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Japanese Type 98 320 mm mortar also known as quotspigot mortar

Japanese Type 98 320 mm mortar also known as quotspigot mortar


Undated - 320 mm Type 98 mortar occasionally called the 32 cm mortar and the 13

Historical Picture

Two Type 94 infantry mortar in action.

The Type 96 and Type 97 were Japanese 150 mm calibre mortars used during the Second World War. The Type 96 designation was given to this mortar as it was ...

Photograph of Japanese 320mm spigot mortar

Q Italian 440 mm trench mortars on display in an athletic park at Treviso 7 December


A Type 96 in action.

Imperial Japanese Army Airborne Forces Demonstration - July 1942 - Rakkasan Butai

Type 97 90 mm mortar

Type 98 320mm Mortar

Type 98 Japanese 20 mm anti-aircraft gun - Beijing Museum.jpg

150 mm Mortar, Type 97 (1937)

The Type 90 240-mm-Railway Gun, with members of the Imperial Japanese

Photo: JAPANESE WEAPONS: 320-mm. (Spigot) Mortar Shell

Japanese Type 98 mortar base-plate and 320 mm mortar shell (minus warhead) captured during the Battle of Iwo Jima

Type 2 120mm High Explosive Mortar

This is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded mortar with fixed elevation of approximately 40 degrees and a limited traverse.

Imperial Japanese Army artillery

8 Type 98 32cm Spigot Mortars

The Japanese modifications for that tank, which was called the Renault Otsu, included a better Type ...

Type 98 320 mm Mortar

Fragments from Japanese 81 mm. mortar shell

Knee Mortar Movie.wmv

Japanese soldier demonstrating the correct use of the Type 89 discharger

Type 11 75 mm AA gun.jpg

Figure 320. Model 98 (1938) 6 ton prime mover.

Stokes mortar[edit]

M75 · Mortar 120 mm M-75 Croatian Army.JPG

A concealed German soldier in northern France, 1944. His Karabiner 98k is equipped with a Gewehrgranatgerät cup-type grenade launcher attachment.

Type 99 81 mm mortar

An Army 175 mm M107 at Camp Carroll provides fire support for ground forces.

A captured Japanese Type 88 75mm Field Anti-Aircraft gun in the Buna area.

"Home-made" mortars

Type 88 75 mm AA gun

An Israeli modified M3 Half-track, armed with a 20 mm cannon

Ferritin protein and iron loading during development of pea seeds. (A) Images of opened seed pods at the indicated days after flowering (DAF).

Replica of the Japanese-built 1613 galleon San Juan Bautista, in Ishinomaki, Japan

Open ...

Soviet Union[edit]


A victim of a mortar attack delivered to a Sarajevo hospital in 1992.

The USS Iowa firing her 16 in (41 cm) guns

2.6: The effect of sulphate solution on OPC mortar [21] .

Russo-Japanese War

French 120mm towed mortar

Captain Tom Grahamslaw of the ANGAU and Seargent-Major Katue of the PIB, October 1942. Grahamslaw was at Buna when the Japanese landed. (AWM127566)


Gr. W. 36: Light Mortar

Siege operations involved heavy use of mortars, among other weapons of destruction. The Mortier de 12 pouces Gribeauval (Gribeauval 12-inch mortar) was a ...

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Fig. 1

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Rolling stock[edit]

7.92×57mm Mauser maximum C.I.P. cartridge dimensions. All sizes in millimeters.

Fig. 2

Box of "Cartridge, 9mm FX Blue Marking (DODIC AA21) with a modified Beretta M9 pistol

The repetitious pattern of repeat motifs arrangement in AaFhc protein sequence is shown in the above schematic. Each type of motif is represented in ...

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Fig. 5

(a) The crystal structure of BiCuSeO as a ZrSiCuAs-type tetragonal structure (P4/nmm space group); (b) Typical samples used in this study, in the form of a ...

Figure 8

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140-ton vertical triple expansion steam engine of the type used to power World War II Liberty ships, assembled for testing before delivery

Makhtesh Ramon, a type of crater unique to Israel and the Sinai Peninsula