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KDE Reviewing Linux Desktop Environments Places to Visit

KDE Reviewing Linux Desktop Environments Places to Visit


There is a wide variety of Linux desktop environments available, which makes choosing one difficult, particularly if you are just getting started with this ...

Xfce on Manjaro Linux

Figure 4: The GNOME desktop running on Ubuntu 16.04.

Linux Desktop Environment MATE


Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon optimized desktop

Linux desktop environment Cinnamon

XFCE vs MATE vs KDE , Linux Vidcast with Rocco & Rob

Review of KDE Plasma Desktop powered by the Slant community.

My Recommendation for Cinnamon


Manjaro Linux update

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Review of KDE Plasma Desktop powered by the Slant community.

MATE Desktop Environment on Ubuntu MATE

Mint 16 Screenshot01

Q4OS with Trinity DE Review - KDE 3 Nostalgia. The Linux Homefront

ArchLinux How to remove Gnome/Install Kde

[MATE DE] Best Linux Desktop Environment: Unity Cinnamon GNOME KDE Pantheon LXDE Xfce Budgie

KDE ver. 1.0 (1998)

linux desktop

desktop environment - Linux arch installing enlightenment just stays same as normal kde - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

... making different desktop environments look prettier than their defaults, I was intrigued. So I decided to see whether the notion of having Plasma look ...


Xmonad and awesome are the last two desktop environments I'd like to mention. They are both tiling window managers, meaning that — instead of making ...

Linux Desktop Environment KDE

KDE Screenshots

Budgie is the newest in this list of desktop environments. It was created as the flagship desktop of Solus Linux. Though it is still being developed by ...

A complete, modern desktop built using the KDE Plasma Desktop.

GNOME Desktop Environment

KDE 4.6.1


LXDE on Fedora

Linux popular desktop environments: KDE [top] GNOME [bottom]

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A Look at Desktop Environments: Cinnamon


My Recommendation for Xfce

My KDE Plasma 5 desktop layout on Arch Linux | Channel Intro

ubuntu offshoot discs

My desktop

How To Install KDE Desktop on Kali Linux 2016.2 || linux kde ||Desktop environment ✓ - YouTube

The most popular Linux desktop programs are... | ZDNet

KDE. linux desktop

Fedora plasma spin

Talking about desktop environments I think deepin linux has got best ever with MacOSx like dockbar option morever with easy control panels and customizable ...

KDE Plasma 5.13 Pre-Beta Wayland Session in VirtualBox. linux made simple

KDE Neon Linux distro KDE

Mageia 6 Dev1 ...


The KDE Plasma Desktop in version 171023 ...

plasma 54 1

CentOS 7 KDE Review

Best Linux distro

082114 ubuntu unity

install kde desktop on ubunu 14.04. Where learning Linux ...

enter image description here

MATE Desktop

KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma 5 – Linux Desktop Environments

KDE Plasma Desktop Environment


linux desktop environments

Debian 9 graphical installation


openSUSE Leap 42.1 Review: The Most Mature Linux Distribution

Debian 9 Mozilla applications

linux desktop

Fedora 26 Linux Review with MATE Desktop

KDE Turning 20, Launches Plasma 5.8 LTS Desktop To Celebrate Its Birthday

Windows, Mac, GNOME, KDE and Ubuntu's Unity are all born from a common history of desktop ...

Calculate Linux 14.16 desktop

Review image. Mandriva Linux 2010.0 RC2 with KDE ...

Puzzle GNU/Linux KDE 3-in-1 desktop environment

Easily booted from a Live CD/USB and easily installed on your hard drive. Various desktop environments to choose from and a ...

The first picture above is of my main computer using Zorin OS 6, which uses the Zorin desktop environment with conky manager, a weather screenlet and ...

Months after the last release, Calculate Linux 17 has emerged with the latest KDE Plasma, MATE and Xfce desktop environments.

Enlarge / Fedora's ...

Cinnamon on Linux Mint

Desktop icons in popular GNU/Linux desktop environments

The evolution of the Linux desktop

enter image description here

See what I mean? Chalet OS offers the comfort and homely feel of Windows 7 coupled with the stability, customizability, security and other awesome features ...

As well as we have reviewed best Linux distro for laptop in this article, KDE Neon is different from them. It is actually a Desktop Environment and Software ...

The KDE Desktop with Netflix running


Fig 1. Microsoft Windows 7

How To Configure KDE Plasma Desktop