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Japanese aircraft in white carrying Japanese general to Moratai for

Japanese aircraft in white carrying Japanese general to Moratai for


Japanese aircraft in white carrying Japanese general to Moratai for Surrrender to General Blamey

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A Japanese Nakajima Ki-49, Army Type 100 heavy bomber, allied code-name Helen, taxiing after landing on the Pitoe airstrip on Morotai, carrying some of the ...

The surrender arrangements dictated by the Allies specified that aircraft carrying peace delegates (or even flying anywhere for that matter) were to be ...

The same Tachikawa Ki.54 Hickory as in the previous photo is a good example of surrender markings being either misinterpreted or simply ignored.

Another shot of the Ki-46 Dinah from the previous photograph this time at her destination at the RNZAF field at Jacquinot Bay . In this photograph we can ...

The aircraft were flown by Japanese crews, and departed Vunakunau Airfield at Rabaul with an escort of RNZAF F4U Corsair fighters. All the Japanese aircraft ...

Another photo from Seletar , Singapore , showing a Mitsubishi G3M Nell and another Tabby aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy's 13th Air Fleet.

Fwd: Photos of Japanese Surrender Planes in WWII

Captured P-40 fighters with Japanese markings, date unknown

One of the most attractive Japanese aircraft of the Second World War was the Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah. Here we see a Green Cross Dinah leaving the plateau ...

Both Green Cross aircraft are carrying some of the staff of the commander of the Second Japanese Army, Lieutenant General Fusataro Teshima.

Fwd: Photos of Japanese Surrender Planes in WWII - The Phoenix Pilot Group (Scottsdale, AZ) | Meetup

B-25 Mitchell bombers from No. 18 (NEI) Squadron near Darwin in

Captured P-40 fighters with Japanese markings, date unknown | WW2 Japanese aircraft | Pinterest | Ww2 photos and Aircraft

LSTs landing supplies at Blue Beach, Morotai

Suthern Cross Braidwood NSW

... a white square with cross and the wing hinomarus replaced by simple white squares and no crosses. Like pretty well every Japanese aircraft surrendered, ...

79 Squadron RAAF Spitfire

The Mitsubishi G4M (or "Type 1 land-based attack aircraft") ( · Imperial Japanese ...

Japanese bombers in flying formation G3M Type 96 Attack Bomber (Nell)

Ki 43-II flown by Captain Shigeo Nango, executive officer of the 59th Sentai in New Guinea.

BEAUFIGHTERS. from RAAF page on Facebook | propellers | Pinterest | Facebook, Bristol beaufighter and Aircraft

MacArthur exiting his plane, the "Bataan"

HyperWar: US Army in WWII: Leyte: The Return to the Philippines [Chapter 6]

Like pretty well every Japanese aircraft surrendered, captured or found, it is not in flyable condition with a missing starboard wheel and damaged left ...

Nattily dressed Japanese surrender envoys including General Numata Takazo are escorted by RAF and British Army officers to the interrogation building after ...

After circling three times, a Japanese Mitsubishi G4M “Betty” which carried the envoys from Japan landed at Ie Shima airfield before proceeding to the ...

Navy/ Marine Corsair launching Rockets at Japanese position on Iwo Jima, 1945 World War II. The Corsair was to The Japanese a Worst nightmare.

Victa Flyin Yarrandale

Cobby established his headquarters at Morotai in late October and RAAF units progressively began to move in as USAAF units moved on to the Philippines.

COLOR WW2 Photo Japanese Surrender Plane WWII World War Two Japan PTO V-J Day - $6.29 | PicClick

A transport plane flying at low level away from the camera, dropping supplies over a

Bellanca 8KCAB Citabria

BEAUFIGHTERS. from RAAF page on Facebook | propellers | Pinterest | Facebook, Bristol beaufighter and Aircraft

World War II,Japanese pilot poses by Zero fighter in the South Pacific

A Japanese 4th Air Group Type 1 bomber, piloted by the strike commander Lieutenant Commander Takuzo Ito, approaches Lexington during the action.

From the Third Report of the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces to the Secretary of War, 12 November, 1945.

