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Kya and Aang Adorable Oh Fandoms Otherwise known as

Kya and Aang Adorable Oh Fandoms Otherwise known as


Aang and Katara with their children Bumi, Tenzin, and Kya. It's just too cute!

Avatar - Switch SO CUTE. but no matter how Aang tries to look positively angry he still looks happy somehow, And Zuko. oh Zuko you just work being happy all ...

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kya, bumi, lin, and tenzin

katara and anng in a high school AU >u < i loved aang hairsty.

It's the foaming mouth guy! It's funny cause this was everyone's reaction. Find this Pin and more on Oh, Fandoms... Otherwise known as ...

Adorable family. Aang,Katara,Tenzin,Bumi and Kya♡ | Geek Out♡ | Pinterest | Avatar, Aang and Korra

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aang and tenzin

Katara with Aang's children Kya, Bumi, Tenzin and Toph's daugher Lin. Oh goodness, look at Lin wanting Tenzin's attention. Too cute.


Katara and Korra in the early years.

Bumi and Tenzin. Perfect. I can so hear the preceding conversation. "Do

ATLA fanart by Jess (jelee-, Australia) "i wanted to draw the old gaang but i didn't know which outfits from which books to draw them in then i was like oh ...

Zuko and Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender

Nice ears, Tahno. by ~AndreaXXX on deviantART

I just think it's cute and it's pretty

oh aang...this is too cute

by phuzzypanda at deviantart AHAHAHA. Oh fandom, dont we just love you.

Airbender Kindergarten by Dakotaa. Find this Pin and more on Oh, Fandoms... Otherwise known as ...

Katara and Aang. Cute. kiss. The last airbender. Grown up.

Kya and Katara By [email protected] / deviantart

Lin Beifong & Kya < < < < < < < For those of you who don't know, (however, I feel like you'd know if you're pinning this) "Nee-sama" in Japanese means "Big ...

Avatar the Last Airbender - Aang x Toph Bei Fong - Taang

Aang and Katara's family.

Adorable family. Aang,Katara,Tenzin,Bumi and Kya♡ | Geek Out♡ | Pinterest | Aang, Avatar and Korra

Aang and Kataras Family I Bumi, Kya, Tenzin

Kya and Aang. Adorable. | Oh, Fandoms... Otherwise known as Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra | Pinterest | Aang, Avatar and Korra

Avatar the Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra

Avatar the Last Airbender - Avatar Aang x Katara & Tenzin, Kya & Bumi omg tenzins holding a momo toy

Awwwww baby Korra and Naga =) Find this Pin and more on Oh, Fandoms... Otherwise known as ...

Be the Leaf~

eskatoad: "That is one good looking family, huh?""That's one happy family." what is this family doing to me oh my GOSH

Avatar: Legend of Korra, Bumi, Kya

Avatar: The Last Airbender intro

Související obrázek

nymre: “ kainora is the cutest ship to have ever been on lok wtf. ” corgifoxi: Oh yes I agree. I shipped them even more after Jinora gave Kai a kiss!

Really cute, but again with the fact that FICTIONAL

Katara:"Oh tiny Zuko's so cute!." Tiny Zuko:"I am niether cute or tiny!." Uncle Ihro:"You are pretty cute my tiny nephew."

:3 Cute

walkingnorth-art: “ I am so ready to see airbending master Jinora in action. Find this Pin and more on Oh, Fandoms... Otherwise known as ...

Aang x katara

Crack ship or not, Wuko is adorable. | Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra | Know Your Meme

Avatar: The Last Airbender selfie. I hate the selfie trend, but this is pretty cute.

"I guess I should thank you, huh?" By nikoniko808

aang's face in the last panel got me, got me bad < <

Kainora is just the cutest

Sokka and toph

Avatar: the Last Airbender- The Rift

Aang and Katara in the modern times! This is so cute! :3

Oh Korra.. by vbfrap.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Paused Aang face #1 The headband

Avatar: The Last Airbender / Toph's children

Excuse by compoundbreadd on DeviantArt. Love this so much soooo cute

Jinora and Kai kiss - so adorable and funny(just look at Kai's face😂)

Actually, the bison in Korra are a sub species of bison that avatar aang discovered. Find this Pin and more on Oh, Fandoms... Otherwise known as ...

Avatar - The Last Airbender: Mai and Ty Lee character development.

Zuko's mysterious attitude change explained! (Avatar Finale 1 by *rufftoon on deviantART)

He is so cute in all his hairstyles!

Only thins I see is shirtlees Zuko. Oh look Ikem is also shirtlees.

Hilarious puns + Avatar the last Airbender. I'm dying!

Kataang family bits - Aleina-chan - Aang, Katara and little Kya, Bumi and Tenzin

Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender - Aang, Katara, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin family photo

bumi and kyaaaaa by makanidotdot...... Super cute!

The many faces of Aang.

Sokka seeing baby Kya for the first time.

Little Sokka & Katara, so cute :) HAH KYA'S FACE IN THE LAST ONE

where is my tv show surrounding Team Avatar's children? Ummmm I wanna see Kya and Izumi be gay 4 each other.

Toph and sokka or Tokka as it's called

Allura and Aang by Autumn-Sacura.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The many faces of Aang.

Ty Lee and zokk it is so sweet by LittleTyLee.deviantart.com on @

Airbending with Aang and Korra by IsisT

The moment when I realized I am Zuko Avatar: the Last Airbender

Aang in the real world. Adorable

Avatar The Last Airbender, Avatar Aang, Korra, Comics, Chang'e 3, The O'jays, Editorial, Scripts, Studios

Find this Pin and more on Misc stuff by Mr Yamyam.

{NOTE: for some odd reason i made this comic where you read right to left. Awkward:'Talk Dirty To Me'

The legend by knight #Appa #Zuko #Katara #Momo #Aang #Sokka

Our fandom concerns me sometimes. Not quite as much as the Sherlock fandom, but still. So it goes on my Sherlock board.

That awkward moment when you're caught off guard and the FEELS unexpectedly hit.

Oh Zuko

Korra, Avatar, Journey, Fandoms, The Journey, Fandom

Avatar aang

Adorable Aang and Bumi moment! I can totally see Katara being the strict parent with

I don't ship Zutara but this is cute. Zuko in his all awkward glory❤😂

zuko and mai avatar the last airbender gaang modern gaang atla

Love at first sight, got married and had three kids Kya Bumi and Tenzin

Aang's smile :) same as the boy in the iceberg < < < < < That comment just made me tear up. i miss the original avatar so much. Aang is comforting Lynn.

I do NOT like zuko and katara together. I am a kataang fan! (Katara and aang) But this is too cute and Funny not to repost

"Fire Ferret Circus" for the "I'm the Art Show, Deal with it" When: Saturday, March – Sunday, March 2013 Locati.

Airbabies, by PandaCapuccino Ok, they're not babies anymore… :) Just something cute to distract you guys, hope you like it!

Team Avatar Kids from left to right Izumi, Bumi, Tenzin, Kya, Lin

makorra: the kiss by avatarem #korra #mako #makorra


Aang and Katara / "You made me drop the rock.

Inspiring image avatar, mai, maiko, zuko - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Secret tunnel!!! haha! "is this real..or a legend? "oh its a real legend" One of my favorite lines.

Oh gosh, uploading this so late! I finally tried my hand at Avatar and actually had a lot of trouble getting their faces right, but in the end, I'm pret.