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Japan Zone Entertainment News from Japan Yoshiki Revives X

Japan Zone Entertainment News from Japan Yoshiki Revives X


Japan Zone - Entertainment News from Japan: Yoshiki Revives X Japan World Tour, Japan

Yoshiki - X Japan

X Japan member Yoshiki is set to appear at SXSW 2016 to premiere the award-winning documentary We Are X, which chronicles his legendary Japanese rock act.

Toshiya and Yoshiki. Dir en Grey and X Japan

Yoshiki. X Japan

Yoshiki We Are X

Hide X_JAPAN_birthday 12_13_15

1280x720-1038x576. Japanese rock band X Japan ...



X Japan

Yoshiki, x-japan

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X Japan's documentary We Are X had its UK premiere on 28 February, and was released in cinemas nationwide on 2 March.

Japan Zone - Entertainment News from Japan: Yoshiki Revives X Japan World Tour, Japan Shows | X Japan | Pinterest


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X Japan - Kurenai Live 1989 online metal music video by X JAPAN

Yoshiki stands behind his drums during an X Japan show.

Japanese rock star and classical composer Yoshiki made a special SXSW appearance at the screening of We Are X – the documentary about his band X Japan.

X Japan - Rusty Nail (live) online metal music video by X JAPAN

The two members from X JAPAN talked with us about their thoughts on France, their new album and more.

Yoshiki and X Japan will make their debut at Coachella on Saturday, April 14, 2018, and return the following Saturday for a reprise.

Yoshiki Hayashi - Yahoo Image Search Results

... long while as X JAPAN began to reluctantly leave the stage — but not before Yoshiki dragged part of his drum set away and threw one of the cymbals, ...

X Japan

Yoshiki at Guanajuato International Film Festival 2016 3.jpg


... Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, artists from all over Japan supported various charitable endeavors to help the victims in Tohoku. X Japan member ...

More details have emerged regarding the impending lawsuit between Japan Music Agency (the management office of X Japan's Yoshiki) and Headwax Organization ...

Kamiya Akira, Crayon Shinchan

Yoshiki of X Japan at Coachella. (Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Visual Japan Summit Day 3 Pt. 2


Visual kei - Image: X Japan Madison Square Garden 10 11 2014 42 (15555304252

Japanese singer Gackt

X Japan (1987–1997) It was Yoshiki's decission to invite HIDE to be a member of his new band as guitar player, that decission seemed to be a land mark in ...

Nippon Project: Since the reformation of the group, we have heard several new songs. We would like to know if a CD project will be completed in the coming ...

Japan Zone - Entertainment News from Japan: Yoshiki Revives X Japan World Tour, Japan Shows | YOSHIKI | Pinterest

Babyraids JAPAN at J-Pop Summit 2017

In July, YOSHIKI received surgery for his cervical vertebra and is reported to be healthy. Healthy enough for him to resume activities with the project, ...

TheWrap's 2015 Screening Series Exclusive Portraits (photos)

Sakai Noriko

X Japan - JaME - Didier CABOCHE

Tomoaki Ishizuka (石塚 智昭, Ishizuka Tomoaki?, born November 4, 1965 in Chiba, Japan), better known under is stage name "Pata", is a musician and ...


It was announced that TWICE's 3rd Japan single “Wake Me Up” will be released on May 16th.

Japanese star Takenouchi Yutaka


Japanese actor Okazaki Rei

Yoshiki performing at Japan Expo in 2010.


Yoshiki with director Stephen Kijak at a Q&A session of the San Francisco screening of We Are X in October 2016

X Japan - Weekend 1990 LIVE online metal music video by X JAPAN

X Japan 20100704 Japan Expo 30.jpg

X Japan - X Japan at New York Comic Con in 2014. From left to

We thought X JAPAN would be making a move soon, but we never expected it to be like this.

X JAPAN rehearsing in NJ – Photo Credit: Tanya Braganti. Manga Entertainment ...

Source: TokyoGraph

Yusuke Kozaki is a talented manga artist, illustrator and character designer and is considered one of the premier rising stars in Japan's pop culture scene.

It seems that talento and former news announcer Yamamoto Mona (31) is back with her old boyfriend. Today's issue of weekly gossip magazine “Friday” has ...

Meanwhile, hide continued with his solo career. He was involved with many young musicians to get them on their feet with the public.

(IMG:http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o190/Love_it_to_Death/J-Rock/X %20Japan/X-Japan.jpg)

J-Pop duo Kobukuro Several stars of the Japanese ...

Ang Lee Wins Golden Lion

Peter Hook will play a remote DJ set at the first Dance in a Panic night

... called "hide your face," in which hide did the vocals and played almost every instrument. . As a result, hide became incredibly popular with the Japan.

X JAPAN - Star Box cover

infinitely better than X Japan's lead singer Toshi, but Hide made it apparent that he prefered a less frontal position in the band.

Newest Stories

HIDE wasn't only the lead guitar but one of the major creative members of X Japan from 1987 until 1997. He is co-credited, often, with Yoshiki for beginning

yoshiki-x-japan_1407020665_af_org.jpg. X JAPAN's ...

X Japan - JaME - Didier CABOCHE

X Japan - X circa 1990: Toshi, Taiji, Yoshiki, Pata, hide

X Japan - Tears (live) online metal music video by X JAPAN

DVD Japanese Music, Jpop, Jrock, Kpop, Mp3, Dvd-rip/

So here's how the Hanamichi Sakuragi true story goes:

The Tube

Marvel vs Capcom Returns

He also formed a second band, named Zilch in 1996, which, apart from him and Spread Beaver programmer and percussionist I.N.A. was composed of American and ...

There was also a rumor among many X Japan and hide fans that he was married, had a son at 22, and finally divorced.

Yoshiki at Otakon in 2006.

But the influence of X Japan with hide playing a big part helped create a real market for good solid rock music.

... the New York Times, WE ARE X is a transcendent and beautifully shot rock & roll story about the most successful rock band in Japanese history, X Japan.


X Japan with holograms at Coachella. (Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Keiji Inafune - Japan Expo 13- 2012-0706- P1410048.JPG

Entertainment Interviews

Lately it would seem like X JAPAN's leader, YOSHIKI is believed to have a favourite American woman. Julia Voth an American model, who is currently ...

10.1057/9781137283788 - Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture, Edited by Patrick W. Galbraith and Jason G. Karlin

Uemura Takashi, introducing his article in Bungei Shunju magazine at a seminar on December 20, 2014. Photo by Tomomi Yamaguchi.

X Japan and with developing the growing label and Visual scene. Writing songs such as "Joker," "Love Replica," "Miscast," "Celebration," and "Drain," he ...

Dare Mo Mamotte Kurenai, Nobody to Watch Over Me

Visual kei - Japanese fans doing X Japan cosplay

Press Conference with Yoshiki and Toshi at Japan Expo - NipponProject.com


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