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Kazuma Hashimoto Cheer Danshi Cheer Danshi t

Kazuma Hashimoto Cheer Danshi Cheer Danshi t





Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kazuma Hashimoto, Haru's childhood friend and the person who understands him the most. He formed the cheerleading club because his late ...

... an enthusiastic Kazuma hands out flyers around the campus, hoping to attract potential members. According to Kazuma, the cheerleading club requires ...

Kazu and Haru (Cheer Danshi)

Kazuma Hashimoto // Cheer Danshi !

Bandou Haruki and Hashimoto Kazuma - Cheer Danshi!! by 萌太 on pixiv (

Cheer danshi anime.jpg

Kazuma Hashimoto

Cheer danshi

Haru, Cheer Danshi, Anime

Cheer Danshi

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L-R: Haruki Bandō, Kazuma Hashimoto, Shō Tokugawa, Wataru Mizoguchi, Kōji Tōno, Gen Hasegawa, and Sōichirō Suzuki.

Mizoguchi Wataru

koalaflage 16 0 Cheer Danshi!! by Perrikara

Cheer Danshi!! - episode 11

Cheer Danshi episode 8

Toono kouji

Kazuma Hashimoto Kazuma Hashimoto

Kazu by Arkapami

XD ~ Cheer boys

An official website has opened for a TV anime titled Cheer Danshi!! (Cheer Boys), which will begin airing in July 2016. It adapts a 2013 novel written by ...

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Cheer Boys Cheer Danshi Souichirou Suzuki Kazuma Hashimoto Wataru Mizoguchi Practicing Handstands

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Over time, the all-men cheerleading club will see more members. Two more have caught the eyes of Kazuma, with their smooth and swift body movements.

Cheer Danshi!! GO BREAKERS

Suzuki soichiro.jpg

Look at this dork impersonating a squirrel!

Haruki is overwhelmed yet somewhat intrigued by that idea. Kazuma then confidently declares that he is starting an all-men cheerleading club.

If you're looking for something really fun and a little inspirational this season, look no further than Cheer Danshi!!. As has been the long running trend, ...

Cheer Danshi!!

Nobuhiko Okamoto como Kazuma Hashimoto. - Yuuki Ono como Shou Tokugawa



Chen zixuan 113815

Cheer Boys!! Go Breakers (manga)

... Hashimoto Kazuma (Okamoto Nobuhiko), who is much more extraverted, cheeky, and unafraid to express his passions. Their back and forth established in ...

Cheer Boys!! チア男子!! (Cheer Danshi!!)

OP: 「初めの一歩」 (Hajime no Ippo) by Luck Life


Cheer Danshi!! One Shots

Also a freshman, Mizoguchi Wataru receives the flyer from Kazuma and becomes instantly sold by the idea.


... a main character who can't be put into a single 'box'. In this episode we learn so many things about him, and none are spelled out through excessive ...

Finally, a reference image for one of Shou's outfits from Episode 12 that wasn't released with the last batch! Truly incredible.

Opening/Ending Song||OP/ED Song Discussion

koalaflage 14 2 Cheer Danshi!! - Haruki and Shou by RakusaY

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Luck Life to Perform Cheer Boys!! TV Anime's Opening Theme - News - Anime News Network

Anime X Reader.

RakusaY 12 1 Haruki Bandou - Cheer Danshi! [sketch] by Peetable

Haruki: Smiling like that even while in the air, It was the sun that lit up the world. Cheer Boys!!

Cheer Boys!! Mofumofu Muffler Towel Kazuma Hashimoto

#cheer danshi

Chihiro sakai 113802.jpg

Genre: Drama, Sports, Tournaments

Haruki Bando

Cheer Boys!

Tasuku Hatanaka as Hisashi Mori

Rhunme 9 2 The waiters from Cheer Danshi by AriaQueiroz

🖤Did anyone else watch Cheer Danshi/Boys!!?💛 (My fav is Kazuma 😉) #cheerboys #cheerdanshi #sportsanime #animeboys #kazuma #kazumahashimoto ...


「幕が上がる」 (Maku ga Agaru) “The Curtain Rises”

Cheer Boys!! Anime Adds 9 More Cast Members

Cheer-Danshi-dvd-300x408 6 Anime Like Cheer Boys!! [Recommendations

Cheer-Danshi-dvd-300x408 6 Anime Like Cheer Boys!! [Recommendations

... off to a strong start, ...

Cheer Boys - Sho :iconanimefanka: Animefanka 22 5 Haruki chibi by sekitsu

Jin Dōmoto (leftt), the team captain of Sparks, the nation's strongest male/female cheerleading team. Has a strong sense of responsibility toward ...

Cheer-Danshi-dvd-300x408 6 Anime Like Cheer Boys!! [Recommendations

Dallas Reid, Justin Pate Star in Funimation's Cheer Boys! English Broadcast Dub - News - Anime News Network

cheer danshi cheer boys breakers haruki bandou hashimoto kazuma tokugawa shou mizoguchi wataru tono koji suzuki

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... Cheer Danshi!! - (.

When will be Cheer Danshi!! next episode air date? Is Cheer Danshi!! renewed or cancelled? Where to countdown Cheer Danshi!! air dates?

cheer danshi cheer boys kazuma hashimoto bandou haruki kazuharu they're so in love derpityugayderp

And I can't when he's crying with his deep voice it's just too funny !

Cheer Danshi!!

But seriously, if you like anime sport and ikemen: watch it !

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There's going to be an anime for every sport eventually – I can't wait for cute curling girls doing cute curling things!

Chiharu Sawashiro as Takeru Andō

Cheer Boys!!

Episode: 12 + 1 Special + 2 Specials

... unafraid to express his passions. Their back and forth established in this episode is off to a strong start, and gives me hope that the characterisation ...