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KakaSaku KakaSaku t



KakaSaku (doesn't have to be a ship though just some friend gossiping or

Naruto 521 A quick little something for Dimisfit —- because our kakasaku headcanons cannot be tamed.

One Winter's Evening...Modern! KakaSaku (Oneshot)

Kakasaku. Another strange obsession of mine. I don't even understand haha.

KakaSaku [don't ship them but this is cute]

Heart Ache Pg1 by ZhaoLuna on DeviantArt

KakaSaku Anonymous

KakaSaku : Photo



Kakasaku don't ship it but oh well

Good girls don't steal [KakaSaku] by Elbytron ...

Naruto - Kakashi Hatake x Sakura Haruna - KakaSaku | Kakashi & Sakura | Pinterest | Kakashi hatake, Kakashi and Naruto

KakaSaku Week | Day 2: Demons by neonanything on DeviantArt

KakaSaku: A Moment Alone by haruhanna ...

I wish I thought of this for KakaSaku week! Nonetheless—I couldn't resist the title. Danger and Rescue (KakaSaku)

nachoshiprose: Adorable drunk Kakashi is adorable Sorry I wasn't able to contribute to the kakasaku week so uhhh here's an extremely late one ;A; ...

Resultado de imagem para dramione fan art kiss

KakaSaku - Let's Blow this Popstand by YoukaiYume ...

leelooface: “ KakaSaku Week Day Cat and Dog If one thing were for certain, it was that ninken and ninneko would never get along. About the only thing Pakkun ...

KakaSaku, uhhhh I can't help but ship this.

An ...

Kakasaku- I don't ship kakasaku but kakashi and his little daughter is adorable

Naruto KakaSaku - 75 reasons why Kakashi and Sakura should be together - YouTube

KakaSaku Anonymous : Photo. Seriously though, does anyone know where/when/how KakaSaku originated? Or there isn't actually anything to go on and we just ...

I'm just obsessed with Kakashi and Sakura kissing, don't mind meeeee I originally wanted Kakashi to have stubble. Damn it was hot.

In which my kakasaku urges took over and also I got in Sakura's new 'do

Even ...

KakaSaku- You Aren't Weak

Since so many people were butt hurt about an earlier cosplay picture of Sakura and Kakashi, I found this gold and decided to share it.

Sakura - "I thought 'avengers' didn't have time for love." Sasuke - "Don't think I won't go Sharingan on your a** just 'cause we're teammates." Kakashi ...

[Fanfic][KakaSaku] Hẹn ước bồ công anh

KakaSaku - Asahi Ain't Gettin' Past Genin by ...

KakaSaku Fandom Tribute by haruhanna


Double Edged by Slinkymilinky ...

fuckyeahsakuraharuno : Photo I don't ship them but this is hella cute!

AA T ¶ ⒞

Kakashi and Sakura Comic-pg1 by kakasaku-loveydovey ...

I don’t know what’s going on here. Sakura demanding that Kakashi shave first? Reenacting a scene from icha-icha paradise perhaps?

Weekend - Kakasaku - by 0thefoolnever ...

I'm just obsessed with Kakashi and Sakura kissing, don't mind meeeee I originally wanted Kakashi to have stubble. Damn it was hot.

this's page 3 from sakukaka doujinshi I didn't draw it , I found it I hope you like it kakashi and 3

KakaSaku:cause you just can't by NotTheNicest ...

Kakasaku by Sempaiko ...

KakaSaku Be loved in return

I haven't drawn kakasaku for a long time. Feel so good *U*


The Two of Us Together (KakaSaku Wallpaper) by KakaSakuObessive ...

#1 [KakaSaku] by Saomi1214 ...

KakaSaku Anonymous

KakaSaku - Sogni +Page14+ by Xx-SaSa-xX ...

KakaSaku I don't ship them but this is cute

KakaSaku:. Chapter 1 by livxuponxhope on DeviantArt


KakaSaku - Find Your Love

One Day You Will Be Taller Kakashi Don't Worry 【KAKASAKU】

AA T ¶ ⒞

[KakaSaku] Won't Let Go

love-kaaiistudent: “neonanything: “ Marks on Sand “ This was an old · Naruto KakashiAnime ...

Kakashi succumbing to sexual tension in front of his bff and t-7

Naruto - Kakashi Hatake x Sakura Haruna - KakaSaku

When ...

I can't sleep because I've got KakaSaku on ma mind :)

I personally started shipping KakaSaku after the time when Sasuke attacks Sakura and Kakashi steps in the way to protect her. Kakashi didn't want Sakura to ...

chaoticrabbit: “One panel I didn't use in my old “hot springs · Sakura HarunoKakashiHot ...

Ahhhh he doesn't know what to do XD kakasaku

KakaSaku - Sogni +Page9+ by Xx-SaSa-xX ...


Naruto KakaSaku - Don't you ever say I just walked away [Wrecking Ball]

KakaSaku: Late Entry by Zebwa ...



“This KakaSaku gifset is dedicated to dimi my precious cinnamon roll!” Hatake Misaki is mine (and the KakaSaku fandom's), please don't repurpose my.


I've been a bit ill recently so I haven't been drawing much... but I was asked to do a commission for someone that involved KakaSaku and here it is. Enjoy!

KakaSaku and Baby Rose by ShipperTrish ...


KakaSaku Anonymous

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Kakasaku ⓝⓐⓡⓤⓣⓞ


KakaSaku by tazicat12 ...

KakaSaku - Sogni +Page23+ by Xx-SaSa-xX ...

Naruto - Kakashi Hatake x Sakura Haruna - KakaSaku

Yandere | A KakaSaku Fanfiction

Happy Valentine's Day ~ KakaSaku by serenitytouched ...

Kakashi secretly loves selfies you can't convince me otherwise

Took a break from writing to draw a teaser for my kakasaku week 2 fic. Not completely happy with kakashi and the colors didn't transfer well in the pic but ...


Kakashi is jealous of Pakkun lol


#kakasaku parte 1/3

Later Than Forever 》 KakaSaku Lemon

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