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Kbenhavn Wienerbrd my fave country t Danish

Kbenhavn Wienerbrd my fave country t Danish


Danish wienerbrød, a Danish pastry, sometimes abbreviated Danish especially in the USA, is a viennoiserie pastry, of Viennese origin, which has become a ...

Wienerbrød – Danish Pastry Braid with Raspberry Filling

Danish Wienerbroed. my favorite of all danish pastries, which are nothing like what americans

Weinerbrod: How Danes Say Pastry

Hilsen fra København! Living the Danish Life blog

Long before my first visit to Copenhagen, my mother traveled there to accompany my sister on an audition. Mom was delighted to report that the Øresund area ...

Danish Wienerbrød

Danish pastry - ELLE

The first reason I am going to show you why you should be visiting Copenhagen is to get fat on Danish pastries?!

Flæskesteg is one of the meats that Danes love to eat for Christmas, usually served

Wienerbrød (Danish pastries)

Smoked and fresh fish for smørrebrød in Copenhagen.

Wienerbrød from Sankt Peders Bageri - Kaffee und Kuchen

Enjoy all the Danish pastries you can eat – including the original Wienerbrod from Copenhagen. “

The United States bought the Virgin Islands, part of the West Indies, from Denmark in 1917. You can still see traces of the Danish history in the names of ...

I love to add fresh berries on my Danish pastries (Wienerbrød) that has a ...

Over the years a variety of Danish pastries were developed and became known as wienerbrød in Denmark. One of the wienerbrød we are making today is the ...

Danish Bakery in Copenhagen

[wienerbrød] A Danish pastry is a viennoiserie pastry, of Viennese origin, which has become a specialty of Denmark and neighboring Scandinavian cou…

Our Scandinavian recipes including Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish are on http://scandinavtoday.blogspot.com/

You can find out the French recipe of this speciality on : https://endirectdelascandinavie.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/wienerbrod -patisserie-viennoise/

... Setting out a tray of homemade Danish pastries with custard filling and my large Danish mug ...

A Danish Topping For Open-Face Sandwiches

The Solvang Bakery danish

There are a variety of Danish dishes that uses horseradish. Many Danish families have gardens and grow their own horseradish for their Danish dishes.

Because the Kringle was a must during birthday celebrations, you can only imagine how special the Danish pasty was for us.

Wienerbrød in a Danish bakery in Copenhagen

How to make Danish Christmas Klejner

The Danish holiday (Store Bededag Great Prayer Day) celebrated on the 4th Friday after Easter. In the year 1686 the Danish King Christian decided to collect ...

... Family habits : meals in Denmark

Two delicious Danish Leverpostej Open Face Sandwiches

We have included our YouTube video of how we made the Curry Herring Salad and the Curry Herring Open Face Sandwich too.


Remoulade sauce is found all over the world in many dishes such as in Louisiana, Germany and Scandinavian countries. There are as many versions of ...

Family habits : meals in Denmark

Danish pork on Pizza for Danish cuisine

Left: frikadelle sandwich with cucumber salad Right:frikadelle sandwich with red cabbage and a pickle

In the year 1686 the Danish King Christian decided to collect certain holidays into one big day called Store Bededag. This way the Danes had more days to ...

The special is onsdagssnegl (sugar coated cinnamon roll). It's gigantic.. as in almost the size of my face! Every Wednesday, they sell thousands of these!

Like most Christian countries, the Danes celebrate Easter with lamb, chicken and Easter eggs. In Spring, dawns marks the beginning of the days that will ...

When I was a child and my parents would have a lunch party, they would set up a smørrebrød table. Often they served the Danish roast beef open-face sandwich ...

It's wienerbrød, but it's just as good. Actually better, since it's only sold by specialized bakers and made fresh the same hour it's purchased.

... the spri _MG_5951

Hygge | ELLE UK

Top 7 Reasons Why Denmark Is the World's Happiest Country

Rachel Abramowitz Spoon University Lifestyle

AD Bike Tour (10)

Here we serve Million Beef with Mashed Potatoes on a Royal Copenhagen plate. The pattern we selected for this dish was the Blue Flower Curve.

Danish detail

Danish food (Part I)

Where to Wet Your Whistle in Copenhagen Denmark | Best Places to Get Drinks Outside in

Baking a cake is as simple as measuring ingredients, mixing them in the right order. But the fun part is to decorate the cake!

The Solvang Bakery Danishes


One of many types of wienerbrød.

Copenhagen’s canals are the perfect way to view the city. (BBC. Denmark · Copenhagen

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The Five Danish Food Groups Christmas Browned Potatoes

Professional Weinerbrød Pastry: from Lagekagehuset in Copenhagen

Though they're not called Danish there, that would be confusing — it's a wienerbrød, or Viennese. Thick custard delivered via buttery, flaky bread?

These McDonald's danishes look like sloths.

Nordic cuisine

Image may contain: food

Nordic food is defined as food developed in the Nordic countries and Scandinavia. Top 9

Danish pastry - original Wienerbrod from Copenhagen

Is there any other country whose citizens share the same name as a yummy breakfast pastry?

Scandinavian Today Cooking Show: Pebernødder - Danish Peppernut Cookies - A Delicious Danish Christmas Cookie

How To Quit Your Job and Move To A Foreign Country

Æggekage(Danish omelette)


Family habits : meals in Denmark ...

GO ON HAVE ANOTHER. Denmark Danish Sommerhus

Sustainability in Europe Netherlands (31) Denmark ...

I'm not saying go on an illegal drug bender, but maybe if you don't normally eat bread and the city you're visiting is known for it's ...

This is one of the famous speciality called Wienerbrød: it's a Danish pastry which can be found in every bakery. This pasty is made with puff pastry, ...

Danish ...

When I am feeling stressed about schoolwork or homesickness or whatever else, a kind gesture like this makes me feel better. (Maybe that feeling is only my ...

In Denmark, Danish pastry comes in many shapes and sizes.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Proper Danish Pastry in Copenhagen

Culture shock and how to tackle it

Where to Wet Your Whistle in Copenhagen Denmark | Best Places to Get Drinks Outside in

14 Habits You'll Pick Up Living in Copenhagen

Danish open-face rye sandwich with quail eggs, beetroot, pickled onions and cucumbers

Top 10 things to do in summer sommer Copenhagen Denmark Oregon Girl World

20140819_130440 20140819_124032 20140819_125037 20140819_130528. Copenhagen's ...

Danish Flags, Cultural Immersion (44)

Prairie Spruce Commons - The First Cohousing Community in Regina, Saskatchewan

Copenhagen Serves The Most Beautiful Sandwiches in the World

Monday we had our last Danish class! It turned out to be really fun because our teacher Ditte Marie brought in her daughter, Amanda, and some Christmas ...

5 Most Uniquely Danish Foods

Family habits : meals in Denmark ...

Always Time for Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park | Copenhagen, Denmark via Oregon Girl Around the

20140818_142000. The Royal Danish ...

Bishop of Absalon, Copenhagen

Actually, Copenhagen started celebrating Christmas by decorating the city in early November. There's no Thanksgiving holiday standing in the way here, ...

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Predeparture Packet

Danish pastries: wienerbrød