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Lawmen The photo below is of Joe LeFors the famous lawmen in

Lawmen The photo below is of Joe LeFors the famous lawmen in


Lawmen The photo below is of Joe LeFors, the famous lawmen in the white hat. Lefors has been depicted in movies like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

June 28, 1886: Sharpshooter Lillian Smith, fifteen, joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Annie Oakley despises her young rival, who quits the show in 1889.

Joe LeFors! Western Lawman. Born Joseph S. LeFors in Paris, Texas,

William Matthew "Bill" Tilghman born July 4, 1854 was a lawman and gunslinger

Famous Lawmen.

Charlie Siringo

The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid - Pat Garrett


The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid - Ash Upson

Annie Oakley

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Eliot Ness (April 1903 – May was an American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to enforce Prohibition in Chicago, Illinois, and the leader of a ...

JOE LEFORS — Joe LeFors made his name as a lawman after he duped a drunken

Just another lawman or the real 'Lone Ranger'? Fox News investigates 'The

The citified gent on the left is the actual Joe LeFors, the competent Wyoming lawman who pursued Butch Cassidy, captured Horn and extracted a (perhaps ...

Joseph Stalin at age 23. 1901.

yasboogie: “The REAL 'Lone Ranger' Was An African American Lawman Who Lived With Native American Indians The real “Lone Ranger,” it turns out, ...

Billy the Kid

Serving most of his adult life as a lawman, John Joshua


Colorado Range War[edit]

Two white students at Little Rock Central High broke down racial barriers to befriend Elizabeth Eckford

Butch Cassidy in prison, ca. 1894. KimMacQuarrie.com.

Henry Andrew "Heck" Thomas (January 1850 - August was a lawman on the American frontier, most notably in Oklahoma.

A longtime resident of Pima County, A.T., Shibell served as a lawman, hotelier, journalist, and businessman in Tucson from its earliest post-Civil War ...

A famous film Butch was in Cat Ballou. Oddly, perhaps, he was played by Arthur Hunnicutt who, though in fact only 55 at the time, specialized in old-timer ...

The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid - The only known photograph of Billy the

Part 6 - Ken Osmond is famous for playing Eddie Haskell on the classic TV series "Leave it to Beaver.

A famous film Butch was in Cat Ballou. Oddly, perhaps, he was played by Arthur Hunnicutt who, though in fact only 55 at the time, specialized in old-timer ...

N. K. Boswell - Image: NK Boswell 1919

'Invincible' Bass Reeves was never wounded in 32 years as a federal lawman.

William Tilghman & James B. William Tilghman was described as an efficient lawman who served Dodge City as marshal from 1884 -

Charlie Siringo

... over the sidewalk. The three-story building, with the bow windows on the second and third floors on the right-hand side of the photo is the Atlas ...

In 1861 Charley Nebo – seen on the left in the above picture – came to

... three famous Arizona lawmen of the time, Buckey O'Neill, Commodore Perry Owens, and Glenn Reynolds. Whatever the truth, he wasn't there for his skills ...

On ...

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sharp briar — thirtymilesout: Montana Man Hunters ca 1870 LA.

Joseph C Lea

“What ...

Seth Bullock - Image: Seth Bullock


James Averill

Butch Cassidy - Cassidy's mugshot from the Wyoming Territorial Prison in 1894

Frank H. Spearman

Jackie robinson

George Bacus

Old Wild West Photos That Will Leave You Breathless – Page 22 – HeadlineLeak



Cowboys of the Wild West

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie scenes

Image: Madmax32

Bass Reeves, one of the first African Americans to become a Deputy U.S. Marshal west

Butch and Sundance, Stories of the Century version. Another Slim, this time Pickens of that Ilk

The books

The films focused on the question of whether Joe LeFors got Horn drunk and whether Horn had really confessed or if the shorthand stenographer Charles ...

Bear River


--the Sundance Kid.



Wild Bill Hickok - James B. Hickok, in the 1860s, during his pre

Charlie Siringo The great Charlie Siringo was born on this day in 1855

American history

He remained on the run from law enforcement until tracked to Joplin, Missouri and killed during a gunfight with lawmen on August 16, 1924.

... from Butch & Sundance, second is from Roadhouse, and third is from The Big Lebowski. With Roadhouse in between, you should be able to see the ...


Back L – R: Harry H. Huson (son of Doc Huson), Mae (Chase) Huson. Front L – R: Russ Huson, Ed Huson, Harry Huson.

Walter Coy

Lefors, Texas - Image: Big Springs, Texas

Tom Horn Horn Vs Hollywood

Cowboys and Outlaws

Charlie Siringo Pasadena Retirement Suited a Nemesis of Butch and Sundance

Steve McQueen filmography


The sometimes autocratic Brigham Young, ca. 1870, about 69 years old; and the aging Mormon lawman and frontiersman Orrin Porter Rockwell.

Fred Huson Fred Huson

by Jay Robert Nash

By ...

Ralphie ...

ColdMountainZellwegerGun QuickDeadStone

Director Raoul Walsh BigTrailRoxyPoster

Darley Wins Emmy! Congratulations to our favorite Trail Rider!

Steve McQueen's Tom Horn was a man whose time had passed.

Some room for doubt is left open – he could have shot the boy – but the movie makes it pretty clear that he was innocent and the so-called confession was ...

Elisha Cook Jr.

“But ...

If your parents named you “Byron,” after the famous British poet shown here, it might be expected that you would have literary inclinations.