RAAF Brewster Buffalo fighters of No. 453 squadron on Sembawang airfield, Singapore 1941 await

Japanese Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty bombers on a raid over Darwin in June 1943 taken from a

Map 42: The Pacific Areas 1 August 1942

A few more desultory Japanese flights were made over the Northern Territory, but these were generally by single aircraft, and the wing settled back into a ...

A Grumman TBF Avenger from USS Santee.

Thumb 026649 Thumb art27628 500 Thumb curtiss p 40ms 76sqn raaf ...

The rest of the month slipped by and the anniversary of the first Darwin raid passed quietly. The Japanese were probably evaluating their intelligence to ...

A line up of Corsairs at Ardmore, December 1945. Many of these were used for the working up training of the 14 Squadron pilots and groundcrew.

457 "Grey Nurse" Squadron RAAF Spitfires

RAAF No. 1 Squadron Lockheed Hudson (A16-35) in flight near Sydney

Allied aircraft lost in Japanese raid on Broome, WA March 1942

P-38 Lightning

Thumb p02874.258 Thumb 132959 ...

Surrender Document

The Japanese aircraft carry a delegation from Tokyo via Ie Shima then aboard an American aircaft to Manila for a meeting with General MacArthur's staff to ...

Morotai Island

Plate No. 132, Surrender Document

... attack on the U.S. Marines who invaded the Japanese stronghold in the Pacific. An estimated 1,300 Japanese were killed by the Marines in this operation.

Aircarrier Pty Ltd's Halifax VH-BDT was outbound from Sydney to Singapore, on what was to be its ...

American troops on New Guinea ca. 1943. The Japanese had begun their attempt to

Halifax Mk.III LV857 of RAF Bomber Command, the same model as acquired by Australian Geoffrey Wikner

The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was less a shark and more of a whale in terms of performance, but it was a favourite aircraft canvas for the shark mouth ...

Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless dive bombers of the VS-8 over IJN cruiser Mikuma, 6 June 1942.

The close proximity of 1 Aircraft Depot, Laverton to Wooloomanata ensured a rapid delivery of Spitfires and, the squadron had its full complement by the end ...

85 Squadron RAAF Spitfire

B29ApproachJapan.jpg (102380 bytes)

(Australian War Memorial Photo 00626-06)

National Mobilization Law - Labor Mobilization, 1944

STAY AWAY FROM THE JAPANESE. B25CBA30F.jpg (43585 bytes)

131, Organization of Major Ground Forces for the Occupation of Japan Proper

Plate No. 126, Allied Landings, August 1942 to August 1945

A Wirraway of No. 4 Squadron RAAF burns after being set on fire during the

General George C. Kenney utilized his gifts of innovation and keen eye for leadership to

A propellor aircraft on display in a museum. The wing tips are folded up.

(Library of Congress Photo fsa.8d29959)

Wrecked Spitfires of No. 457 Squadron awaiting disposal by being dumped in the sea at

Japanese representatives at surrender ceremonies.

(RAF Photo)

Note: Only 150 of this “Imperial Japanese Navy A6M 'Zero'” are being released.

Curtiss SB2C-3 Helldiver aircraft bank over the carrier before landing, following strikes on

A Spitfire fighter of 457 Squadron RAAF at Labuan, north Borneo. Flight Lieutenant George

129, Basic Plan for the Occupation of Japan

Flying Officer Thomas Jacklin, 75 Squadron RAAF, inspects his damaged Kittyhawk aircraft

W-Feb17 Flight-Hell LEAD

The Tactical and Logistic Plan for Morotai

... Commander FUKAMIZU also had prepared a chart breaking down wastage totals by (1) Months from December 1941 to August 1945. (2) Cause, i.e. combat and ...

The guard formed by members of 65th Battalion 2nd AIF (later 1RAR) on the grounds of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Japan

A line up of No.14's Corsairs in front of the hangers at Iwakuni. The names were apparently chosen by the ground crews. Colours are Gloss Sea Blue overall, ...

127, Third Fleet Pre-Invasion Operations against Japan

No 77 Squadron Association Iwakuni photo gallery - Wal Rivers minutes before a mid-air

Battle of Goodenough Island - Image: Goodenough Island Spitfire. Australian soldiers with a Japanese flag captured ...