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Japanese sweets Balas t

Japanese sweets Balas t


Japanese Candies

Japanese jelly candies

Bala de especiarias italiana

Japanese hard candies My host family gave me some of this and it had adorable frog

italian candy raspberry Pastiglie Leone

Essa é a minha versão da bala de coco gourmet que anda fazendo tanto sucesso nas

Japanese Kit Kat Bars

Bala de sakê


In Japan, they currently have four outlets (island and official flagship) located in Shibuya-Hikarie ShinQs, Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo Midtown, and Maronouchi!

Japanese traditional candies

Wagashi (Japanese sweets)poor man's mochi

TOKYO'S BEST PATISSERIE - THAT I VISITED - eatandtreats - Indonesian Food and Travel Blogger based in Jakarta

Mochi Sweets Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

Hard sugar candies from Kyoto, including kompeito (the bumpy ones), kintaro-ame (the ones with the flower patterns)

Fujisan Taiyaki Matcha - IDR 22k

Here Comes Another Cute Japanese Candy! Japanese traditional candies look so pretty aren't

... sweet and fragrant (I really don't know how to explain the matcha flavor as it was slightly different but delicious), the red bean filling was slightly ...

fruit rock candy~ don't like sweets much but this looks beautiful and the Flavours are yum

Mochi Sweets Plaza Indonesia Jakarta - eatandtreats - Indonesian Food and Travel Blogger based in Jakarta


Texture on point. I like how each did not overpower one another. The matcha was sweet with just a tiny bit of bitter in it and the bamboo charcoal, ...

japanese cakes ~ i wouldn't eat them, but i'm kinda obsessed w/ looking at them. amazing colors/textures!!

... soft-serve and served with this perfectly sweet and tasty black sesame sauce. The sauce was something that elevated the tastiness of the whole dessert!

Yamagata Cherry Gummy. Japanese SweetsJapanese ...

Japanese Sweets | small jellys covered with sugar

Amezaiku: Arte japonesa de escultura de balas ganha fama no exterior | Portal Mie - Notícias e eventos do Japão. Japanese SweetsJapanese ...

The matcha was sweet with just a tiny bit of bitter in it and the bamboo charcoal, well as most of them would feel, mostly vanilla with an illusion of black ...

Explore Buttered Corn, Japanese Snacks, and more!

TOKYO'S BEST PATISSERIE - THAT I VISITED - eatandtreats - Indonesian Food and Travel Blogger based in Jakarta

Coffee candy, that's what…right down to the typical coffee breath after you've long finished your tasty cuppa Joe. I have no idea how they managed ...

So I just came back from attending the opening ceremony of Japan Food Festival in Kota Kasablanka which is brought by Japan External Trade Organization ...

While the dango was fabulous, my heart was stolen by the snow skin mochi with this perfect thickness coating the whole sweet, soft and generous red bean ...

Though named Galette, it's actually a classic almond cream tart in seasonal orange flavor. Fairly decent but I wouldn't mind if they use grand marnier ...

After the ceremony ended, guests were welcomed to go around and sample the food prepared from all of the tenants. The Japan Food Festival is held in ...

Overall, the mochis were pretty good in the skin consistency but as in flavor, not out of the world good, but I could see myself trying some other flavors ...


To those familiar with Japanese pastries, Mont St Clair by Tsujiguchi Hironobu needs no further introduction. This celebrity chef can be considered one of ...

Mac Iver: Set of 6 Assorted Sweets (Cherry, Cola&Citrus, Ice, Lemon

6 Packs Bundle Wetness Indicator Unisex Adult Diapers with USA/Japan/Germany Materials n

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Kit Kat Chocalatory Moleson cranberry almond (NouveauDecoBrutal) Tags: almond bag chocolatory cranberry japanese

Japanese Kit Kat three packs (NouveauDecoBrutal) Tags: bar box chocolate grape greentea hokkaido

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Sweets In Ice-Cream - Run & Raisin - Japan (diemulus) Tags

Tribala Assorted Chewy Filled Candy (Large)

Blue Glutinous Rice Cakes (Pulut Tai Tai)

