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JeanMarc Reiser Famous Stick Figures t Humor

JeanMarc Reiser Famous Stick Figures t Humor


I think you should quit drinking. Funny friends stick figure comic strip



Find this Pin and more on Lissed by bblngsson.

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[Vacances-61-en.jpg] Reiser about airports, page 1/

[Vacances-63-en.jpg] Reiser about airports, page 3/

[Vacances-65-en.jpg] Reiser about airports, page 5/

TODAY FOR TOMORROW: Reiser, un dessinateur humoristique Français génial .

#JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo

Jean-Marc Reiser, caricaturiste vedette de Hara-Kiri - 1970


[Vacances-62-en.jpg] Reiser about airports, page 2/

[Vacances-64-en.jpg] Reiser about airports, page 4/

... for instance this one about the Mediterranean sea "carrying out" the FN political program by drowning African immigrants).


I'm the sender, the recipient – humanity, the text: People, do not be fool, stop.

Scott by Rowell 1980 IMG_0003

Jean-Marc Reiser

Eva Mouton. Stick FiguresWordpressSheep


How the whole world goes blind. Find this Pin and more on Famous Stick Figures ...

Sick in the Head: Conversations about Life and Comedy



fi r s t y

Director: Claude Confortès


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Uncle, haven't you seen common sense in here?

February 25, 2018

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The Dark Room – Stand-Up Comedy Video Game ...

People are always surprised when I say that Elton John is my favorite solo artist of all time. Why, 'cause I'm Black?! To take it even further, ...

Métal Hurlant ("Howling Metal") was an anthology of science fiction and horror comics stories, created in 1974 by Jean Giraud (better known as Mœbius), ...

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Atlanta Jewish Times, No. 37, December 15, 2014 by Atlanta Jewish Times - issuu

The online discussion about circumcision makes the isssue seem very black and white, so I wanted to know if people actually think about their penises the ...

The monster's face is stretchable and humorous. The puns, especially from the crabs are groan-able. And Case seems to especially enjoy the macabre humor ...

Figure 4: 'About the network of ( perception of ) AMBIGUOUS ZONES OF A LEMON (Sketch No.2)', Ink on paper, from “The Mechanism of Meaning” c.

plagat Adolf Born


Reiser In 1960, he was part of the group that created the monthly magazine Hara-Kiri founded by Cavanna, Georges Bernier (Professeur Choron) and Fred (Fred ...


'The Flight on Horseback Far into the Town') is Bernard-Marie Koltès's only novel: novels don't have the constraints that Koltès finds ...

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Pour la liberté d'expression

I couldn't resist buying this short book by 'Ogred Weary', which of course is one of several pseudonyms he used, along with Dogear Wryde, Ms. Regera Dowdy, ...

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11. Kasey Toad is an obvious victim of bullying, and it is sad that all we could see was the base where he had been while he's being mended.


It's Monday again and I frankly don't feel much like writing much about the topic. So, here:

This book treats readers to an honest and humorous look at the issues most important to single people ...

Whenever I`m in a foreign country I always try to pick up a local comic book or a humour magazine. Even if I cannot read it I find it interesting to see ...

It's not all PR blunders for DC, though. They did announce that Superman's red trunks return in Action Comics #1000 – which also features the DC Comics ...

Noriko Ambe, voyage 14 2003

... clear out the clutter in their home, Jennifer realized how physically and emotionally taxing the process was for people with hoarding disorder.

Christian Skit Comedy

01 Side 1 02 Side 2

Figure 12: An electron-micrograph and an anatomical drawing illustrating the dense composition of neural tissue. (a) Electron-micrograph of small region of ...


John Baldessari, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. 1988

Photo: Netflix. “

... with the nouveau roman, and has, for example, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Nathalie Sarraute, Claude Simon, Michel Butor, and Marguerite Duras in its portfolio.

Jean-Christophe Rufin is a medical doctor who has done a great deal of humanitarian work overseas. Much of his fictional work, including his ...

Some legends might stand eternal, but no server last forever. When the one hosting one of the earliest surviving fantasy MMO's is finally decommissioned, ...

And thus begins the Merton F. Olin journal of the ill-fated “Round-the-World Cruise”:

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In 1963, in The Habit of Being, which is a collection of letters written by Flannery O'Connor and edited by Sally Fitzgerald, O'Connor writes to Betty ...

via-imdb.comWhat's your all-time favorite comedy? Having trouble picking just one? So did we! So we narrowed the field down to the top 100+ funneist movies ...

This sign is perhaps a humorous reminder of past times, and certainly the content is politically incorrect:

... (pre-production ...

B.D. L'hebdo De La B.D. (1977, 78) This short-lived series, BD, offered a platform for many influential artists, including Al Capp, Zippy the Pinhead artist ...

Top telemarketing techniques

Artistes Divers, Miriorama 12,1962 1962

Amazon.com: Funny People (Unrated): Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Figure 7: Ausstellungssignet, Max Ernst, 1948. Pen and Ink on Paper, 5.6x10.5 cm.

[I'm putting these two cartoons on the same page because the cartoonists are borrowing ideas from each other, and because there are few HelpDex cartoons ...

Hollander, Nicole, Ma, Can I be a Feminist and Still Like Men? Sure...Just like you can be a vegetarian, and like fried chicken. Lyrics from Life.

Double Feature: A Stand-Up Comedy & Film Festival

Max Ernst, Les chiens ont soif 1964

Digital List Price: $26.95

... Revolutions and the new paradigmata awaiting mankind to my Dutch readers, today I offered them two insights into Oliver Reiser's high thinking, ...

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Figures of Thought

Dick Van Dyke Show: Complete Remastered First Season, The

#2: How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change

Max Ernst, Almanach Surrealiste du Demi-Siecle. Numero Special de la Nef.


Figure 10: Images of a dendritic segment exhibiting variations in spine development occurring over eight days. Examples of transient, semi-stable and stable ...

Just a couple of years ago, a young, fresh-faced, ball of energy burst upon the Hawaii comedy scene virtually out of nowhere. He wasn't a very tall man, ...