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Lavi will lose He should have known to never play cards with Allen

Lavi will lose He should have known to never play cards with Allen


Lavi should've known better, lol! xD Allen & Lavi playing poker

kirlua: “ “You can't feel alive unless you're on a

Allen Walker X Child!Reader: You Sure Eat A Lot by 10thShapiroBoss on DeviantArt


Lavi playing the claw game for a little Allen. I can't breathe.


D.Gray-man, Allen Walker, Lavi, Yuu Kanda and Foe San lol

I could go on and on about this but then I'll probably be here for the next hours so I'll stop now xD! But yeah these are my basic thoughts about this card ...

Allen Walker: Main article: Allen and LenaleeLenalee and Allen treat each others very kindly and friendly as they have very similar personalities even if at ...

Lavi & Allen - can you hear me

Allen Walker

It's like he lost himself and his self-control for the first time in that moment. And even more important is the fact that Lavi agrees with Bookman here and ...

some quick nightly Lavi sketch from reference, taking a small break from working on commissions

Allen Walker #1 by grachiel ...

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Allen having recovered and Cross on the depart

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He is so furious and almost cries. I do believe that he didn't only say these words to Lenalee - but to himself as well. Lavi wants to get over it.

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Because I don't want to lose you, I will leave you behind -

Lavi fighting Allen

But later in the Manga, Lavi has this card again so he had to get back and look for it. He held onto it for all this time and didn't say a ...

Allen & Lavi Happy New Year 2011

Fic - Amnēstos, Kanda/Allen [NC-17] 1/2: atanih88 ?

Allen and Lavi

Allen Walker X Child!Reader: Poker, Allen?! by 10thShapiroBoss on DeviantArt

He says that Lavi will vanish. So when the card vanishes, the Exorcist Lavi vanishes as well. Because this card symbolises his heart.

... Allen in Wonderland: Designs by Yaoi-Fangirl-13


Allen Walker

Tyki "offers" to cut off Allen's arm

Light Up The Sky: An Allen/Lavi Ship Manifesto - The Shipper's Manifesto ?

Has Allen become Lavi's source of strength?

Chomesuke - YouTube - Tyki recognizes him from when they played cards on train and begins to taunt Lavi making remarks about how hard it is lose friend ...

Nothing But Sin Here

Or this whole fight in general, from the card falling to Allen calling out for him to “Can't you ...

Playing the original Bond is David Niven. Niven was reportedly Ian Fleming's choice to play Bond in “Dr. No,” so it's appropriate that he should end up in ...

Back Story

You Can't Take It With You (1938); and play by Moss and Hartman - From the Heart of Europe ?

aka these newest chapters are a blast from the past and mb we're rly gonna get more on him soon ; u ; (mb allen also regains his memory which is why ...

I think this show highlights what I enjoy about D Gray Man. Allen charges in to save a comrade and lands on the Millenium Earl and has to be first told that ...

Between Bleach, Naruto and One Piece , it's easy to forget that Shonen Jump has other series in it as well. As least, you'd be forgiven for thinking ...

Allen and Lavi - Dubious First Impressions?

Casino Royale 1 – UK cinema poster.jpg

Then you should know that Allen Walker is a Noah as well, which is stated in this chapter:

casino-royale-1967.jpg. Casino Royale must have ...

D-Gray man Allen's sister

None of them are better than Komurin! ^^ But will something happen to Allen? He gt bitten too!!

Alright, I just want to state my thoughts about this one picture. (Yes

Or this whole fight in general, from the card falling to Allen calling out for him to “Can't you ...

Got extremely lazy with the hair making it look plain. Yes Lavi is a fave. I adore drawing him. Plain copics and pen.

Allen Walker

He sees shit like this every day.

Casino Royale Poster

Anyone, but Allen. Only he could make Lavi falter. It was the vision of Allen getting killed that made him lose.

... and although it continues where the previous series left off, the new series features a new cast of voice actors playing familiar characters.

They took care of him and tried to make him happy and cheer him up, or maybe I should say that they tried to break the fear he had of killing "Mana".

Lavi is the successor of the Bookmen clan. Observers of history, they've only ever recorded the wars of humanity without getting involved or taking sides ...

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Gray-Man as card suits ♤♥♢♧ (maybe I should make a card set, maybe w when I'm not lazy)

... as it turns out, the same Kanda that Allen hopes he'll never have to work with again. Now, Kanda and Lavi have clearly had an actual casual conversation ...

It's hard for me to accept that we'll never get to the bottom of the Alsops' doings in the US in 1871, and therefore never know whether the spirit-form ...

Allen Walker

It was a Locomobile.

Allen's left eye came back

Lenalee (Linali/Rinali) Lee is a sixteen-year old Chinese Exorcist who has been in The Black Order since she was young. After her parents were killed by ...

Lavi - Choosing a Path

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Amazon.com: Casino Royale (1967) [Blu-ray]: David Niven, Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Ursula Andress, John Huston: Movies & TV


Refusal: This power allows Tyki to discard all principles that exist in the world, the only example I can think of is when he created a bubble around ...

... a person known as "Phenomena," who has a radio show, on WJAY, in Cleveland, during its period of operation under those call letters (1927-1937).

Almost eight years have passed since Allen Walker and his fellow Exorcists vowed to continue fighting before the screen faded to what, back then, ...

... which once activated grew up to several times its normal size, although the additional weight does not appear to affect him, much like Lavi's Innocence.

- HARRIS, EMMYLOU - ANTHOLOGY (2CD) - Amazon.com Music

... an Eddy class of 1883) and a "Dr. Noyes" who (whoever she might be) I cannot find in the Eddy graduating class lists, despite her claim to the contrary.

Some of John Coulthart's amazing book covers

however this far unique in that we actually get to see a bit of Lavi's torso. This here of course is pure instinctive-in-danger coincidence, ...

But Lavi is unconcerned with such trivial matters her concern, and he couldn't care less about his own injuries:

... Allen grows demon horns, laughs at them, and calls their debts small change in comparison to his own, leaving Lavi to wonder just how much money Allen's ...

Naphtali Lavie

Amazon.com: Casino Royale: David Niven, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, Woody Allen, Deborah Kerr, William Holden, ...

Allen Walker

Bond blurb: I am so confused! David Niven plays an older, retired James Bond, who is called back into action to take on the evil organization S.M.E.R.S.H. ...

The Earl of Millennium

Allen Walker

And on Twitter they do have his back — lots of supportive tweets like these —

Allen did some crazy-ass shit, too! So… why does Lenalee punch him? As the caption says, Allen did some crazy stunts, too. (Not only that, when she ...

It was set where Marian Cross found Allen and brought him into a house.

Timcampy, the Golden Snitch with a tail ...