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LGD article LGDs t Livestock

LGD article LGDs t Livestock


Countryside Network and Sheep! Magazine have my latest article on adding LGDs to an existing pack of guardian dogs.

Livestock Guard Dog

My July/August Articles on LGDs and Barking, and Starting Young LGD Goat Guardians

Successful LGD Ownership & Use: Livestock Guardian Dog Training Basics

Almost all LGDs go through a stage between about 6 months and 1 year of age where they want to play with the livestock like they would play with another ...

There are LGD packs and then….there are LGD packs. Stable, familial packs of LGDs mingle like mine in the photo above and many other photos, below.

LGD YOKES: Say NO to the Use of Cruel Contraptions on Livestock Guardian Dogs

Introducing the new LGD into your flock

Bernie & Baby 2


LGD Expectations

My Spanish Mastiff Patron in his goats. What does this picture say? It tells you a lot. The photo captures Patron placing himself between the photographer ...

Another attribute of many LGDs with which humans tend to interfere because we anthropomorphize our dogs is their coats. Many breeds have light-colored fur ...

Quality makes a difference: the Shields have purchased seven LGDs from me over the years. My unique LGD breeding program which is founded on pack rearing ...

Great Pyrenees/Akbash Puppies FOR SALE (LGD's for sale in Jester, Texas

The Rise of Livestock Guardian Dogs

Why Most Should NOT Breed Livestock Guardian Dogs

Scout, at 7 months old, is allowed with our 1 month old baby goats, under supervision. LGDs do not truly understand their job as a guardian until they are ...

We are feeding 8 Sarplaninac LGDs and a few border collies at any one time, that is well over 1200 lbs of dog every day. Our dogs go through a 40-lb bag ...

Livestock Guardian Dogs | LGD Keeping & Handling Tips

Feeding a pack of livestock guardian dogs can be expensive, however, there are several ways to help reduce the overall feeding costs. In this article ...

Our new LGD pup meeting the animals

Big Dogs 1

It is possible to teach a failed LGD new tricks, turning it into a useful farmhand or companion.

http://countrysidenetwork.com/topics/livestock-topics/sheep-livestock -topics/livestock-guardian-dogs-barking/

A Maremma Sheepdog LGD with its flock of sheep in Australia

For our daily training sessions, we would put the other LGD away, let her into the pen with us and the livestock and then give her a chance to interact with ...

When we sell Great Pyrenees LGDs (and we sell a lot of them), we recommend the buyer not pick up the puppy until it is at least 12 weeks old if they ...

I read this question almost every day on the various online livestock guardian dog forums. First, congratulations! Second, I hope you've done some basic ...

Learning About LGDs: Livestock Guardian Dog Education and Support

'Bear' (his actual name is Tucker) the Great Pyrenees who lives down


Raising A LGD -- The First Year | January 5th marked one year since Mindy

Akbash Maremma Dog / LGD / Turkish Shepherd / Akbaş Çoban Köpeği / Akbas Coban Kopegi

LGD Breed; Rare in the US

Steve and Billie Skelton use Livestock Guard Dogs to protect their herds from Grizzly bears and other predators. Don't miss their informational ...

After about a month of phase 1 we felt she was ready for phase 2. Phase 2 is to let her live with a grouchy/bossy/alpha sheep or goat that wont bully her, ...

Don't let the fluffy face fool you, no

Livestock guardian dogs

Our New LGD Pup In Traiing via Spring Mountain Living

The Spanish Mastiff Blog: the web's best resource for factual, practical advice on Spanish

LGDs may work alone, if the farm is somewhat small, or there may be several dogs working together.

Livestock Guardian Dog - Do Not Disturb - 2 (TWO) LGD Signs #Farm

Our New LGD Pup In Traiing via Spring Mountain Living

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Myths, Behavior, Way of Thinking and Training

Here is Scout, our LGD, becoming comfortable with a turkey on the fence. We have had to work with him to understand these animals are off limits for him.

Things to consider with a LGD: Can you take more than one?

Some ranchers are concerned that once LGDs “taste blood” or eat the animals they are supposed to be protecting, they will go rogue and will not be reliable ...

Livestock guardian dogs (LGD) were developed by people to live with the animals they were meant to protect.

Ken Ramirez on Twitter: "My article about my new livestock guarding dog, Tulip, and all that she's teaching me. https://t.co/IkCNOmv7bn… "

Kangal with herd of sheep

March 29 20

Sampson and


Livestock Guarding Dog, Hercules? 🐱🐶 #CCF #Africa #cheetah #Namibia

Wielgus and his team have not only studied wolves, but have also researched cougar behavior in areas where hunting and livestock clashes resulted in removal ...

Learning About LGDs: Livestock Guardian Dog Education and Support - Home | Facebook

LGD are not the same as herding breeds like Collies or Shepherds, who work alongside people to move livestock. Ultimately, a Collie is a person's partner.

Good LGDs are valuable and they demand a relatively large purchase price. They are also slow to grow and mature if purchased as a pup, as long as two years.

The Training of a Livestock Guardian Dog

We put Gretchen into the back barnyard with Anya during training time a few days in a row, while we stayed outside the fence and watched.

[ IMG]

Raising A LGD -- The First Year | January 5th marked one year since Mindy

LGD love!

livestock guardian dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs in pasture.

Litter is AKC registered and sold with full breeding rights


Anneke, one of our working LGDs, enjoys some inside time.

1-31-11Gertie 010 copy ...

The Way of The Pack: Understanding and Living With Livestock Guardian Dogs

Lauren Dixon - BeliWithSheep

Dogs in the Snow

Just as you wouldn't try to use an Irish setter to herd sheep or a border collie to hunt birds, only livestock guardian dog breeds are big enough, ...

Cinco Deseos Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs updated their cover photo.

I Just Brought Home a Livestock Guardian Dog. Now What? - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Despite her good behavior with them, we would still never leave her with them alone at this age and stage in her life. It would be setting her up for ...


This is my LGD. Bernese Mountain Dog X Border Collie. The Berner slows the border down just right! He is only a part time employee. lol.

Cost effectiveness of running a livestock guardian dog (LGD) in

Closer to home, LGDs have developed a loyal following among farmers and ranchers in North America. Louise Liebenberg is one of those devotees.

LGD komondor fighting with coyote


Sheep! Preview Story from the May/June 2017 Issue

Re: Wolves vs LGDs: future of LGD breeds, what is best and why?

A livestock guardian dog (LGD) is a domesticated canine used to defend livestock against predators. LGDs are also commonly referred to as sheepdogs since ...

The one coming next month.

Thirty-six producers in North Dakota reported guarding dogs reduced predation on sheep by 93%.”

Rob's Doug

Livestock Guardian Dog

Photo credit: Vokterhund Kennel, CAS pup. LGD Puppy Raising Exercises

Rosasharn's Fair Bianca

Cinco Deseos Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs published a note.

Guard Dogs