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Love useless factskinda wish I39d known about the Siri thing tho S

Love useless factskinda wish I39d known about the Siri thing tho S


Nerdy Fact-- you can call the number on Lucy from Despicable Me2's card & get a voicemail, etc... COOL!! | Crazy things to try | Pinterest | Number, Random ...

I love that this is considered an actual fun fact like no one knows it. This is literally in the commercial for Wall E.

random facts ~ i actually knew the blue eyes thing from reading an article about it recently.pretty cool since i have blue eyes :)

Husband find wifes secret money...but with a twist.

Did u get an orange kangaroo from Denmark? Or an amber koala from Denmark

8 facts you don't need to know.

Cool facts you may not know yet…

Did You Know Archive » 8 weird and interesting facts

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I Thought I Knew This One

... Ecard: Sometimes I feel sorry for judgmental people and their boring lives. Other times I'm jealous. I wish I had that much time to worry about things ...

Lin cares more about Sebastian than most Hollywood actors care about something that isn't an article about their own sexiness and I adore Lin for it


WTF-fun-facts kinda like Sherlock

The case of the never-ending cats:

The Real Story Behind ShinChan

This is sad and scary and like wow!!


Interesting random facts

Read carefully and answer…I actually reread it a few times and still couldn't get it! Yaaaaaaayyyyy I've never been so happy to get a question wrong!

STICK TEXTING - (The Emoji Killer) Animated Stick Figures for your IPhone and IPad e-mail and text - 1:22 - Rated G

Now you know what the small pocket is for…is this true? I think I'm gonna wear jeans more often now. and a pocketwatch.

Blood from mosquito

The truth behind Disney (or humans in general without the drugs!) This is horrible

Forget Waldo and wonder how the naked clown on a pogo stick made it into a children's book.

big bang theory tv jim parsons sheldon cooper tv shows joke Wallpaper · Random ThingsFunny ...

Spongebob voice actors

sixteen easy recipes applying a bag of sweet potatoes