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Jnl Art in Society on Cathedrals Netherlands and Stone carving

Jnl Art in Society on Cathedrals Netherlands and Stone carving


Saint Vitus's cathedral, Prague Castle - Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Find this Pin and more on Flood Bodies by Mike Galasso.

Dragon on the Wall, Old Town Hall, Munich, Germany

Norte Dame

Orvieto Cathedral, Italy. Photo credit: Janetta Rebold Benton

Washington National Cathedral, by Raymond Fudge

Christ and the Wise Virgins, 1277-1300, Gothic Sculptor, Stone, Cathedral

St. Jan, Den Bosch

Nidaros Cathedral facade. Trondheim, Norway

elenabella: Michael Jackson Door at Cologne Cathedral: Mystery of the White Gloved Hand

Figure 3

Sculpture in Scotland

Cathedral of Salamanca constructed in 1102 features magnificent stone carvings on all its walls, but one of them appears to be a fully dressed astronaut in ...

Figure with encircled cross, Saint Olaf's Cathedral, Trondheim. Who? Celtic? What is on his head?,

But think of the carved statues on the west fronts of Westminster Abbey or Lichfield Cathedral.

Journal of Art in Society on

Bristol Cathedral

And which forms of Christian art do you find yourself feeling most uncomfortable about?

Green Man in the Domplein (Cathedral Square), Utrecht, Netherlands (photo Joris

St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

Last Judgment, St. Olaf's Cathedral, Nidaros, not Romanesque, not Gothic, just cartoonish

St Patrick's Cathedral

Chartres2006 076 contrapposto3 by TheBrassGlass

Scottish Cathedral

12a François-Léon Sicard's Monument to Pierre Puget, formerly outside the Louvre, now in a roundabout near the Musée de Beaux-Arts de Marseille. Fig.

Old Cathedral of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Photo credit: Janetta Rebold Benton

Carew monument, Exeter Cathedral Early 19th-century praying portrait, Winchester Cathedral

Image result for halloween gate gargoyles

Attributed ...

Lecture: The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture ...

24 Llandaff - juxtaposition of medieval and modern effigies '

Gothic architecture

Speyer Cathedral

Tulip Pulpit, Freiberg Cathedral

Researchers to discuss Knights Templar elements of Lincoln Cathedral in England | Aftermath News

Chartres Cathedral - Chartres roofline and profile rising over the modern town

Jan Hus Sculpture, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

St Pauls Cathedral West Front Dome Street View

16 Ripon - Hugh Ripley monument

Aerial photo of Reims Cathedral looking south

Storkyrkan Stockholm

Norwich Cathedral

Later Gothic depiction of the Adoration of the Magi from Strasbourg Cathedral. Gothic sculpture ...

SJD-Joan-Arc Pedestal

The Bayeux Lovers, Notre Dame Cathedral, Bayeux, France


One of the very ornate flying buttresses of St. John's Cathedral, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Download figure ...

Cernunnos Grotesque, Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Canada

Black Prince effigy

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral

17 Cadaver tomb - LIchfield

Severed Heads (14th century), Cathedral of the Holy Cross & St. Eulalia, Barcelona, Spain

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One of the friendly lions outside the Cathedral

One of the distinguishing features of Chichester Cathedral, is the use of modern works of art to invigorate and beautify the cathedral.

There is a sculpture of the Virgin and Christ Child above the west door.

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Henry Moore 'Reclining Figure' 1939

Eric Gill 1882 - 1940

Fragment of a stone retable from the Gilded Chapel of Our Lady

Statues on Old Town Bridge Tower

John Donne's monument in Saint Paul's Cathedral, London ... '... any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send ...


Hereford All Saints'

... of 14 angles carved during the restauration of the gothic Saint John's Cathedral. The modern angel was especially designed show that the prolonged ...

A close up of the main portal of the church. The doors are amazing.

Martin Luther with Mallet, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

st denis abbey

PUGLIAAltamuracathrosette3. Altamura, cathedral

Henry Moore 'Composition' 1933

Henry Moore 'Standing Figure' 1923

Strasbourg Cathedral - The genuinely Romanesque apse can only be seen from the courtyard of the

The north transept rose of Chartres Cathedral donated by Blanche of Castile. It represents the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven, surrounded by Biblical kings ...

Gemma Levine



Batumi's Neo-Gothic Cathedral with century-old priceless frescoes

Attributed ...

This first image shows age damage on a carved wooden door that was installed in 1472 CE at the Neiderburg Cathedral. Let's zoom out.

Chartres Cathedral - Cathedral of Chartres


Door detailing of Notre Dame cathedral

As a synthesis of form, architectural decoration and figurative sculpture it is considered to be unsurpassed in Britain.

The Murray Seminar on Medieval and Renaissance Art (Birkbeck College, London, Summer Term 2015)

35: An interesting marble piece on the southern wall of Milan cathedral. It is of a man with a shovel carrying the remains of another.

Ann Compton, ''An essentially different kind of rhythm': Rediscovering Henry Moore's Sculpture in Wood' (Henry Moore: Sculptural Process and Public ...


Peterborough Cathedral, From The South-east.

Detail of Notre Dame cathedral

... war with Prussia: they were all removed under Nazi occupation, and only the stone sculpture and column remained afterwards for more than two decades.