@mrkongkong 帶回來的櫻花糖🌸 看起來像粉色的冰糖,還

deep fried bread with honey, sugar and vanilla icecream (Gazz'n'Sho

Zaza Assorted Flavors & Colors Fruit Chewy Candy (Medium) 2 Packs

Morinaga - Hi-Chew - Valencia Orange - Japan (diemulus) Tags: japan

How to Make Handmade Candy With Panda Design | Où se trouve: CandyLabs - YouTube

Sweet Hut Japanese Green Tea Snow Ice – IDR 38,000

Lotte - Xylitol - Nodoame - Milk Strawberry - Candy - Japan

Meiji Yogureto - (back) - Candy - Japan - 2005 (diemulus) Tags

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Amazon.com : Tribala Assorted Chewy Filled Candy (Large) : Taffy Candy : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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Chocolate Mint Cake

Meiji - Bulgaria Yogurt Blueberry - Japan (diemulus) Tags: japan japanese nippon tokyo

BALAS DE LEITE KOPENHAGEN. I have very few addictions. Nutella, Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream, and Balas de Leite (milk candy) from Kopenhagen.

Meiji - Orange-Up - Candy - Japan - 2005 (diemulus) Tags:

Nissay Candy - Cosmos - Japan (diemulus) Tags: candy candies packs balas gomas

Morinaga - Hi-Soft - Milk - Japan - 2005 (diemulus) Tags:

Rows of bola de berlim on sale in Portugal.

STUDENT SURVIVAL KIT - Fun student gift for university college Son Daughter Friend Grandchildren Passing Exam Congratulations Gift: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery

The BLUE WHOPPER by A Quarter Of - a Huge Giftbox Crammed with Over 80 Different Types of Retro Sweets!: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery

Pez dispenser para balas(PT BR)

Thanks to @candybarcollector for letting me know these are Korean and called king worm after I devoured them! I also didn't know what the heck this was at ...

Yogurt Candy - Japan

Guloseimas Simpsons #candy #thesimpsons #barthsimpson #tictac #tictacsimpsons #balas #bala

São dos deuses 🤤👏🏻 CW Raspberry Candy 🍬🍭 Bala de Framboesa Cor 100% natural usada🤗 Valor: R$ 18,00 Enviamos em Belo Horizonte e região metropolitana ...

#HelloKittyCandy from Japan 🇯🇵 🍬😋🎀💕🎀💕 #presentinhodamaninha #hellokittyjapan

No Do Ame - Japan - Candy

Morinaga - Hi-Chew - Aomori Apple - Japan (diemulus) Tags: japan

balas, gummy bears, and kids image

Brazil Hard Candy, Brazil Hard Candy Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com

Japanese sake Kit Kats (NouveauDecoBrutal) Tags: box chocolate flavour japan japanese kitkat packaging

It's obvious that Chef Tetsu has full rule over this new project, meant to draw a more spontaneous dinner crowd. His Japanese roots united with his passion ...

Japanese Ume Ame - Candy - Japan (diemulus) Tags: japan nippon candies candy

Teikaro - Xylitol Crystal - Mint - Nodoame - Sugarless Candy - Japan

Naše maso in Prague - Food & Restaurant, Food Stands, Food Tours - 1 Vote, & 1 Photo - Phone Number - Located in Gurmet Pasáž Dlouhá Dlouhá 39 110 00 Prague ...

Da haben wir wohl wieder etwas übertrieben 😅😂 #candyshop #candy #candybar #candyland #sweets #sweetstuff #japanesefood #japan #japan_food #asiafood ...

Bala's Grand Sweets visit - Traveller Reviews - Grand Sweets and Snacks - TripAdvisor



Snacky gifts are the best 🤤 #hotelchocolat #kopiko #coffeecandy #coffee # candy

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Mega Sour Assorted Fruit Fizz Bombs (extremely sour) 500 gram bag (1/

Bala's Banana Leaf, Bangsar ...

... Bangsar Bala's Banana Leaf, ...

I DON'T LIKE SWEETS which may or not be vaguely interesting to you. Love salty, sour, bitter, smoky/burned, creamy ... but sugar? Meh.

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Lotte - Fragrance Aqua Blue Note Gum - Japan (diemulus) Tags: japan gum

Gummy Eyeball Candy, Gummy Eyeball Candy Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com

Lotte - Xylitol Fresh Mint Gum - Japan

Sky Candy: Assorted Fruit Candies 7.05 Ounce Package Each Pack of 4 [ Italian Import

May 29, 2018: First time making Korean strawberry candy. Basically, one of them turned out okay. I didn't get the candy coating to the hard-ball stage.