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LNP playbook Fraudband t

LNP playbook Fraudband t


Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten at the Facebook-hosted leaders' debate in Sydney

Ziggy Switkowski showed during his time at Telstra that he was up for big, ambitious

news ...

Christian Porter

Party leaders Malcolm Turnbull, Richard Di Natale and Bill Shorten: find out how their

Malcolm Turnbull

Queensland election: George Christensen blames Turnbull after poor LNP result

'The economy is not as straightforward as Abbott would have us believe – migrants increase. '

Annabel Crabb: Guru Morrison's budget that's totally a plan ...

Turnbull has in recent days pointedly contradicted his leader.

Murdoch shows off The Sun on Sunday

Malcolm Turnbull

Scott Morrison

Turnbull explains how he pulled off his fraud on copperband. #NBN #Fraudband #

Eschertology: @SirThomasWynne he's tried very hard to get top of the worst list, and even then he can't manage it

Malcolm Turnbull speaks at a lecturn.

Last week, treasurer Scott Morrison rejected the view that the budget had a revenue problem and said the 3 May budget would focus on spending cuts.

not for sale campaign

Some Red Window Political Memes of 2016


The Government has probably given the News Corp campaign more credit than is due.

news The former chief executive of the NBN company has released an extraordinarily detailed and highly referenced document analysing the company's costs, ...

Government committed to reducing tax, regulations and bureaucracy, says Abbott

Bill Shorten backed by Tanya Plibersek in Brisbane last week

liberal party

Corbyn made only the most half-hearted and token attempts at campaigining to remain in the EU, and once the result was in, enthusiastically jumped to the ...

Turnbull Shorten

There were no explicit sex scenes, even in Silver Linings Playbook, in which Best

I don't know about you, but I have not felt like this in a long time! Sally McManus is a real life hero. Sally is a bringer of hope.

Josh Butler (@JoshButler)

news Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has proclaimed that Australia doesn't “need” the National Broadband Network project and the billions being invested in ...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

John Wharton has been suspended from the LNP over public comments about the party's failure to

Tony Abbott's Indigenous 'lifestyle choices' remark smacks of racism, says UN rapporteur | Australia news | The Guardian

Greens reverse decision to preference Christian Democrats ahead of Liberals in Sydney

Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong

Historical good guys


Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

Silver Linings Playbook

The same LNP who for a period of three years, systematically offended nearly every single sector of our society, sacked thousands and thousand of people, ...

Senator Stephen Conroy is the target of attack after his comments during Senate estimates.

Mace Minsat

It's time we saw the "real Malcolm" on this campaign - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Barnaby Joyce enjoys a piece of coal in parliament.


Kim Jong-un

Trump talks as if the West is at war with Islam - so do extremists - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

No one knows the leader better than his or her colleagues.

Neoliberal logic

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker, R-Pa., debates Chet Beiler- 11th

Please Sign the Petition and Insist Michelle Landry Resigns. Force a By-Election in Capricornia.

Republican Congressman Lloyd Smucker (PA-16) – photo by Blaine Shahan from LNP

Campaign catchup: Turnbull's dinner party dilemma

I love this line Mark Antony gives to Caesar in TV show Rome.

We can't always wait for a general election to oust a leader we dislike

Image result for gough whitlam slogans

Federal Opposition Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese. Picture: AAP.

VPNs could be blocked under proposed Australian copyright legislation, say Choice | Australia news | The Guardian


Malcolm Roberts Independent Australia

What you didn't know about the NBN1:15

Annual employment growth

Debate forces leaders off script but small targets still rule the campaign | Australia news | The Guardian

Senate inquiry calls for Centrelink robo-debt system to be suspended until fixed

Poll of Malcolm Turnbull's electorate finds 75% back review of Adani approval | Australia news | The Guardian

Cutting taxes to balance the budget? You're having a Laffer - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When talking about what he faced as the minister responsible for NBN, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was fond of recalling a joke about asking for ...

Social media, politicians, commentators and the mainstream media are enabling a culture of stigma and 'othering'. Fear of people we don't understand ...

Malcolm Turnbull: 'If the economy were to soften in the years ahead, the

Early publicity photos of science broadcaster Robyn Williams, courtesy of the ABC

Peta Credlin

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker wins GOP nomination for second term, defeats Chet Beiler | Politics | lancasteronline.com

Road to ruin: East-West saga hurts both sides - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Barnaby Joyce, left, and his new partner Vikki Campion.

A tougher language test would punish women like my mother who have lost everything | Abdul Karim Hekmat | Opinion | The Guardian

#AuspolPunters AKA Whine time with Noely and Caitlin

super ministry

The battle over Liberal Party identity will be decided by the election result - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

She will recontest her seat which was won from the LNP in 2016 on the back of One Nation preferences.

... far-right conservative MP George Christensen fell back on one of the oldest tricks in the homophobic playbook: an attempt to conflate homosexuality ...

Resultado de imagen para imagenes de peliculas de edward norton

Greens' Lies On Newstart (1)

Coalition's healthcare plan has pros and cons, say medical experts | Australia news | The Guardian

If good women conform and Gillard was a witch, then I'm ready for a fight | Katharine Murphy | Australia news | The Guardian

Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: 'This will dwarf the Franklin blockade' | Environment | The Guardian

Students rally against racism. '


Canning byelection: Andrew Hastie refuses to give his views on creationism | Australia news | The Guardian

"Cheap buy": Budde and Ludlam believe the NBN will be sold to Telstra | Delimiter

Abbott reveals his plan for a more selfish Australia - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)