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Kra Chai pices et assaisonnements t

Kra Chai pices et assaisonnements t


By mistake hubby brought me this strange looking herb from the Chinese grocery store which I had no clue to what it was. I was sure that it was not galangal ...

Krachai Thai Kitchen

fingerroot = Chinese ginger = Chinese key = ka chai = kra chai = krachai Latin name: Kaempferia galanga Notes: This ginger relative is popular in Thailand.

Photo of Krachai Thai Kitchen - Phoenix, AZ, United States.

Dried Lesser Ginger (Kra-Chai) in Bag, 1.25oz

FRESH THAI KRA CHAI / Lesser Galangal / Temu kunci / krachai / Chinese keys 100g

Fingerroot chopped-Ka chai

Rice noodles fried with fresh peppers, bamboo shoots, baby corn, onion, bell peppers, lime leaves, Kra Chai and basil leaves.

Krachai root Royalty Free Stock Photo

Red Curry with Pork Belly and Green Beans (Phat Phrik Khing Muu)

5) In a pot, pour 4 cups of water, add 1 tsp of salt then bring to boil when the water is boiling, add garlic, shallots, krachai and fish into the pot.

In traditional Thai medicine it is used from ancient times as a natural testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction treatment in males and it is increase ...

Chef had carved the most beautiful rose flower and leaves from carrot and placed it on a bed of finely shredded Cabbage and Herbs, and I had to admire it ...

cut fish into into 2" lengths

Chicken Coconut Milk

Boesenbergia sp., Chinese Ginger, Fingerroot, Kra Chai Click to see full-

vegan mango teriyaki

sambal andaliman

Dabu Dabu

Cinnamon Pieces (1/2 inch) > For its wealth of #antibacterial, expectorant and #antiinflammatory, #cinnamon is considered as a good ally of the #digestive ...

2 Kids and Tired Cooks: Pasta Sauce

Indonesian Bay leaves


Coriander can be found in the form of seeds, ground powder, or fresh as cilantro. Fresh cilantro stimulates normal appetite and improves digestion.

Vietnamese Chili Garlic Sauce...can't cook without ...

Buy Spices (Cumin Powder)Food Ingredients on bdtdc.com

Plai (Zingiber Cassumunar) little known in the West is an essential ingredient in the essential and massage oils of Thai Traditional masseurs.

Native to Southern India, cardamom is part of the Zingiberaceae (ginger) botanical family and consists of two types: Elletaria and Amomum cardamomum.

My Persian Feast: Barberries - Zereshk - زرشک

Kokita Sweet And Sour Chilli Sauce


Bawang merah

Limo lime (Jeruk Limau) It is one of crucial lime for Indonesian raw Sambal

They lend a spicy, deep, almost umami-rich flavour to Mexican and Indian dishes, and are an essential ingredient in most curry powders/pastes and ...

Indonesia: kapulaga..... Latin: amomun cardomomum.

African Spice Grains of Selim Uda Djar Senegal Pepper by CafeRoots

Bạch đậu khấu giải độc rượu - Chợ linh đàm , bán buôn, bán lẻ

Cayenne 40M HU > A little known use for #cayenne pepper is as a topical

Herbs with mortar & pestle

Turtle Cupcakes Recipe

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Indonesia: kayu manis....Latin: cinamun burmanii.

Indonesia : jahe....Latin: zingiber officinale....for

Indonesia: cengkeh....Latin: euginia aromatica....for

Indonesia: kayu secang.....Latin: caesalpinia sappan.

Indonesia: sambang colok....Latin: perva sanguilenta.

Indonesia: temulawak....Latin: curcuma xanthoriza....for


Indonesia: sirih....Latin: piper betle.. .for antiseptic

Le top 5 de mes huiles essentielles préférées

The Chef's Companion, Third 3Ed (mAnaV) | Italian Cuisine | French Cuisine

Pompe sanitaire Delta Twp 15 BANYO


Remplisseur de vase d'expansion

Carob looks, and tastes somewhat like cocoa, yet contains higher amounts of natural #sugar, (requiring you to use little additional ...

Soupes Instantanées Ramen Tang Frères

Huilles, Vinaigres, Alcool de Riz Tang Frères

Riz, Galettes de riz, Farines Tang Frères

Pompe Yono pico WILO

Sauces Tang Frères


Lundi 25 novembre avait lieu la remise des prix Fooding et le lancement du guide Fooding 2014. Face au sublime couple formé par Jamel Debbouze et Mélissa ...

Delkevic France Systeme Echappement Yamaha TRACER 900

Delkevic ...

Drap-housse Romanette Anthracite (Jersey)

Pompe de chauffage Delta HE BANYO

Magnum Control Thermostat horloge numérique BANYO

Magnum Standard Control BANYO

Drap-housse Cinderella Gris Clair (Coton)

Réducteur de pression

Support complet pour vase d'expansion

Vase d'expansion à vessie interchangeable

Drap-housse Cinderella Anthracite (Coton)