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M14 JRABula guns splendidness t Guns

M14 JRABula guns splendidness t Guns


Bula Defense Product Intro


Bula Defense XM21 CBR

Unboxing the James River Armory M14

Guns · M-14 JRA/Bula

PAP M92 with 75 round drum mag

This beautiful new M14 rifle is a joint collaboration between Bula Defense Systems, and James

New JRA Full-Length M14 Rifles - An In-Depth Look

New James River Armory M14 Rifles

James River Armory M14 Rockola Receiver and Bolt

4 years 100 percent A+ Gunbroker feedback here

James River Armory Rock-Ola M14. Georgia Gun Club

Malfunctioning James River Armory M1A1 Carbine

AR 15...bare bones

James River Armory Forged Receiver M-14 Review

Go slow and check often, you want it right, not fast.

For Sale/Trade: M14F James River Armory ROCKOLA Battle Rifle

JRA on top, SAI on the bottom

m1a scout

Pros (compared to a standard configuration M1A): Handy length. Slightly lighter weight. Muzzle brake does a nice job of taming recoil/muzzle rise.

$11 AUD - Live Resin 1/35 L85A2 Sa80 Assault Rifle With Iron Sight And

USGI fiberglass stock unpainted (bad phone pic...there are better ones from other people on Google Images):

Rifles · Weapons · 159 Likes, 9 Comments - Zero (@tan_rifle) on Instagram: “I

Looking for an M14-style rifle chambered in .308, in all sorts of configurations from modernized and tacticool to classic wood stock?

Bula Defense Modernized M14 rifle - NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits 2016 - Gear-Report.com

Live Fire Test on Rock-ola m14 Rifles By James River Armory

James River Armory M14 Forged Receiver 22" or 19.25" modified profile barrel. New walnut stock. New production parts from Bula Defense Cast gas system

rifles guns weapons sniper rifles G3 Semi auto Cetme / 1280x960 Wallpaper

I will also be shooting some of the recently imported Malaysian surplus ammo.

JAE 100G3 Introduction and Overview

Springfied Armory / JRA M14 rifle......pics coming! [Archive] - The M14 Battle Rifle Forum

JRA M14/BM59

SHOT Show 2018 James River Armory

SHOT Show 2018 Bula Defense: Left Handed M14!

This is not a Springfield M1A. The M21DMR is a civilian semi automatic version of the last true battle rifle ...

All You've Wanted To Know About JRA BM-59 & M14 Rifles

I have a all TRW parts built on a cast SAI receiver and a all SA parts built on a cast Fulton receiver. Both rifles perform prefectly

Well I got to play with this at work today. The M14 30s just came back from finishing, we cleaned a few and got them assembled and put about a case through ...

Reference photo, U.S. Rifle, Caliber 7.62MM, M-14 and M14A1 ...

Chiappa Firearms M6 X-Caliber: the survival rifle coming from the sky

This is a Bula/ JRA /Rock-Ola of their early vintage. All James River Armory M14 type receivers currently being used along with most parts are produced by ...

Mine is a 101XX serial, and as many have mentioned, at this point JRA is using mostly Bula parts. Receiver, bolt, barrel, op-rod, and trigger housing are ...

Image for Mossberg® Patriot 30-06 Springfield Combo Bolt-Action Rifle with Scope from Academy

James River M1 Garand

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed ...

Rifle weighs in right at 9.24'ish lbs. I found out the NM weight barrel weighs around a lb more than the USGI profile, which is what my first personal M14 ...

Caliber 30 Springfield Rifle - M1903 Springfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Can't do this with a Springfield M1a.

New James River complete rifles with reweld receivers [Archive] - CMP Forums

... bolt with USGI guts, etc etc etc, and the cost of a professional gunsmith to assemble it all correctly, these JRA rifles are a pretty darned good deal!

Re: Springfied Armory / JRA M14 rifle......pics coming!

Semper Fi

CAW Mauser Kar 98k (Non-firing model gun)Find our speedloader now!

Sootch00 ( @sootch_00 ). Gun ...

James River Armory M-14 and M-14 Paratrooper .308 Rifles. Range

Semper Fi

Some of the pistols you could choose from if you win our #winacoonan contest Coonan .357 Magnum Compact, .MOT .45ACP,.357 Classic, 357 Comped #coonan ...

I'm in the process of reinforcing a gi glass stock that I've got or may use a semi striped birch instead. Not sure yet, not rushing into it.

M-14 Paratrooper Rifle James River Armory

I am a mechanical engineer and I understand the benefits of the hammer forge process that JRA,LRB and BULA go through, when compared to investment cast ...

The James River Armory M14 with Bula Forged Receiver and Barrel. This

Two other H&R rifles in that testing also failed catastrophically, one where the right bolt lug sheared off, and another with a cracked lug.

I am in love again.

Here are the hand loads:

M1A Bush Rifle circa 1989. SEI muzzle brake, Fulton laminated stock and handguard. One meter of whoopass.

Hello from Northern Virginia and my new JRA M21 (and friends) - Page 3 - M14 Forum

Ha ha ha ha

M-14. This is what I carried for my whole time in Vietnam. I get it clean and oiled. I also kept it "Zeroed" in. My "14" was very accurate. WFH.

Beautiful wooden stock and top cover on a Springfield M1A SOCOM 16. If I had this rifle I would have to rightfully name it Thumper.

So I did some crazy trading lately and ended up with a brand new stainless Springfield

... to use a barrel and receiver combination that until now could not be reached easily. Here is a photo of their armorer's kit that I picked up at Camp ...

... have something awesome on the horizon. Get in line, they are worth it. Bula also makes quality barrels, bolts, trigger housings and other small parts.

Bula's med weight NM barrel has been producing sub min targets for me. Plot is 15 rnds of handloaded 168 smk in a 1" circle at 100 yds shot about 3 weeks ...

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Via @illmanneredgunrunner707 #gunhub #gunshop #gunporn #war #shooting #military #

I've had this one for about four years now. Love it.

Windham Weaponry MCS or Modular Carbine System

Marlin Firearms 1895 SBL 45/70 Govt.

i have a stevens 22 caliber single shot single action pistol it is marked j stevens a&t co. chicopee falls mass. sn43932 someone at one time told my.

sootch_00 's Medien: Boyd's stock transforms the Century Arms C39 AK and Windham Weaponry

ArtStation - M1941 Johnson, Evgeni Vdovlov

I'm so weak

.22 calibre // Ironwood Designs IWD SG2000 (Ruger 10/22 bullpup modification) >>> a rare .22 custom of the rare Walther WA2000 .

3. JRA M14 ...

I'm really thankful that Disney is giving us cast members $1,000 bonus. I know a lot of CMs complained it was only a $1,000 and that can't even cover some ...

James River Armory M-14 .308 Rifle. Bula Defense Forged Receiver and Barrel