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King George V His Royal Sealyham Vintage Photos t

King George V His Royal Sealyham Vintage Photos t


King George V His Royal Sealyham

Alfred Hitchcock and his Sealyham Terrier

**PUPPIES Available now **AKC Champion parentsLitter also planned for Autumn The Sealyham Terrier is not a well known breed today. Developed in Wales in the ...


Vintage Librarian : Photo

Cary Grant with his dogs, late 1930s...one more reason he was

Four Generations of the English Royal Family. Future King George V, King Edward VII

The Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

sealyham terrier

Humphrey Bogart and his dog, They apparently liked Terriers a lot -- I've seen photos of him and Lauren Bacall with Westies, Scotties, and now what looks ...

A lovely old photo sent to us by Lesley Collins of her friend Anne and sister Jill with their Sealyham pups

A lovely old photo sent to us by Lesley Collins of her friend Anne and sister Jill with their Sealyham pups

It was taken in September 1950 in Banket, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), on a farm owned by Bob Field, the brother of Winston, ...

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, of United Kingdom, Princess Elizabeth, Portrait,

A lovely old photo sent to us by Lesley Collins of her friend Anne and sister Jill with their Sealyham pups

King George VI, H.M. Queen Elizabeth, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, of United Kingdom

And here is a picture of the royal princesses with another Sealyham - but they don't seem to be giving him much attention!


... pose the Sealyham strikes in this royal picture. Princess Margaret is dresses in what looks like a morning dress. She is the grand-daughter of George V, ...

King George VI and Princess Margaret Rose, 1937. Artist: Michael Chance - Stock

Alfred Hitchcock and his Sealyham Terrier, 1974

Princess Margaret, Margaret Rose; 1930 – 2002, aka Princess Margaret Rose. Younger

"Bundle" Sealyham Terrier by Lucy Dawson - Google Photos

Anythingology: Piper the Sealyham Terrior

Princess Margaret with Choo-Choo the grey and white. Tibetan Lion.

Royal Family

Ak King George VI, T.R.H. The Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose; - Stock Image

Princess Mary, later Countess of Harewood, only daughter of King George V and Queen

Ak H.R.H. Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, Terrier, Tuck; - Stock Image

1930s UK King George VI and Princess Elizabeth Magazine Plate - Stock Image

A #ThrowbackThursday photo of The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, cuddling her corgi Dookie

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. From The Sketch Magazine Coronation Number published 1937.

The Children of King George V and Queen Mary in 1912. From top left:

Royal Family requests King George VI's x-rays to be withdrawn from auction

Queen Alexandra (1844-1925) with her son King George V (1865-

Queen Elizabeth, King George VI (back), Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen

The royal family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after the coronation of King George VI

The Future King George V and Queen Mary on their wedding day, 1893. The Royal Collection

Don't forget the Sealyham Rangeworthy show:

He was even recommended for the Victoria Cross for his part in the relief of Lucknow but wasn't awarded it.

The Duke of York with Choo-Choo, a corgi and his six year old yellow. Labrador Mimsy. Also, take a look at his mighty fine socks.

A close-up of the face of a Sealyham Terrier

A Sealyham Terrier photographed in 1915

Toby and Hero, Sealyham Terriers

A modern, well groomed show dog.

Sealyham terrier: English dog that's as rare as a tiger | Daily Mail Online

The story was inspired by his Sealyham terrier, which was given the lead role of curious Jennie. After bookmarking proposals was filmed in 2010 was made ...

Sealyham Terrier

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ELIZABETH, WIFE OF GEORGE VI with baby Princess Margaret Rose Date: 1900 - 2002

King Edward VII's Terrier, Caesar, at his master's funeral in 1910.

Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret

The Royal family of Queen Elizabeth II also loved their Sealyhams. Prince Phillip and Prince Charles and Rincess Anne feature here. The Sealyham is largely ...

Shu Ayama | Sealyham Terrier

In this image released by the Royal Mail on April 20, 2016, Britain's Prince

Dench will star as the Empress of India in Victoria And Abdul, which is based

Chips – The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon

Could it be that the Sealyhams in the picture are Princess Margaret's? Could she be taking the photograph. Did the two sisters make a pact that one would ...

King George VI With His Family


There are only 49 of the puppies registered in the country last year

Here they are, clockwise from top left: Great-grandfather William Pearson, who was barely 52 years old, with his elegantly groomed, spade-shaped beard.

A Sealyham Terrier in the woods

Royal Corgis

Zoo director Andreas Knieriem holds Fritz in his enclosure during his first examination, which took

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret and some canine companions including

This lovely letter and photographs were very kindly sent to us by Gail Halley who we met a couple of years ago at the Royal Norfolk Show

Sealyham Terrier Book

looking out_4552 by Frank Salmon // Sealyham Terrier

Tommie by diamonddust73 // Sealyham Terrier

Interesting old book find - Our princesses and their dogs.

Campaign launched to save Sealyham terriers 'from extinction'

Marble And Painted Metal Sealyham Terrier Ashtray Vintage C1930.

The Three Musketeers

Captain Edwards ~ The founder of the breed

This photograph of William's great-grandmother with a Sealyham Terrier was taken in Windsor in 1950, just two years before the death of King George VI.

copyright © Brighton & Hove City Libraries Lady George Nevill was deemed worthy to be included in the volumes of Hove's Roll of Honour due to her war work.

Elizabeth, her grandmother Queen Mary and her mother Queen Elizabeth stand in mourning at the

Caesar, The Royal Collection

George's Snapshot. Royal Family

The queen with her pet corgis in the garden of Windsor Castle.

Enlarge Kate wills family tree

Double trouble: Gérard and Christian have seven films together under their belt, working on

The children with their mother Elizabeth, Duchess of York, with a corgi hiding behind her skirts.

Princess Margaret, Peter Townsend

Princess Margaret

Mr. Hitchcock loved his dogs so much that he put included his Sealyham terriers, Geoffrey and Stanley, in his cameo in “The Birds.”

SOS: Save our Sealyhams

Land utilization map of Cyprus, by RAWSON & SEALY 1956 old vintage chart ...

Sealyham Terrier Show Dog

Taking a cue from some of his favorite celebrities, no one is quite sure exactly how old Bertie is. However, today, we celebrate his birthday.

Lassie the dog nuzzled and licked Able Seaman John Cowan - who was presumed dead following

The award: A polished pewter bowl and ...

Elsie (left) and Pansy on the teal velvet sofa from Designers Guild (designersguild


Blue blood: The Prince of Wales, who was to become Edward VII in 1901

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Diana Rigg