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Literally gonna kms Homestuck t Homestuck and

Literally gonna kms Homestuck t Homestuck and


Literally gonna kms

I'm Homestuck got a fighting game like Smash Bros I would play the crap out of it.


High Security Pre-Comic

Find this Pin and more on homestuck by Yumi Ishimoto.

homestuck family tree - Google Search egbert harley crocker english | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck family and Homestuck


Find this Pin and more on art by dave turntechdeadbird.

Nepeta is literally one of the best trolls in the whole comic · Homestuck ...

Are we not going to talk about how the summoner is wearing heals? Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

Here in Spain we don't have it like that...Here anything


ladies and gentlemen (wow i gotta stop opening with that) the homestuck fandom ~

current mood by Clock--Heart

Hussite body thing looks more like a serial killer. John body looks like a dork. Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

while jegus has become a part of my vocabulary, there is much more to homestuck rather than buckets and misspellings of a human who was magic

I had a chance to be normal, and I chose Homestuck

Homestuck human karkat and terezi and troll john! Karkat X john <--- omg I love the style and wow <3

God Tier Scalemates John. Rose Dave. Jade | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck, Jade and Rose

Homestuck Movie Buddies by AtomicFireball

Cosas de Homestuck Y Dibujos Mios :V - Homestuck Squad

Karkat Vantas// I have always loved him in strife. I don't think I need to explain why.

Hairgel by ikimaru-art on DeviantArt ---> Awh Dirk looks so cute. Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

mischievous little zodiac Double Sollux! karkat is sooo cute! Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

GaMzEe (o: Homestuck

Image result for Icarly homestuck

Aw shit he's doing the jellybean mouth. Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat


that's the goal sneak homestuck everywhere but don't make it obvious - person true that - me

Dirk strider homestuck <

I'm swimming in an ocean of pillow case blue, and I sink so. Homestuck ...

(LeftToRight) Wayward Vagabond, Peregrine Mendicant, and Aimless Renegade. I love the exiles

that looks like itd be my bed wait it IS my bed lol <--- Maybe you are Roxy. Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

Dirk X Jake Caught

homestuck anime - Pesquisa Google

I don't ship Davekat but this is funny

Can't fucking deal with this pun. Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

LOL homestuck Dave Strider bro strider bro Dirk Strider dirk

If you're going to cosplay as trickster Jane then you have to do that. Homestuck ...

"Dave control your kid please" (homestuck, casey, john egbert)

Oh my gog. I love the strider bros.

John and Dave ghost comic part >> can't find original artist.

Rose Lalonde -- Homestuck

Grub Signless & The Dolorosa

Roses by ReadYourBook on deviantArt

Homestuck IPod/iPhone Wallpaper Photo by Fayiirah | Photobucket

Porrim Maryam from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck worn by Mostflogged

Kanaya Maryam Everyone! Find this Pin and more on Homestuck/Hiveswap ...

Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat

Why sleep when you can meme? Homestuck ...

Go Homestuck, you're drunkstuck.

Let's see... there's blue blood on the wall, eliminating the lowbloods, and oh yeah HE'S HOLDING A F***ING BROKEN BOW! Homestuck ...

Notzilon "I'm only getting started - I won't black out" Roxy Lalonde. One of my favorite fan arts of this lovely lady :] Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

Jake English cosplay by fuckableandproud on Tumblr, homestuck

Found on. Homestuck

Pastel goth Meulin Leijon, Porrim Maryam, Kankri Vantas by tamabrochi on deviantart

Nerdy gamer, random obsession with a certain actor, best friend with a Strider and a derp.

lick ;o). HomestuckRage

<==i am homestuck trash so i don't give a shit.

prob gonna cosplay this soon · Homestuck ...

Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat-----Karkat.

Paradox space tag on tumblr · ParadoxHomestuckCelestialAwkwardHateRandom ...

Houndini - homestuck mep / I don't care - homestuck girls mep

Wow this is the best DaveKat Cosplay I've ever seen! I don't even ship it and wow! < I see what you did there < < as you can see, the strider doesn't ...

Really all Karkat needs is for someone to hug him and tell him he didn'. HomestuckCancerSignGoogle ...


homestuck - Google Search

You know what, Homestuck fandom? Yous guys are alright. Im pretty impressed with

Homestuck haters literally cannot hate.>> we take everything as a compliment

Davekat is my favorite homestuck ship!

homestuck, shipping and john egbert image on We Heart It

hero of sweethearts by Socks-and-Notebooks.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. Homestuck ...

Unless you are John Egbert in Homestuck. Don't complain unless you're going through stuff that some kids go through


ahab's crosshairs au demonstuck eridan ampora humanized my-friend-the-frog reverse demonstuck sollux captor word balloon

homestuck tumblr posts

Jade - Homestuck Cosplay

Part 1

I don't even ship DaveKat but damn this is. Homestuck ...

ouran high school host club and homestuck... my life is complete

It reminds me of me and my two Lesbian friends. it was annoying, I had some dank memes, stop kissing and look at me.


Gawd, for some strange reason. Karkat reminds ne so much of dipper in this.

homestuck trolls - Google Search

Dam. Homestuck ...

A bit vulgar, so trigger warning, but totally hilarious! Okay Kankri! Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

Eridan looks normal though, like a blogger who hasn't slept for. Homestuck ...

sama series homestuck character cosplayers john furuko yoiko she

None ...

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I know it's not homestuck but it's homestuck

24 0 Download 2 hours ago

Oh my gosh I wish there was a show or fanfiction for this crossover, also. Homestuck ...


Some pretty nice art of Cronus! Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...

Homestuck Beta Timeline Genderswaps by =starexorcist on deviantART ( I love John, Tavros,

Grub Mituna meets baby Sollux for the first time. Find this Pin and more on Homestuck ...