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CARTOONIST FIRED FOR CRITICIZING MONSANTO, DUPONT “It's our constitutional right to free speech and our constitutional right to free press” by Adam Salazar ...

Whole Foods Joins Monsanto Try to Kill GMO Labeling in America | Food Democracy Now

Don't let Monsanto and the Corporate Class kill GMO labeling in Washington!



GENERAL Mills spends millions to stop GMO labeling

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's investments in Monsanto and Cargill have come under heavy criticism. Is it time for the foundation to come clean on ...

Stop monsanto


Monsanto Tribunal and People's Assembly The Hague, 14th – 16th October 2016

Support for free speech: It's an IQ thing, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review

By Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance (COVVHA)

"Whitewash" author, Carey Gillam has been in Sacramento Court hearing a very special case that will decide, "Is Roundup Cancer Causing?" #Monsanto is suing ...

I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. Monsanto

Bayer-Monsanto Deal Would Forge New Agricultural Force

Monsanto....Dear God help us! Most humans are clueless this is


"American political culture has devolved from the Vietnam era, when pacifists were marginalized,

Monsanto Timeline

Occupy Monsanto

Order in the Court

Image result for whitewash story weed killer

From the October 2016 Issue


Listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. speech before entered the courtroom for the verdict. He



24 hours before I was scheduled to take the stage, I was informed by Hawaii CFS that the pro-GMO and satire activist group “March Against Myths About ...

By Phillip Schneider


Putting Free Speech out to Pasture: Cartoonist Lost His Job for Poking Fun at Monsanto

Why the controversy over an Iowa cartoonist is no laughing matter - Columbia Journalism Review

Commission calms Trump by clearing major agro-chemical merger


What Killed Jack McCall? A California Farmer Dies and a Case Against Monsanto Takes Root



By Isaac Davis


What is Monsanto?

Here, Kevin Folta solicited for and received a $25,000 grant from Monsanto to help them with their “3rd party approach to developing advocacy”.

Danger - Monsanto

Please SHARE this Important message to your Senators far and wide with friends and family today!

... the lawsuits against Monsanto for glyphosate/Roundup, there are similar documents coming forth such as the one I mentioned at the outset of this post.


FDA Censoring Free Speech on Facebook

Woman planting seeds.

While the nation was watching the election, the EPA just approved another toxic herbicide for Monsanto

C) Seeds: Steps towards seed freedom and struggle against unjust seed laws. Among the participants: Navdanya, Peliti Greece, UGM/CAPROSET Mali, Autre Terre, ...

Join farmers and free citizens around the world in the March to Stop Monsanto!

IRS Seeks to Limit Free Speech

New Study Raises Alarm About Exposure to Glyphosate Pesticides at Levels the EPA Claims Are "Safe"

#SmartHealthTalkTopPick: Justice Department to Allow Bayer's Acquisition of Monsanto After Company Concessions - WSJ

The illegal killing of birds – usually because of traditional hunting – results in an estimated 12 to 38 million individual birds dying or being taken each ...

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Antsy audience not so sure that “Lawmakers Listen”

"Profit" by Rick Friday

Except when they are an invention of Big Environmental! Oh, Hank.

More than 250,000 Americans call on Obama to Veto the Monsanto Protection Act! - He Failed Us!

march in march to evict monsant march2 March in March to Evict Monsanto Syngenta Protest Pollution

The Berlin headquarters of German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer (AFP Photo/John Macdougall)

The Last Roundup: how Monsanto created the fable of “the world's safest herbicide”

Why Are Countries Banning GMO Genetically Engineered Crops and Animals?

March in March to Evict Monsanto March in March to Evict Monsanto Syngenta Protest Pollution pesticides

The second point is – it is not so much the industry such as Monsanto that ...


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... 16.

In the aftermath of the announcement that the FDA had banned antibacterial soap, public health professionals have overwhelmingly supported the decision, ...

Bayer-Monsanto Deal Would Forge New Agricultural Force


TIME: A World Without Honeybees

CIA memo 1967 conspiracy theory pg1 ...


Bayer CropScience North America President and CSO Jim Blome, left, talks with Monsanto Company

Freedom of Information Act

'March Against Monsanto': Protest Against GMO in 38 Countries Ongoing · '

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Bt cotton killing Indian farmers while Monsanto profits from seed imperialism and deadly poisons

World class: Dave Schultz (left) beams as he looks at the gold medals


Are GMO-free Cheerios, Grape-Nuts a ploy by Grocery Manufacturers Association to kill mandatory GMO labeling?

Dr. C's Recommendations


The Tree of Life is Dying in the Graveyard (Speech)

(Natural News) Is Monsanto, the corporate scourge of the Earth, finally going to pay for its crimes? If the International Monsanto Tribunal has any say in ...

EU scientists in row over safety of Glyphosate weedkiller | Environment | The Guardian

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We're excited to deliver valentines and ask retailers to “show bees some love” and stop selling bee-killing pesticides and garden plants poisoned with these ...



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