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Jurate and Kastytis Mythology and Antiquity t Lithuania

Jurate and Kastytis Mythology and Antiquity t Lithuania


Jurate and Kastytis

In the Lithuanian legend of Jurate and Kastytis it is the Sea Goddess who sheds tears of amber mourning over her beloved.

Zvoruna is the Lithuanian Goddess of the hunt. She is a protector of wild animals and the forest, similar to the Roman Diana or the Greek Artemis.

Legend of Jurate and Kastytis (Lithuania). amber stone myths

The Humanistic Expressionism of Vytautas Ignas - Stasys Gostautas

Mermaid under bridge, Vilnius, Lithuania

amber stone myths

The Latvian Mythology


Amber Mythology: from the Romans to Jūratė and Kastytis

Norse mythology - The cosmological, central tree Yggdrasil is depicted in "The Ash Yggdrasil

Goddess Medeina | Sculpture of Medeina - the goddess of the … | Flickr

Jurate – Lithuanian Goddess of the Sea

amber stone myths

Representations ...

Diana (mythology) - A Roman fresco depicting Diana hunting, 4th century AD,

Jūratė and Kastytis is a traditional legend from Lithuania which has its roots in the Baltic mythology, but is written for the first time in the romantic ...

amber stone myths

Christianization of Lithuania - The fresco in the Vilnius Cathedral, dating to the Christianization of

Valhalla - Image: Hundingsbane

Lithuanian legend: Jūratė and Kastytis

Lithuanian Legend 'Jūratė and Kastytis'

Vytautas Didysis (Vytautas the Great) - one of the most famous rulers of medieval

Wooden sculpture of Lithuanian goddess Žemyna.

A Baltic mermaid --Jurate who according to legend fell in love with a fisherman Kastytis.She was a mermaid. The sea god in anger shattered her amber castle, ...

amber stone myths

Saule-Lithuanian Goddess of the Sun

Roguszys Lithuanian God of Pickles and Beer by nottapixiepress

8 Awesome Things to do in Vilnius Any Time of Year

Jurate - Goddess of the sea Lithuanian Women's Goddess Cultures and Religions

[Goddess Jurate and fisherman Kastytis Sculpture by Nijole Gaigalaite, 1961. Palanga, Lithuania]

Lithuanian folk tales by Marija Smirnovaite

Dalia is the Lithuanian goddess of weaving, whose textiles offer an insight into your fate

An elderly Lithuanian woman grinding flour. Photo by Balys Buracas:

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel. Vilnius, Lithuania

Christianization of Lithuania - Medieval fresco from the Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Church

Papercut Scherenschnitt Oak of Lithuania by by LithuaniaArt

Baltic Mythology - the gods of Lithuania and Latvia

Lithuanian folk tales by Marija Smirnovaite

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel. Vilnius, Lithuania

Sculpture of a mouse on the street of Klaipeda, Peliukas (Lithuania)

Norns - The Norns (1889) by Johannes Gehrts.

Egle, the Queen of Grass Snakes,is the main character of Lithuanian popular fairy

The Hill of Witches (Lithuanian: Raganų Kalnas) is an outdoor sculpture gallery near Juodkrantė

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel. Vilnius, Lithuania

amber stone myths

amber stone myths

Witches Hill, Lithuania. photo by Morgan Thomas, 2012

Albina Makūnaitė – Lithuanian Folk Tales :: 1965

amber stone myths

Baltic Mythology - the gods of Lithuania and Latvia

Balandeliai (Lithuanian Cabbage Rolls)

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel. Vilnius, Lithuania

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel. Vilnius, Lithuania

Digital Picture/Photo/Wallpaper/Desktop/Wooden Sculpture Snakes/Lithuania #14

Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom by Ilya Repin.

Mass suicide at Pilenai: Lithuanian Defenders Choose Death over Enslavement

Drone photographer captures winter in Lithuania

Hill of Witches (Nida, Lithuania)

29 Photos That Prove Lithuania Is The Most Beautiful Country You've Never Visited

Nalšia Museum Blog

Go To Lithuania Lithuania celebrate! This day 25 years ago Lithuania declared…

Lithuanian warrior pointing the way to Kernave .

ART NOUVEAU MERMAID Quilt Block Quilting Applique Fabric Patch anm03

Neringa - The Hill of witches (Lithuania)

U - Underground, Tobias Till Alternate View

Christianization - Representation of Saint Clement fighting the Graoully dragon in the Roman amphitheater of Metz

World at a Glance: Frank Zappa in Vilnius

268 best Lithuania images on Pinterest | Lithuania, Mythology and Fairy tales

The Visionary Art of Willow Arlenea - Sun Goddess: Saule Art

Lithuanian folk artist

Lithuania, I believe, it is

Bookcover of Lithuanian mythology

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel. Vilnius, Lithuania


Christianization - Constantine's conversion, by Rubens.

1200 While much of Europe has already converted to Christianity, Lithuania is…

Neringa - The Hill of witches (Lithuania)

Pavasario potvynis #Kaunas #Lithuania

The Latvian Witch - Ragana

Lithuanian vintage poster - Zemaitija

Thinker of Cernavoda - Terracotta sculpture from Romania, 5000BC


Gaia was the great Mother Goddess of Greek Mythology.

Christianization - Statue depicting the baptism of Clovis by Saint Remigius.

The cognitive path of Dūkštai wood by Fati Dzarajeva (Lithuania)

Old town #klaipeda in #lithuania

In ancient Lithuania, in a grassy glade deep in a dark forest, surrounded by

The escape tunnel used by Jewish "Burning Brigade" prisoners in WW2 is uncovered in

Art New Zealand

Glebe Park, Canberra - A gazebo (built 1989) is located at the centre

Smilšu māte

Lithuanian vintage travel poster

amber stone myths. “

Dzūkiška daina - Laidos Saulalė (Authentic Lithuanian Folk Song)

Lithuanian folk art

I can't even begin to imagine…

Vilnius, Lithuania in Uzupis It never gets old: when you look at a picture