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KNK Beast KNK t Beast

KNK Beast KNK t Beast


ComfortLI5HT on Twitter: "KNK talked abt #BEAST ^^ Beast made a joke like 'we're children of Kim tae joo' bcs he wrote a song for knk fanboi^^… "


[ENG SUB/SUB ESP] KNK Seungjun & Inseong are BEAST stans - Doni's Hitmaker E04 (full cut)

2:26 AM - 10 Jul 2016

[Weekly Idol] KNK SeungJun_funny cover dance cut (Beast-Fiction)

Watch: KNK Teaches Highlight How To Be Successful Rookies In “Weekly Idol” Preview

This album 'AWAKE' means that because we knocked, you'll hear that sound and be awoken.” It was a peak into their hearts that wish for many more people to ...

Last time we heard from KNK, their music video had been scrapped, forcing them to make a comeback without that vital piece of promotion.

(Sub español)Historias no contadas Simply Kpop Part.2(BEAST/LOVELYZ/KNK /MONSTA-X/CLC/BTOB/ETC)


[KCON17NY] Day 1 ENDING UP-CLOSE KNK, SF9, Gfriend, Zion.T, Highlight/Beast

[Photos] 160708 #BEAST (비스트) กับน้องๆ CLC , KNK และ ROMEO ค่ะpic.twitter.com/LMTgJWrGnm

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my-highlight: ““beast's biggest fanboys, highlight and knk ” ” kekek

ComfortLI5HT on Twitter: "KNK talked abt #BEAST ^^ Beast made a joke like 'we're children of Kim tae joo' bcs he wrote a song for knk fanboi^^… "

두삼촌의그림자 on Twitter: "Why do you like Beast? KNK: They're handsome.. they're cute.. Highlight: Well, that's true that's true KNK:… "

KNK Plans To Pay Homage To Highlight In The Title Track Of Their Upcoming Comeback

How would KNK sing B2ST/Beast - Fiction

KNK to pay homage to Highlight with the choreography for their title track 'Sun, Moon, Star'

Highlight Members are Envious of KNK For Being Able to Meet This Idol Group

[ENG SUB/SUB ESP] KNK - Ddakji Game and Kiss Scene Punishment - YouTube

Debuted in March with an average height of 185cm, it's boy group KNK (Kim Youjin, Park Seungjun, Jung Inseong, Kim Jihun, Oh Heejun).

Watch: BEAST Grabs 1st Win For “Ribbon” On “Show Champion,” Performances By GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, And More

KNK Dancing to Girl Groups and Boy Groups (TWICE, EXO, BTS, IOI, VIXX etc) - YouTube

[ENG SUB] KNK & ASTRO - Show Champion Behind (160412) - YouTube

|KNK| Seungjun Dance Moments in Weekly Idol

[ENG SUB] KNK 크나큰 Seungjun - MAMAMOO's Hidden Guy - YouTube

[ENG SUB] KNK with BAP Zelo (Behind The Show 170115) - YouTube

Last time we heard from KNK, their music video had been scrapped, forcing them to make a comeback without that vital piece of promotion.

[ENG SUB] KNK Seungjun vs Jihun = Tom and Jerry couple - YouTube


my-highlight: ““beast's biggest fanboys, highlight and knk ” ” kekek

[VIETSUB] KNK Seungjun & Inseong là stans của Beast - Doni's Hitmaker E04 cut

my-highlight: ““beast's biggest fanboys, highlight and knk ” ” kekek

ASTRO, KNK, PENTAGON, and Jung Seung Hwan Go Head-To-Head During “Hitmaker” Auditions

Beast · KNK - Bromance and Skinship || #SeungJi Valentine's Day 2017

Name:크나큰 (keunakeun), literal meaning is "to be great", is also used to mean "big".Also a pun on their heights. English abbreviation is KNK (This stands ...

[ENG SUB] KNK 크나큰 on Dream Team 160313

Though I didn't really care for their debut, KNK absolutely knocked it out of the park with last year's Back Again. That song seemed to mark them as true ...

KNK Talk About 'Sun, Moon, Star' and Performing in the U.S. for the First Time at KCON 2017 NY

KNK on February 29, 2016. From left to right: Youjin, Inseong, Heejun, Jihun Seungjun

Knk Jihun

Composer Of KNK Track Addresses Concerns That It Plagiarized A BTOB Song

Kai - 151017 Exoplanet #2 - The EXO'luXion in Guangzhou Credit: KNK

I will not lie when I first clicked on their debut MV "Knock" I clicked out immediately. I was really close minded and I assumed it was just a slow song.

Welcome BACK to BEAST Airline 2011 - 20min tv special · Beautiful Show 2012* | BTS · Beautiful Show 2012 in Yokohama*

VICTON Members Show Their Love For Highlight (Formerly BEAST)

Rookie group KNK are back with a new single… and no music video. Citing quality issues, the (presumably) completed video was cancelled and won't be ...

I didn't skate as much as normal in 2014 and battled a few injuries over winter, leaving my board feel and my motivation somewhat lacking ...

my-highlight: ““beast's biggest fanboys, highlight and knk ” ” kekek

KNK are a new boy group with YNB Entertainment, home to (highly underrated) girl group Bestie. Because I've enjoyed Bestie's material so much, ...

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KNK stands for K-pop kNocK, meaning to knock on the door of the Kpop industry with their music.

This is the cutest picture of the three posted, lol sooooo cute #KNK #

Watch: KNK Can't Forget You In Ethereal MV For Comeback Track “Sun.Moon.Star”

photo photo photo

What To Expect :

( Read more...Collapse ) source:nikpann. I have...mixed feelings about this but I'm trying to remain hopeful that this will have a good outcome for them.


The members originally debuted as BEAST alongside with Jang Hyunseung under Cube Entertainment in October 2009, but --except Jang ...

KNK - Back Again

Responsive Image. KNK's ...

kpop Jin Youzhen Pu Chengjun Zheng Yincheng Jin Zhixun Wu Xijun KNK combined with a hooded head with cashmere Sweatshirts-in Hoodies & Sweatshirts from ...

As Beast, I've already heard a lot about them here and there, but it never crossed my mind to actually get to know them as a group in the past.

KNK member Youjin is temporarily halting activities due to panic disorder.

im sorry ...

Haejun KNK 2016

I started watching "Pentagon Maker", some of you should be familiar with it, and (formerly) Beast was a guest in episode 3. Jinho's group was doing a cover ...

KNK新歌被爆神似BEAST 製作人居然是「他」?KNK成員澄清

KNK (크나큰)


cute KNK

At first paying $20 for an outdoor event seemed silly but seeing how well they organized it and how well they thought about safety made me feel better about ...


Youjin Youjin KNK 2017

Are you KNK's Tinker Bell?

BEAST – 12:30 (12시 30분)

Watch: KNK Does A Dramatic Reading Of “Despacito” + Reacts To The Meaning Of The Song's Lyrics

#KNK #Beast | KNK | Pinterest | Beast

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The members of KNK in the " ...


gugudan, PENTAGON, KNK, And More Added To Lineup Of Soribada's First Awards Show

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Beast (비스트) consists of 5 members: Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, and Son Dongwoon. Jang Hyunseung left the band after 7 years, ...

[ IMG]


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Image of Beast-mode Shorts

King of nugus, KNK, are going viral with their song “Back Again” within the spinning community. Please, watch in awe. #스피닝 #스피닝강사 #트레이너 #몸스타 ...