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Las treguas para Israel GAZZE t Palestine

Las treguas para Israel GAZZE t Palestine


Las treguas para Israel.

That doesn't make sense to me Mr. Obama! How is what Israel is doing to Palestinians "self defense"?! How is that not war crimes?!

Don't forget this: İsrael is a kind

Yet again 'the most moral army in the world.' Netanyahu must think we are all stupid. He's a little boy, precious.

Israel and Hamas exchange intense missile fire (Photo: Mohammed Saber / EPA) At least 20 people were killed across Gaza on Tuesday, Palestinian officials ...

Israeli Palestinian sides - Carlos Latuff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Made in Israel”: Agricultural Export from Occupied Territories A flash report By Who Profits In 2010, Israel exported fruit and vegetables in the total ...

17 best VI Posters images on Pinterest | Palestine, Apartheid and Israeli government

Today an opinion piece in The Telegraph attempts to liken Boycott Israel campaigns as Nazi& For starters, just look at this picture in the middle of the ...

Reuven Moskovitz - Holocaust survior on the Israel Palestine conflict.

MAB lists the big supermarkets that sell the Israeli dates, since some of them, like Asda, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco, ...

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Again,Latuff hijacks a famous image(from the Vietnam War)and casts the suffering Palestinians into the poses of the original figures.

Pray for Gaza


Of the funerals of Family Al-Haj killed in the Israeli air attacks on the

If was a Jewish girl in who slapped a Nazi soldier after they shot her uncle and cousin in the face. Would you sympathisers be saying "they were right to ...

All those arguments for Israel's right to exist are just a

Date picking in the Jordan Valley is a hazardous business. Workers are hoisted into the trees with a cherry picker and are often left to work on a platform ...

Carlos Latuff presentation of Gaza: the familiar presentation of Palestinian victimhood(innocent civilians attacked by murderous Zionists)

Free palestine

Obama holds an unrealistic view to achieve peace in the Middle East, Israeli PM


the Greater Israel Map Plan and you will know why anti-Israel people are now called anti-semites and harassed for their jobs, good names, etc.

The man pointing the gun at the kid or the kid facing the man with a gun? You tell me. Long live Palestine. | Palestine | Pinterest | Pa…

These are Israeli soldiers who wear ordinary clothes pretending to be Palestinians to catch the Palestinians kids. Please share as much as u can to show the ...

A man and child sit amongst the wreckage of a former school in Gaza after Israel announces a ceasefire (EFE).

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I love Hanan, she says it like it is .

1987, December 8: A truck driven by an Israeli kills four people in the occupied Gaza Strip. Rock-throwing Palestinians begin violent protests and the ...

Find this Pin and more on sabr by raziqsayed.

Who's the coward here? The man pointing the gun at the kid or the kid facing the man with a gun? You tell me. Long live Palestine.

Gaza(Palestine) after attach by Israel

Filistin Gazze Gaza Apartheid Israel guilty of genocide and war crimes against Palestinians, tell me

#FreePalestine More

Palestine loss of land

“JUST IN: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza;

For details Contact : [email protected]

Israel blames Rachel Corrie for her own death

Palestine will be free

La tregua revela el alcance destructor de la ofensiva israelí en Gaza

Israel Intensifies Gaza Bombing as Hamas Fires Rockets Back

Free Palestine

#free palestine

Child exploitation and illegal labor practices A 2006 investigative report exposed many of these unfair labor practices, which include leaving workers, ...

23 Israeli soldiers, 1 blindfolded child.

Order a 'Keep Calm and Boycott Israel' t-shirt, poster, mug, t-shirt or any of our other products. '[Skull Crossed Bones] Keep Calm And Boycott Israel' was ...

War crimes will no longer be tolerated! Speak up for humanity!

Childhood in Gaza, Palestine. Abed Al-Hakeem Abu Raish

Israeli citizens gather near the border to watch IDF dropping bombs on Palestinian children in Gaza

To all pro-israelis out there.

Free the people of palestine,let them live,let them have a life like ours,god will punish us for not doing something.we are people.we cant stand and watch ...

Where are all the cries for baby Ali

de la artista palestina Rana Bishara

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La Ciudad de las Diosas: “El papel de las mujeres palestinas en la resistencia

the world is ignorant

حب. أحد مخيمات اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في لبنان. ١٩٧٢ Love. From a camp for

It's a FACT

inspiredmuslimah: The worst effect of Palestine's catastrophe is that young people express no hope - Adnan Abu Sharrar

Israel for dummies. Written by Chris Martin, a brave champion of the Palestinian cause

It worked then and it will again. PalestineSyriaSouth AfricaIsrael ApartheidForgetCanada

Gaza: una tregua incierta en medio de las ruinas

Almost 80 per cent of Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israeli bombardments have been civilians, the UN has said. The recent conflict is only a part of an ...

Only by demanding an honest discussion on the threat of Islamic terror can the civilized world

Real Fascist and Murderer

ISRAEL HATE! This is how jews get treated In Israel when they try to go against Israeli policy or defend Palestine's

How to understand Palestine and Israel issue in 1 minute

Palestinian children (obviously terrorists) confronted by a brave Israeli 'soldier' defending himself. Guess which country paid for the gun and ammunition?

A smiling Palestinian child.

Israel · Legends · Antisemitism


Netanyahu: claims iran wants to wipe Israel off the map; currently wiping Palestine off the map. Amazing double standards. #Gaza #FreePalestine.

Hayat korkakları affetmez.

You don't need to be Muslim to stand up for Gaza, you just need to be human !

Beautiful Palestinian Flower

من المسجد الاقصى اليوم ..انا مش معيد، انا روحي بسوريا .. لا · Palestine

Doctor in Gaza Describes Hell on Earth Under Siege & Bombing | Interview with Dr.

coniglietto vs soldati

Israeli illegal invading Zionist COWARD genocidal homicidal pedophile sadistic satanic thieving terrorists have been ethnic cleansing Palestinians for ...

Palestinian relatives of the four boys killed in Israeli bombardment, all from the Bakr family, cry at the morgue of the hospital in Gaza City.

These Palestinians were not allowed past this checkpoint into the mosque. Prayer time began, and they prayed outside at the checkpoint.

is the capital of Palestine.

O cenário em Gaza está muito mais para um campo de concentração nazista do que para. Palestine ...

Together hand in hand to liberate Palestine from the Jews dogs - the whole world against

Goodbye kiss #Gazaunderattack

Terror: Young Palestinian children cry during the funeral of four of their relatives in Gaza City this afternoon. The four boys - all from the Bakr family ...

2 armed Israeli soldiers stunned by Palestinian woman as they are threatened by a DANGEROUS FINGER !

Here we go - for all those who said "Israel is living in fear"

Proud lil guy

#Boycott Israel products and companies supporting list on Behance

Horrific scenes from Gaza Massacre done by Israeli Forces

End israeli war crimes, there were no soldiers kidnapped, only excuses to continue the genocide!

Together hand in hand to liberate Palestine from the Jews

Free Palestine. Israel terrorism.

We object to the jewish caricature. There should have been a zionist face. I only pin this to show support for boycott of Israeli products.

Credit: Mohammed Saber/EPA 7 January: Palestinian children are seen at the United

Google+ * Google the Greater Israel Map Plan and you will know why anti- Israel