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MILITARIA Kgl and others t Uniform

MILITARIA Kgl and others t Uniform


Sergente e ufficiale del 2 btg. fanteria leggera della KGL e fuciliere del 1 btg · Best UniformsBritish UniformsMilitary ...

Find this Pin and more on Kgl and others by jonaspetter.

Napoleonic Military Paintings/Sketches/Uniform Plates

Napoleonic Military Paintings/Sketches/Uniform Plates

Ufficiali del 1 e 2 rgt. e dragone del 2 rgt. "Light Dragoons

Fuciliere, granatiere, ufficiali e fuciliere della KGL di Hannover


Kgl. Livgarde til hest (menige) (1)

British uniforms

Artiglieri, granatiere , ufficiale e fuciliere della fanteria leggera dell'Hannover

Rocket Section, Royal Marine Artillery, 1814. Artist- Eric Manders- The Company

A Mauser C96 toting Bavarian artilleryman from Kgl. Bayer. 1. Feldartillerie-Regiment Prinz-Regent Luitpold

A trio of Bavarian infantrymen from Kgl.

Kgl. Livgarde til fods (menige)

Kings German Legion soldiers, Waterloo. This unit held La Haye Sainte against continual French

British 95th Rifles. Author unknown. Very nice figures!

Swedish Military Uniforms - Great Northern War

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/. German UniformsMilitary ...

Cannoniere e ufficiale di artiglieria della KGL

1st KGL Horse Artillery Battery Staff (Royal Horse Artillery). Military ArtMilitary UniformsWaterloo ...

Sergente maggiore, sergente e tenente dei granatieri della KGL

Benjamin Harris 95th Regiment.

Ufficiali e fucilieri della KGL di Hannover

7th (Royal Fusliers) Regiment of Foot- 1815. 1st Battalion on the American · Military UniformsBritainHistoryModern ...

Napoleonic British Light Dragoon KGL

Napoleonic British Dragoons KGL uniforms

Kgl. Bayer. Reserve Infanterie Regiment Nr. 15. 12. Kompagnie. | · Ww1 SoldiersMilitary UniformsGerman ...

Grenadier from Kgl. Sächs. 2. Grenadier-Regt Kaiser Wilhelm, König von


Otto Freiherr von Lilgenau, Leutnant im 2. Ulanen-Regt. 1903 Kgl. Bayer. 2. Ulanen-Regiment König Ansbach IIB Corps

Amazon.com: Kids ACU Uniform 4 Piece Set - Kids Military Costume: Clothing

Prusia 15º Húsares La Reina Guillermina de los Países Bajos (Hannover) Cabo

(Berlin) Garde-Korps Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Waffenrock.

Military Uniform T-shirt Features: KGL-TS013 WOODLAND CAMO SHIRT

The officer of the reenactment unit is wearing a pre War of 1812 Tartelon, I don't think this is accurate.

Sergente del 95 rgt. fanteria inglese

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Light Battalion of the KGL Center

It didn't see that much action, acoridng to Waterloo companion, the whole division lost only 19% Ofcourse 19% castualties today would be a massacre.

2nd Regiment, Light Dragoons, KGL (ex Heavy Dragoons) 1813 - 1816 ( in the front rank); Old Glory 28mm figures. red facings with yellow lace 9gold for ...

KGL-TS010 Total Terrain Camo T-Shirt

Officer of the 95th regiment of light infantry, Great Britain 1812 | British Rifles 95th/60th/KGL | Pinterest

Next up will be the last unit I'm going to do for my von Lőwes Brigade, the 5th battalion KGL. I'm not going to do the 7th KGL.

Andreas Springer on Twitter: "Waterloo 2015 #waterloo #bicentenary #zweihundertjahrfeier #reenactment #livinghistory #landwehr #kgl #britisharmy #artillerie ...

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Also I found that a all firing all loading base didn't look right, also I could only get 7 firing figures in the whole box, thats very few, so instead of ...

Rifles, The Rifles, Firearms

The officer's gold braid was done with Vallejo Old Gold. I may go for some of their metallic series next time or try some NMM techniques.

German infantry rifleman - unknown location - WW1

Camouflage Army T Shirt

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Tri-color Camouflage Unifo.

Military Uniform T-shirt Features: LONG SLEEVE SHIRT SKY BLUE CAMO

German; 2nd Royal Bavarian Uhlans Regiment König. Home Depot Ansbach, II Royal Bavarian · German UniformsMilitary ...

95th Rifles, 1811. - antheadssite. Army UniformMilitary UniformsBritish UniformsNapoleonic ...

50. ◅

... bits and pieces I had lying around, including a few pieces of some Victrix British artillery that was missing a few parts and hence I couldn't turn ...

4315: Ulanka eines Wachtmeisters : Lot 4315

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Soviet USSR ORIGINAL Army Soldier Parade Uniform 1980th by Soviet USSR Army Navy Air Force KGB

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Camouflage Military Covera.

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... "Feldzug 1915" - Kgl. Bayer. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr.

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Left to right: von Röder, Elberfeld, Vernet – a measure of agreement

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WWI Prussian Artillery Other Ranks Field Blouse

Napoleon's Line Cavalry Recreated in Colour Photographs (Europa Militaria Special)

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... Paranoid_Womb Kgl. Sächs. 11. Infanterie-Regt. Nr.139 | by Paranoid_Womb

R4ff3r 11 1 KGL in camp by R4ff3r

american army uniforms. military dress uniforms

Uniforms and equipment were British, with some variations from the standard. The Legion included sharpshooter companies equipped with Baker rifles alongside ...

KGL and 95th rifles by R4ff3r

1 2 3 4 ...

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military dress uniforms. army camouflage

The First Photos Of The Sinai KGL-9268 Crash Were Released By The Egyptian Government


... Paranoid_Womb Kgl. Bay. Reserve Infanterie Regiment Nr. 5 in 1914 | by Paranoid_Womb

camouflage clothing

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Parka jackets long jackets bomber jackets ...

Specifications. Military uniform

military clothing online service buy military gear

... Grimma Infantryman, Kgl. Sächs. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 107, Grimma

... König von Preußen Kgl. Bayer. 6. Infanterie-Regiment "Kaiser Wilhelm, König von Preußen

Policewomen boarding a Rwandair flight to Darfur yesterday at Kigali International Airport (Photo; T

Again, all figures are by Front Rank Figurines and the flags are by Flags for the Lads. All figures are painted in Humbrol enamels.

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Camouflage Military T-shir.

So when I'm done with these I'll get working on my Royal Horse guards "the blues"

... Musketier, Kgl. Sächs. 15. Infanterie-Regiment Nr.181 | by