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Koi Once again another species of carp but better known as Koi

Koi Once again another species of carp but better known as Koi


Koi Carp – the Royal Pond Fish

Koi fish reproduce through spawning method where the female koi lays a large number of eggs which are fertilized by one or more male Koi.

You may not be able to tell from the above photo, but the koi is about ten times the size of the goldfish. This is the single biggest difference between ...


Domesticated common carp (koi carp) in garden pond

... butterflly koi

A group of koi fish swimming.

An Introduction To Koi Carp

During winter koi begin to hibernate, and feeding should be reduced gradually during to ensure waste levels are kept low.

dog and koi kiss

Koi Carp

Koi Fish

Koi are living art

Koi are mainly decorative fish kept in any outdoor water features or gardens. They are a variety of the common carp or Cyprinus Carpio.

1) Ornamental Koi Carp


Koi Carp

Feeding Koi

What Determines The Price Of Koi Carp - Plus Where To Buy Koi

How To Have A Better Online Aquarium Shopping Experience


Noxious species: One of the 19 Koi carp seized from an Ocean Grove back yard

These were some of the koi carp stolen from David Hobson's pond in his back garden

Koi Spawning

Expensive Koi Fish and Why They are Worth so Much

Koi are just a type. "

Why is Koi Called Koi?

The fundamentals of feeding koi and goldfish.

Koi_feeding,_National_Arboretum Maine currently forbids the possession of Koi ...

Koi Fish. Carp Koi royalty-free koi fish carp koi stock vector art &

Do Koi get bored of their fish food over time?

Koi … More

Most Beautiful Types of Koi Carp - Koi Fish Varieties

Flukes can infect both the body and gills of koi, and can display signs of irritation as they grow and spread.

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Kijiro koi

Art Wolfe/Photodisc/Getty Images

Koi are known for their beautiful and diverse colors, and a loss of color could be a sign of problem that needs investigating.

Koi fish asagi #KoiFish

Another major difference between koi and goldfish is their longevity. Koi are among the longest-living animals on the planet; they have been recorded living ...

Maruten Kohaku Isa Koi, not a goldfish but related

Nishikigoi – Japanese for Koi Carp, the literal translation is “brocaded carp” fabric woven with an elaborate design, having a raised overall pattern

Koi Fish Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Valuable koi carp worth more than £7.5k stolen during garden centre break-in - Get Surrey

Sitting on the Bottom

5-6" (12-15cm) Koi Carp


Common carp are large, greenish-brown freshwater fish native to Asia and eastern Europe. They are the first known domesticated fish, farmed for food over ...

10 x Medium Koi and Ghost Koi Pond Selection Pack

Koi, goldfish and shubunkin swimming together, some with faces popping out of the water

Ogon (Ghost) Koi Carp

Cold water-Koi

Japanese koi

Koi carp which looks like 'bearded Jesus Christ' spotted in Great Manchester

Koi story: priceless Japanese fish make a splash

Butterfly Koi in an Aquascape Pond

butterfly Ginrin Yamabuki (koi)

Veiltail Koi Carp, Small

"Kin Matsuba (literally 'golden pine needles,' for individual, glittering scales. Koi Fish PondKoi CarpKoi PondsAnimalFish VarietiesGoldfishCarpe ...

Hi Utsuri combine the lacquer-black base color with patterns of deep red or… Find this Pin and more on Collections - Koi ...

Koi Fish

Sensory system in fish fins

One Of The Best Japanese Koi Fish…The word Koi comes from Japanese, simply

All About Ghost Koi Fish

Kuwait aquarium: Many fish species ...

Do koi eat other fish?

Nishikigoi otherwise known as “Koi” are a glorified “Common Carp” that are sought after for outdoor ponds or water gardens. They are bred to have certain ...

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Tri-Coloured Koi Carp


how to grow big koi

Koi carp in holding tank

Koi Carp

Information on buying koi fish.

koi swimming upside down sideways

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Pond water conditions

Japanese Koi

treat koi gill flukes

7-8" (18-20cm) Koi Carp

Download Pair Of Light Colored Koi Swimming Together Throug Stock Photo - Image of orange,

3-4" (7-10cm) Koi Carp

Japanese koi usually grow 22 to 26 inches in length. Jumbo-size koi. "

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Koi vs. Carp: What's the Big Difference Between Them?


Tancho Koi carp vector image

Individual Koi FOR SALE

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Koi carp

Carp are known as koi in Japan. Of the various domesticated carp species, the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is one of the more commonly used in aquaculture.