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Jonone Deep Down I Have Known It39s True Toile t

Jonone Deep Down I Have Known It39s True Toile t


Jonone, Deep Down I Have Known It's True

Jonone, Lock Down

"The Fall" by JonOne : A real explosion of 27 colors in a lithograph. "

Tableaux sur toile, reproduction de Jonone, Open Your Eyes

Jonone, The Saturday Of The Parthenon

Jonone, Sweet Hearts

Jonone, Hiding From Da Wolves

Jonone, The Deep

Jonone, Franklins

Jonone, New Age

Jonone, The Left Side Of History

Artist | Patternbank - Print, Pattern + Graphics Inspiration. «

JonOne, Pardon Me (2016). Courtesy of Galerie Bartoux.


Patternbank love the lively and frenzied brushstrokes used in JonOne's immense canvases. John Perello or JonOne as he is known on the streets of Harlem ...

ArtIsJusta4LetterWord Opens a New Gallery in Wuppertal with a Grand JonOne Exhibition



JonOne, Urban Purple, Ed. 6/35

(Below) Another Fab 5 Freddy piece using a Rime exchange piece cut out from The Exchange book

Abstract art paintings: “Crossing Over” New York City with JonOne and Galerie Bartoux

I am on my way to film one of the most important interviews of my life. To put this in context, I have directed Shaquille O'Neal in commercials, ...

Their blog slogan; 'Demonstrating Style In All Disciplines' is only too true …

Their blog slogan; 'Demonstrating Style In All Disciplines' is only too true …

Following his first solo show in Cape Town “Something has changed in me” (2010)

EVENT \\ Exhibition: You Have My Word by Chris Auret November 7th, 2014. “

EVENT \\ JonOne x Hennessy September 2nd, 2017

If there had 19; 42.

... haven't had much spare time or energy to put into my photography. In the end it's just a passion but I would love to have a photographic show or ...

They are too young to know they can trade in their conscience 33; 56.

... 17.


The Street Talk (a.k.a. Talking Streets) exhibition opened on Friday 22 May in Johannesburg. I was very excited to attend as I have known most of the ...

Come see art like you've never seen art. You've probably never seen art. You probably won't know it's art. This Shepard Fairey poster isn't stolen.

Germany and South Africa cross paths as Dee One from Bremen and Roger Williams from Cape Town collaborate in a cross-media exhibition of their work.

This accusation has drew a line in the sand with people opposing and supporting Fred's work.

I have never seen such a card before and have absolutely no memory of there even being membership cards.

EVENT \\ Exhibition: Look Mickey! November 11th, 2014

There was tons of graffiti down there from the mid 1800s to now. I've never seen older graffiti. And the marks looked brand new. Nothing ages down there.

PICS \\ Veronika in São Paulo, Brazil April 7th, 2014

Watch the weather while you ride, the alps create their own weather and the forecast is not always the most accurate, prepare for 4 seasons in one day and ...

... VF_17-CO-pulitzer_VF_17_131-page-007 ...

24; 47.

Michael Hoskin: "Cerebus: I'm Reading It."

Let Go and Let God!

Shout out to Tower, Skiet, Drone, Hack, 2Kil and my crew in the UK; Spar Monster Colours NRFL.

Hello ...

This page intentionally left blank ...

Best Documentary Films – 2011

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Five ...

By the way, apart from drinking all the homemade vodka you could ask for, Sikkanese people have a long and rich history.

A Gallery in the Sky: JonOne x Air France

When it's raining, cows don't go up to the farmhouse yelling, “Let us in! We're all wearing leather! We're going to ruin the whole outfit here!”

52; 75.

Graffiti art by Jon 'JonOne' Watson Photo by Doug Belshaw (Blyth/Ashington, UK, 2009)

We met up with our homie Alex (Psyckoze) in Bagnolet. Lots of visiting artists have painted the neighborhood walls, including Andre (above).

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The majority are at risk for sex trafficking and removed from their homes at an early age to get an education. They have agreed to spend the day with us.

The Galerie Dumonteil, established for over 20 years in Paris and specialized in Animal Figures, exports its European artists and goes with talent after the ...

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2– Home – Recap

I'm no fan of Gov't Mule, either. I like my southern hippie rock to be the product of its proper era.

I'm walking along the tow-path towards the School House that hugs the Northern coastline. The water is aqua marine. Rocks submerged below the shore are as ...

A general statement for the end of this season can go somewhere along the lines of turning ...

Jon one of the House Manager's here at Family House was telling me a story about two families that stayed here years ago. A child named Blaine Henok and her ...

Monopoly (SNES)

NEWS \\ Shepard Fairey a.k.a OBEY in South Africa for Hennessy September 11th, 2014

I sat on the shoulders of the two lead runners for the first lap which had opened out a good gap on the rest of the field, these guys new each other ...

... Avant Garde Art Gallery Presents “The Evolution Of ZA ONE” (RECAP) ...


Wait, you don't know who this is? I thought everyone knew Welsh Strongman Gary Taylor and his incident at the 1995 World's Strongest Man where the wall ...

Substance - Advertising Agency - Hong Kong - 11 Reviews - 407 Photos | Facebook

VHILS, Dame Dorothy Tangney BDE at Australi'

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These are the Most Popular Contemporary Artists of February!

Artwork by JR Inside the women's bathroom.

Compressed Coal, 2018 acrylique, encre et posca sur toile 105 x 205cm « Abstracted

Compressed Coal, 2018 acrylique, encre et posca sur toile 105 x 205cm « Abstracted

Compressed Coal, 2018 acrylique, encre et posca sur toile 105 x 205cm « Abstracted

Compressed Coal, 2018 acrylique, encre et posca sur toile 105 x 205cm « Abstracted


I still have a month left, and after coming to terms with some of my flaws in the past, I'm committing to turning myself around and having an amazing last 4 ...

Popularly known for its art scene, the small, tourist town of Clarens in the Free State has recently born witness to a new creative wonder – so-called urban ...

CTK - Shoe / Bando / Mode2, Crime Time Kings Print

Five ...

Five ...

In other words, it's not women vs. men; it's ethical vs. not. Which side are you on?"

This incident had been one of the worst things that's ever happened on this show, so it meant a lot that the characters haven't forgotten it. You know?


... Oceanic Affairs; 4.

(Below) Fab 5 Freddy steals a Yes 2 “Y” and an “S” & “E” from Sever out of The Exchange book

It'd, like, y'know, turn Reason on it's head, wouldn't it? Going forward.


It is stories like this one that keeps the staff here at Family House so invested in the work we do. It is what makes us wake up in the moring excited ...