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Loa Mutant power phasing which disintegrates whatever she has

Loa Mutant power phasing which disintegrates whatever she has


Mutant power: phasing which disintegrates whatever she has phased through.

Loa (comics) Loa Mutant power phasing which disintegrates whatever she has

Abilities Ability to "swim" through solid matter causing it to crumble afterwards Underwater adaptation via Atlantean pendant

(Avengers Academy#30) - That very night Loa was still playing with Mettle, using her abilities that allowed him to surf through the earth.

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Loa - Alani Ryan (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom (video game)

Pacific Rim, X Men, Marvel Dc, Transformers, Naruto

Alani Loa

(New X-Men II#23) - Two weeks after the global depowering, Xavier Institute headmaster Emma Frost pitted all remaining students against each other in a ...

(X-Men Legacy I#239) - Rogue ordered Loa and Anole to flee while she and Magneto would deal with the Sentinels. Loa and Anole refused to do so and decided ...

During her stay in Hell, she could shoot bursts of unknown energy powerful enough to destroy demons. She later learned to focus her energy powers to form ...

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Loa (comics) 1000 images about XMen Loa on Pinterest


Loa's personality shows

Loa (comics) Loa Character Comic Vine

New X-Men

Loa and Indra


Loa has mastered her abilities, making it safe for her to touch others unlike fellow mutants Wither or Rogue. Loa's disintegration powers even work on the ...

Loa demonstrates her power

Loa (comics) Marvel Comics Character Name starts with a letter quotLquot


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New Mutants Dead Souls Vol 1 1 Textless

Bastion Upgraded


Loa's powers manifest

Power Pack 20 Shadowcat mention 3

INTRODUCTION "My homeworld floats alone, a dead monument to a dead galaxy, a reminder of those who thrived millennia ago. "And yet I live on, ...

Doug: Kate is very serious-looking. This sure isn't the little Sprite that had recently entered the X-verse. But Wolverine's certainly recognizable ...

Power Pack 20 Magik mention 4

Power Pack 20 Magik mention 1

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Loa Alani Ryan, Runaways (vol. 3) #10 (2009), Former member of the Alpha Squadron training squad. Powers: Disintegrates matter by phasing through it.

And so "Desert Base" is our last stop, where he meets two more people whose personalities must seem familiar to him on a subconscious level:

Loa skottieyoung.jpg

Real Name: Teon Macik

Force Field; Umbrakinesis; Thermal Vision ...

The Acolytes

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Elixir: Before Discovering his Powers

New Mutant

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Healing Factor


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Power Pack 20 Shadowcat mention 1


Given that this story features two Wally Wests and two heroes called The Flash, it ran the risk of becoming confusing in a hurry.

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https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/. Wind Dancer has the mutant ability ...

Avengers Vs X-Men

Yet the stakes are much higher, with Aquaman having to stand alone not because he is the only ...

It's actually sexier in the movie-verse than in the comics because of the addition of a boob window.

Meanwhile, not knowing what had happened to Colossus, Shadowcat (Katherine Pryde, age 41) phased into what she thought was a giant missile being fired from ...

Cover of X-Men Legends Volume 2: Dark Phoenix Saga (1990), trade paperback collected edition. Art by John Byrne.

[ IMG]

The return of Killer Moth.


Power Pack 20 Magik mention 3

In the vignette “Abomination” featured in X-Men: Manifest Destiny, Anole and his Young X-Men teammate Jonas Graymalkin have a talk where Graymalkin ...

Horseman of Death


There have long been rumors about the Mob controlling all Deep Throat screenings for a number of years, taking a huge cut of the proceeds but offering ...


Cover art for New X-Men #121. Art by Frank Quitely.

In the alternate, parallel universe of Earth-D, where it was the year 2013, the Sentinels ruled, only a few mutants survived, and the world was on the verge ...

En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse

New Mutants as of issue 21

Jeffrey Katzenberg 'Deeply, Deeply Sorry' for Crude Molly Ringwald Diss He Denies Ever Saying


Page 1

Ryan North is one of the greatest humorists working in modern comics. There are multiple levels to the comedy in this issue and it's impressive how he ...


(1986) (Marvel Super Heroes) MA1: Children of the Atom by Kaltses - issuu

Six months after the T-Bomb exploded in the space between the Kree and Shi'ar Empires (the intergalactic space between the Large Magellanic Cloud and ...

Justice (John Tensen) (Marvel Comics New Universe) from the first cover

... Jean Grey gave into the dark side of her personality that had been awakened by Mastermind: the “Dark Phoenix.” She turned on her X-Men ...

Justice telekinetic bubble

Professor Charles Francis Xavier / Professor X

He did so because he felt he had too and accepted the tole that it extracted. Harkening back to the Infinity and Secret Wars events, Black Bolt's ...


New Mutants Vol 3 25 Jorge Molina Textless Variant

It lands, and a group of Mercurians greet the ship. They are not pleased to see Earthlings instead of one of their own exiting the ship.