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Long before the internet cats featured in medieval vernacular

Long before the internet cats featured in medieval vernacular


Long before the internet, cats featured in medieval vernacular literature. Historians argue over the

Cats Before the Internet: Vernacular Literature

Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh = The war of the Gaedhil with the Gaill, or, The invasions of Ireland by the Danes and other Norsemen : the original Irish text, ...

Chessie the Cat made its first appearance in 1933 to advertise the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

Long before the internet, cats featured in medieval vernacular literature. Historians argue over the first vernacular poem.

abair.ie – An Sintéiseoir Gaeilge

Literary Art Illustration Art Print Cat Print Wall Decor by Lit101


Long before the internet, cats featured in medieval vernacular literature. Historians argue over the first vernacular poem.


Long before the internet, cats featured in medieval vernacular literature. Historians argue over the first vernacular poem.


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Captain Kitty

Revue Celtique • Stichting A. G. van Hamel voor Keltische Studies

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The Dogs of the Medieval/Renaissance Hunt

Illuminated Eagle from the Book of Durrow shows the intense interest in nature.

Irish for Beginners (Languages for Beginners): Angela Wilkes, John Shackell: 9780746046432

When a plump gray cat appeared with the caption "I can has cheezburger?" it caught the imagination of a man in Hawaii and became the subject of his blog, ...


Medievalism Movies

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

Initial hiding a biting beast head, upper left corner.

It's Sunday so I propose a funnier, still "sciency" article for today. We all know that the Internet was created to help disseminate cat pictures by the ...

Internet Cat Video Festival

Hannah Thompson


... publisher Taschen is following up on its successful re-publication of Salvador Dalí's Les Dîners de Gala with his long out-of-print companion volume The ...

Please note the cat pictured is not the real Hubert and indeed any resemblance to any cat called Hubert alive or dead is purely co-incidental.

The Most Famous Irish Poem

Circa instans MS. 626, folios 207v–208r.

Los cantares de gesta franceses; sus problemas, su relación con España by Martín de Riquer

LOLcats pre-dated the Internet. The left image was taken by Harry Whittier Frees

Richard Hoffmann an Environmental History of Medieval Europe | Environmental History | Causality

Latin and Vernacular Poets of the Middle Ages book cover


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... folio 14v: Queen Isabella of England admonishes two of Edward II's favourites, Sir Hugh Despenser and Edmund, earl of Arundel, prior to their execution, ...

This child clearly is starting out well in life, yet his estate at the end of life will depend on the gifts and benefits bestowed on him by the stars and ...

The Visit to the Spinner

Figure 5: Death Strikes, Opening page of the Office of the Dead, Macclesfield Psalter, East Anglia, probably Norwich, 1330s (Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum ...

Initially almost all metered church music used triple time, because the number three was associated with perfection and theological concepts such as the ...

My cat Cnut was most pleased to read the magazine 'for fabulous felines, fun and friendship'; Breca the Pug was not impressed.

... Stray Tabby Cat - Found at Cray and missing home. Please contact Emily [email protected]

Blaumachen (to skip work, take a duvet day; literally: Illustrations: Till Laßmann

A Luxurious Book

He ...

Known for her religious visions, Hildegard eventually became an influential religious leader, artist, poet, scientist, and musician.

And then there's the fact that medievalists take on problems in our current time by way of Medieval literature in longer forms, such as this blog post ...


A watch cat patrols the design area in this quiet and peaceful design studio in Lisbon.

ROSENWEIN. a Short History of the Middle Ages, Fourth Edition | Constantine The Great | Byzantine Empire

Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Civic Entertainment Group

Sir Topham Cat:

Historical Context for Music of the Middle Ages (800–1400)

And the way they caption pictures from 13th and 14th century manuscripts with 21st century critiques;

with the pictures of cats and other animals that they post from manuscripts;

And Jack waits for me at the kitchen door.

Figure 1: Annunciation / First text page of Matins of the Virgin, Heller Hours, England, c. 1450 (Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley, ...


Bear & woman image by Katrina Plotnikova. "


Proof of ink-soaked paws are shown in the illustration (right), a medieval manuscript that a researcher recently discovered when going through manuscripts ...

Medieval Pic

Priest praying over the Host (Oberlin College, Allen Memorial Art Gallery, Acc.


The Architecture of Medieval Churches: Theology of Love in Practice

Be that as it may, they make nifty anecdotes and may reveal something about the manner of death an early medieval warrior would deem acceptable.

Annunciation ...

Vernacular Architecture: Towards a Sustainable Future

God's providence

Individuals roughly comparable to today's singer-songwriters served courts throughout Europe. Like most singer-songwriters, love was a favored topic.

Presentation ...

The Millennium of Russia monument in Veliky Novgorod, featuring the statues and reliefs of the most celebrated people in the first 1000 years of Russian ...

As to memes taking on a life of their own, one need look no further than the website I Can Haz Cheezeburger. “LOLcats” are everywhere.

Crucifixion ...


Caption: Cursed be this cat for peeing over my book! (Cologne, Historisches

Emerging from the imagery found in Medieval depictions of the Dance of Death, the motif of Death and the Maiden is at once macabre and erotic.”

The west front of Binham priory, for all its faults, is absolutely sublime - and by far and away one of my favourite medieval buildings anywhere in England.

Vernacular and Earthen Architecture: Conservation and Sustainability: Proceedings of SosTierra 2017 (Valencia, Spain, 14-16 September 2017)

Suppose a new hospital or drug rehabilitation centre needs to be built. If you're a NIMBY, then you'll be fine with the project—as long as it doesn't ...

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Close view of a Southern African cheetah at Kruger National Park. Note the light build, slender body, spotted coat and long tail.

An illustration of boar hunting from the Tacuinum Sanitatis (a medieval handbook on health and wellbeing; 14th century)

The beginning of the Gospel of Matthew in the Lindisfarne Gospels, produced in Northumbria and now in the British Library. An example of Insular art.

Medieval literary works