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Koi Goshiki Koi Varieties t Koi

Koi Goshiki Koi Varieties t Koi


Koi Varieties Guide

This fish is a great example. The beni just pops off of this fish

Here are 3 goshiki, the upper fish is a Tancho Goshiki

Narita · Japanese KoiKoi ...

Kuro Goshiki ( Goshiki with a very Dark Background with Beni Markings ). Koi Fish ...

Kohaku Koi · Taisho Sanke

Beginners might mistake this for a kohaku as the netting hasn't really appeared.

other utsuri

Taisho Sanke

Tancho goshiki · Koi Fish ...

Kanno. Japanese KoiKoi ...

2012 All Japan - This famous Goshiki was awarded overall best Sakura. Koi CarpPunching BagCarpe KoiJapan SakuraNiigataJapanese ...

This Kuro Tancho Goshiki was awarded Best in Variety Tancho at the 2010 All Japan Wakagoi

Kawakami Koi Farm sansai Goshiki

40Bu Goshiki

Home · Koi For Sale; 10" Doitsu Goshiki (#572Q1). Image 1

Goshiki. Breeder: Otsuka Koi Farm

Sandan Kohaku. This koi ...

Mameshibori Goshiki bred by Hiroi Koi Farm. Best in Variety at the 2010 All Japan

The most beautiful one that I have seen is the one that won the Special variety prize at the Cape Town 2008 show:

2012 All Japan Best in Variety Winners Posted 8 Feb 2012 - by Mark… Find this Pin and more on Koi ...

Koi Variety Guide

Shūsui ...


shiro utsuri

18" Goshiki Koi Fish From Hiroi Koi Farm

Kohaku. Kohaku Hanover Koi Farms

Shiro Goshiki

14" Tancho Goshiki Japanese Koi Fish

17" - 18" Very Unique Ginrin Goshiki Koi Fish

Minuma Koi Farm Goshiki Koi Hunting May 3, 2017

types of Koi chart

Doitsu Goshiki

Shiro Utsuri

Beni Kumonryu, Goshiki, Doitsu Goshiki, Asagi Japanese, Showa Japanese Koi Fish - YouTube

Kuro Goshiki All- Japan

Japan koi Stano - Doitsu Yamabuki Hariwake, Kuro GOSHIKI 10/2014 - YouTube

An odd variety I always wanted, Goshiki-Showa.-goshikishowa2.jpg

Change of the Goshiki which won the 15bu Sakura Prize at the 42nd All Japan Koi

Japan koi Stano - Kuro GOSHIKI, Doitsu GOSHIKI 11/

Goshiki san, Koi, Japan

Description of Varieties

... Fish, Koi, Goldfish 0. Goshki (photo by Taro Kodama)

Bred by Marugen Koi Farm. Kinginrin Kohaku Jumbo Tosai (Female) 50cm @ 11months old Offspring of “Ms MB

Types of Koi

The fish may be a Tancho Showa, Tancho Sanke, or even Tancho Goshiki. Named for the Japanese crane (Grus japonensis) which also has a red spot on its head.

Goshiki (五色) A dark koi with red (Kohaku style) hi pattern. Appears similar to an Asagi with little or no Hi below the lateral line and a Kohaku Hi ...

The Many Wonderful Koi Varieties

At the 2010 All Japan Wakagoi Show, this Goshiki from Kondo Koi Farm won Best

Koi Variety Guide

Aigoromo Sumigoromo Koi Budogoromo Koi

Asagi Koi Fish

Goshiki-goskhi-best-ever.jpg ...

Change of the Goshiki which won the 75bu Sakura Prize at the 42nd All Japan Koi

This is the type of Shiro Goshiki which excels in body ground. The Koi is

Sandan Kohaku. This koi ...

Goshiki (五色) A dark koi with red (Kohaku style) hi pattern. Appears similar to an Asagi with little or no Hi below the lateral line and a Kohaku Hi ...


What types/ bloodlines are are used to create a Goshiki?-goshiki-showa7

12-16 cm Goshiki Japanese Koi from Suzusei Koi Farm - Hydrosphere Water Gardens

Goshiki Koi Fish Variety 1/3

Check out all the colorful types of koi fish shown here!

This fish did not last long, small fish perish quickly if they have ulcers

This is the type of Kuro Goshiki. Such a body fully covered with hi as

As the koi matures these cells spread into the scale until the colour becomes “finished” at which point the beni will be uniform in it's appearance.

Change of the Goshiki which won the 60bu Sakura Prize at the 39th All Japan Koi

Mirror scaled Doitsu koi

This nisai kohaku is losing colour. It is key to look from strong red in

This is a Goshiki which has a very unique body ground. Further improvement may enable

Goshiki koi for sale

Aigoromo Sumigoromo Koi Budogoromo Koi. Goshiki translates ...

Asagi/Goshiki 12" Orange, Silver & White Koi

Breeder - Ueno Koi Farm, Variety - Showa Sanshoku, Size - 21cm, Age

Taisho sanke



It has been said that Koi keeping begins and ends with the Kohaku. Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku and Showa Sanshoku are the most popular varieties and are ...

Breeder - Hiroi Koi Farm, Variety - Ginrin Goshiki, Size - 17cm, Age

Breeder - Kondo Koi Farm, Variety - Kohaku, Size - 22cm, Age -

... Goshiki Koi Fish (#9150Q3). Image 1

Showa Sanke

Most of the varieties of Koi fish have been with us for about 200 years. Different Koi varieties are separated by coloration, patterning, and scalation.

Goshiki Goshiki Sanke

Koi Varieties Guide