan Association temple on Cantonment Road. This temple was built in 1920's with donations including from my great g…

The Birthday of The Jade Emperor at Chew Jetty, Weld Quay, Penang.

Hainan Temple main prayer hall

This joss paper burner looks old to me..brought in from somewhere else?

Sian Chye Tong Temple, Hye Keat Estate

The former Nagore Durgha Shrine.

The ceremony at the former Keng Teck Whay .

I guess, for many, Chinese New Year will not be the same without some Lim Chee Guan Bak-kwa. (^^) And certainly, many would have made their parents-in-law, ...

Hence, there is a challenge for the associations to see renewal in membership and leadership. But it could be seen that there is still hope as some clan ...

Bukit Tambun Jade Emperor Temple

Wat Chaiyamangkalaram ...

Khoo Kongsi, a clan temple in Penang, for Chinese whose ancestors originated from Sin




user posted image

A view of the interior of the village temple (photo Serene Tan)


Main Altar (photo: Bianca Polak)

Joss Stick Row, Carnarvon Street, George Town, Penang

Chan She Shu Yuen (陳氏書院), a clan ancestral hall in Kuala Lumpur.

A plaque on the temple stairs.


Kuil Dewi Sri Karumariaman, Tanjung Bungah

Sree Maha Mariamman Temple, Butterworth

The 2 dragon pillars in the Sam Wong Yah temple (photo Simone



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I managed to walk past the Sri Mariamman Temple tonight, after the consecration. I could hear the prayers still going on. There was still a large crowd of ...

Wak Hai Cheng Beo would be for the Teochews, and for Cantonese too as one could see Cantonese Taoist Priests performing rituals in this temple (since they ...

Eng Chuan Tong Tan Kongsi

Thean Hou Temple

A Teochew clan association in Muar.

Smokes of the joss sticks and the continuous calls of the temple assistants for the devotees to the Deities informing them of their wishes for good health, ...

Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple ...

Ruins of Relau Villa

Puu Jih Shih Temple

And then, as the people got old there was a need for mutual help. Mutual Aid funds were started to help look after the old, to help the bereaved family in ...

Descendents observing Qing Ming in a less taxing environment at the Cantonese Ancestral Hall of the Singapore Hok San Clan Association (photo Sugen Ramiah)


In greeting a new year, going to the temples as our ancestors had done over the millennium, we continue with the tradition.

Said to be the only Historian Painter in Singapore, or for that matter, in Asia, Marcus looks set to strike out a new path. He is already recognised by the ...


In the Kuan Yin pavilion

The village temple nearby which my father donated funds to (photo Serene Tan)

Hinduism in Singapore - Entrance of Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.

Geylang - Image: Seng Ong Temple, Dec 05

this place is after temoh and before kampar on the right hand side if you are travelling north.

I did a lightning visits to the other temples in Chinatown, covering Wak Hai Cheng Beo (Yue Hai Qing Miao) which is a temple often frequented by the ...


But last night at Thian Hock Keng, it was a different sight. There seemed to be a bigger mix of age group. Interestingly, there were less of the more senior ...

While quite a number of clan associations are hoping to get more younger members to join and be active in the activities of the association, there are also ...

Kek Lok Si

Tan Temple 3

A New Temple has arisen in Chinatown

To my (ignorant) surprise, when I went to the restaurant on this fateful Sunday, there was a long queue for a table, at 10.30am! I thought the trend of Tim ...

He tried to capture the essence of Chinatown with a historical perspective. One day down the road, when photos fade, his paintings will be around to tell ...

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Francis Light School

King Law Ka Shuk - Image: Kai Chi School 1

Thian Hock Keng - Image: Thian Hock Keng Temple 6

Jelutong Palace, Lorong Madrasah

Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam, George Town, Penang, during the New Year celebration.

Ang ...

Kongsi - The headquarters of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in San Francisco, California

The ...

Entrance hall

According to Buddhism, when a person dies, he/she is escorted by two guards - the Ox - head and the Horse - head to be judges by the Jade Emperor.

The new Tekong Toa Pek Kong Temple in Loyang

In 1880, Hanuman Beem Singh passed the management of Sri Krishnan Temple to his son Humna Somapah. The temple's management was passed again in 1904, ...

Sri Mariamman Temple (built 1827) in the Chinatown district is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.

Temple in Silat Rd with similar inscriptions (photo Fabian Tee)

Kongsi - Image: Cantonese Association 001

King Law Ka Shuk - King Law Ka Shuk.

King Law Ka Shuk - A lantern with the Chinese word 'Tang' on it

The public housing, situated just in front of the temple, has incorporated typical Chinese temple's architecture design in the motifs of its balcony ...

Hau Wong

The Twenty-four Exemplars

A Chinese puppet show exhibited in front of a Chinese Temple in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. National Geographic Magazine, c. 1919.


Courtyard and front of main temple

Altar to Mazu