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Known hit locations on the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga 1023

Known hit locations on the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga 1023


USS Independence wreck found off California coast.(U.S. Navy, National Archives)

Kaga was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), the third

The crippled Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi

Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The four bomb hits on the KAGA sunk during the battle of Midway. | The battle of Midway. | Pinterest


Japanese aircraft carrier "Kaga", ...


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Japanese_aircraft_carrier_Akagi_01-2. IJN Akagi

Final resting place of the U.S.S Yorktown. June 7th 1942.

Soryu Aircraft Carrier

The Kido Butai was the most powerful carrier strike group assembled up to that time. Comprised of six aircraft carriers, the massive flagship Akagi, ...


Tatsuta Maru, marked with symbols of safe passage while working as a repatriation ship as seen through the periscope of USS Kingfish, October 1942.

Mini-PA2-2.gif (901×1023)

Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu and Graf Zeppelin by Lordmichael95.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

1st Air Fleet Aichi dive bombers preparing to bomb American naval base in Pearl Harbor,

Saratoga landing aircraft, 6 June 1935

Few ...

Cruiser Myōkō

800px-Japanese_Navy_Aircraft_Carrier_Kaga. Kaga. The aircraft carrier ...


Japanese seaplane carrier Wakamiya.

Battleship USS Nevada (BB-36) temporarily beached on Hospital Point and burning at 0925 hrs on Sunday 7 December 1941 after being hit forward by Japanese ...


... Martin T4M Torpedo bombers launching from the deck of the USS Lexington (CV-2), 1931 [1932 x 1557] ...

(Sister YAMATO in 1941 - colorized by Irootoko, Jr). IJN Battleship MUSASHI:



An Avenger flies past Nagato as she lies at anchor in Yokosuka


Japanese battleships and a cruiser are seen just before the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

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USS Skipjack (SS-184)


711, Navy

Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi - Akagi underway in 1929 with aircraft on the upper flight deck

The battleship USS West Virginia is seen afire after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

... USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) transits the Arabian Gulf, 2017 [5325 x 3550] ...

USS Lexington (CV-2) supplying power to Tacoma, Washington after drought prevented Cushman Dam from providing hydropower to the city, 1929 [2184 x 1616] ...

Nagato at Yokosuka, September 1945.

The Japanese battleship Musashi under intense attack by the U.S. Navy's Task


Early in the morning on November 26th 1941 the ships of the Japanese Carrier Strike Force, the Kido Butai under the command of Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo ...


Japanese bombers hit the forward portion of the ship with three bombs. The resulting fires proved uncontrollable, and Shaw was ordered abandoned.

The Japanese Fleet and was built around the elite First Carrier Striking Group, the Kido Butai composed of the Pearl Harbor attackers Akagi, Kaga, ...

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Shinano Yamato and Musashi( the Dream ) (Internet)

Japanese aircraft carrier Shōhō being hit by bombs and torpedoes at the Battle of the Coral

Destroyer of the J class

Saratoga (with black stripe on her funnel) at Puget Sound Navy Yard, alongside

1st Air Fleet Aichi dive bombers preparing to bomb American naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

(3733x2963) (189 points, 8 comments) ...


800px-Hiei_Tsukugewan Hiei. The Kongo Class battleship ...

Saratoga docked at Pearl Harbor, June 1945

Apogon's (SS-308) heads towards dock at Submarine Base ...

Washington Naval Treaty - Akagi (A former Japanese battlecruiser converted to an aircraft carrier)


Nakajima B5N2 attack bomber taking off from the Japanese Imperial Navy aircraft carrier 'Akagi', on the first attack wave on Pearl Harbor at approx 06.00hrs ...

IJN AKAGI and IJN KAGA Prior 1930 (Internet)

The USS Maryland, a battleship moored inboard of the USS Oklahoma, which capsized, was damaged slightly in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor



Musashi, August 1942, taken from the bow.

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Carrier Shōkaku preparing to launch the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Saratoga after having been hit by a kamikaze, 21 February 1945

Visitors to the Yamato Museum examine the museum's 1:10 scale model of the battleship in 2006.

IJN cruiser Takao on trial run in 1932.jpg

Two British naval officers examine what is left of the Myōkō's stern.

The I168 - pictured here in March 1934- probably on Sea Trials. At this time she was known as the I68 - but was renamed the I168 in May 1942.

Japanese aircraft carrier Hōshō - A view of the underside of Hōshō's narrow flight deck looking

IJN Yamato and IJN Musashi (Internet)

Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku - Zuikaku and destroyer Wakatsuki underway during U.S. carrier plane attacks.

... The world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65).

The carrier Zuikaku (center) and two destroyers under attack June 20, 1944

Japanese aircraft carrier Shōkaku - Shōkaku crewmembers fight fires on the flight deck after being hit

Allen's yacht OCTOPUS.

Officers of I-400 in front of the plane hangar, photographed by the US Navy following the surrender of the submarine at sea, one week after the end of ...


Zuikaku sinking after being hit at the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

[1148 x 1592] Italian heavy cruisers on maneuvers, c. 1939. Colorized in HD by Irootoko Jr. ...

The battleship USS Arizona belches smoke as it topples over into the sea during a Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. It's the superstructure that's ...

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Attack on Pearl Harbor - An Imperial Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter on the aircraft

Japanese aircraft carrier Hōshō - Hōshō conducts full power trials near Tateyama, Japan on 4

Admiral Nimitz (second from left) waits at the pier for the Fulton to dock.

The Fulton arriving at Pearl Harbor 8 June, 1942