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Liz Taylors only known nude pic taken for her husband Pin up Girls

Liz Taylors only known nude pic taken for her husband Pin up Girls


Elizabeth Taylor...Age 24.. The only nude photo ever taken of her... Photo by Roddy McDowall.

Betrayed: Singin' In The Rain star Debbie Reynolds lost first husband Eddie Fisher to Liz Taylor. '

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, DBE (February 1932 – March was a British-American actress.

Liz Taylor, "I have a woman's body and a child's emotions.

Love affair: Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and the British actor Richard Burton met on the

"I don't think President Bush is doing anything at all about Aids. In fact, I'm not sure he even knows how to spell Aids." Liz Taylor. "

Propositioned: When Joan Collins (pictured) was 21, Marilyn Monroe poured out a

Elizabeth Taylor at the 33rd academy awards

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, 1974 by Terry O'Neill

Actress Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" in 1958

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor in for a very nasty surprise at the end of Suddenly, Last Summer

Liz Taylor in Italy 1959

During the filming of 'The night of the iguana', Puerto Vallarta (1964. Violet EyesElizabeth Taylor ...

Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Bob Willoughby, 1957.

Liz Taylor:"I don't think of myself as beautiful, I never have." On the set of Suddenly Last Summer, 1959

Elizabeth Taylor gave up a baby, it has been claimed today

Elizabeth Taylor's ruby necklace presented to her by her third husband, Mike Todd - while

Scandal: Despite both being married to other people, the pair began a passionate affair

Elizabeth Taylor brooches x

Elizabeth Taylor in 'Cleopatra', 1963. Queen of the Nile? She looks like a goddess of the universe.

Sexy pics of young Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most beautiful women of all time. Elizabeth Taylor became a worldwide sex symbol after graduating from child ...

Elizabeth in Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor by Sanford Roth

A young Liz Taylor. I grew up admiring her as she was not that much older than me.

Liz Taylor

Temper: Taylor was famously feisty, as was Burton. He described her as '

Hail to the Queen Pisces, Elizabeth Taylor.

Since 1992, the magazine's Vanities section has opened with a full-page portrait of a promising young star. In September 2006, we tweaked the format to ...

Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?

Rock Hudson and Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor

Check out production photos, hot pictures, movie images of Elizabeth Taylor and more from Rotten Tomatoes' celebrity gallery!

Elizabeth Taylor - various

David Bowie sharing a cigarette with Elizabeth Taylor in 1975. This was the first occasion

Elizabeth Taylor /Элизабет Тейлор

Portrait of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Budapest, where Richard Burton threw a lavish


Elizbeth Taylor 1950's.....Uploaded By www.1stand2ndtimearound.etsy.

Doting mother: The actress with her sons Michael and Christopher Wilding in the 1950s

1963 Liz Taylor beautiful timeless make up

Ethereal: Taylor's statuesque beauty was celebrated in Hollywood. She died in March 2011,

Some like it hot: Brando admitted to have a steamy affair with Marilyn Monoe and

According to a new book, legendary actor Peter O'Toole had affairs with numerous

Emerald is my birthstone ~ "The legendary emerald suite was bought by Elizabeth Taylor and

Sparks: Burton said of his paramour: 'Elizabeth is an eternal one-night


Elizabeth Taylor reading "Father of the Bride"

Actress Joan Collins at the Evening News British Film Awards in 1979

Elizabeth Taylor cradles her youngest son Christopher Wilding c. 1955.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor by photographer Richard Avedon Her famous violet eyes are gorgeous!

Actress Elizabeth Taylor is shown in an early pin-up photo, .

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in The Sandpiper directed by Vincente Minnelli, 1965

Family: Elizabeth with her children Michael, Christopher, Maria and Liza in 2007

Elizabeth Taylor, Best actress in a leading role, 33rd Academy Awards. Elizabeth Taylor


Carole Bayer Sager with Burt Bacharach. After their first date Sager said she knew he

Elizabeth Taylor, 1956 "Giant" Photo by ...

Elizabeth Taylor and a 1958 Cadillac

Actress Elizabeth Taylor is shown on her arrival from Paris to London, June 10,

Never-ending love story: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were passionate about each other

Joan Collins:Why I lost my part as Cleopatra to Liz Taylor | Daily Mail Online

Secrets of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson's relationship revealed in new book | Daily Mail Online

Maria Callas, Greek Opera singer the british actor Richard Burton and the american actress Liz Taylor at the reception for the birthday of the famous french ...

Elizabeth Taylor

Liz gave Michael an elephant called Gypsy, adding to the growing

Marilyn Monroe had her hair straightened and bleached for the first time in 1946. She

National Velvet to a national treasure: Elizabeth Taylor - a life in pictures

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the Taylor Burton Diamond as a Ring

Liz Taylor

Star qualityl: Joan Collins arrives at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Rock: Elizabeth Taylor shows off a 33.19 carat diamond ring given to her by Burton

Anyone naive enough to believe the era of the casting couch had been consigned to history

Elizabeth Taylor People tell me my mother resembles Miss. ELIZABETH in her younger years.

There had been speculation Taylor, pictured in would be buried with her ex- husband Richard Burton in Switzerland

Monroe and husband playright Arthur Miller spent a two week vacation in Jamaica in January 1957

Success: Joan admits that 1982 television series Dynasty saved her life and career

Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, in one of her favorite colors: lavender. She enjoyed

Elizabeth Taylor Photos Photos - The following are classic (stock) images of Elizabeth Taylor

After a decade: Marlon Brando diied on July 1, 2004. Susan Mizruchi's book

Joan Collins:Why I lost my part as Cleopatra to Liz Taylor | Daily Mail Online

The blonde bombshell returned to Hollywood from New York to play Cherie in Joshua Logan's film

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO She recalled: 'I was begging and crying and just so scared. I remember

Talent: Burton, who was regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton in Cleopatra (1963)

Elizabeth in a quite extraordinarily erotic photo, for her, as she is usually extremely

Secrets of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson's relationship revealed in new book | Daily Mail Online

Marilyn Monroe posing for Playboy in December 1953. 'At 5'5' tall

Elizabeth Taylor and family with then husband, Richard Burton in Elizabeth Francis 'Liza', Maria, Michael Wilding Jr. (the tallest boy) & Christopher Edward ...

Glittering: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in a scene from the film 'Cleopatra'

Richard Burton was for many years O'Toole's favourite drinking buddy until, said O

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, 1970

April Ashley was one of the world's most beautiful models and had already had Elvis Presley

Suzanne Mizzi broke into fashion, interior design and art before her tragic death age 43

The photo that raised millions of eyebrows: Sophia Loren gave a disapproving look at Jayne

Michael and Liz caused a media storm when they arrived as a 'couple' at

Actress Joan Collins holding a cigarette and a drink at the wedding reception of sister Jackie

Mad love: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor as Antony and Cleopatra