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Mammals That Lay Eggs Funky science discoveries t

Mammals That Lay Eggs Funky science discoveries t


Montage of evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered creatures (Clockwise from top left: Sunda pangolin

This is the third type of mammal and lays eggs in a burrow, but they do feed their young on milk so are definitely mammals.

This strange mammal is the long-beaked, egg-laying echidna. Scientists thought

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duck billed platypus - native to Australia, mamal, female lays eggs

The duck-billed Platypus has puzzled scientists ever since its discovery 200 years ago

Scientists have unlocked the DNA behind the Australian mammal, which lays eggs and suckles its young, for the first time

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Duck billed platypus by AJC1, via Flickr

Nature Is Full Of Math

Natty arrived cold and dehydrated after being found by a gardener. She's a poorly hog

Apart from looking like a Frankenstein's monster patched together from discarded animal parts, it is also one of the few mammals that lay eggs.

Mammals That Lay Eggs - Smart Meme - Curiosity

12 best Monotremes - Egg laying mammals images on Pinterest | Mammals, Duck billed platypus and Platypus

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Images from https://t.co/enKGlZ8zw3 and https://t.co/eeCDOoy0y6 ...

One of my favourite animals by far- the Platypus. Classed as a monotreme, it is a living evolutionary link between reptiles and mammals, possessing traits ...

walks through the damp rainforest understory in Papua New Guinea. Echidnas are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals. There are 3 species that live only in PNG.

Reproducibility of egg-laying trials | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences

Ten Strange, Endearing and Alarming Animal Courtship Rituals – Cool Green Science

Last year we had Mighty Giants, animals that were actually big, or big for their clade., or TERRIBLE as well as big. BUT some animals are such a funky ...

Baby Duckbill Platypodes are fucking ...

Spreadwing damselfly laying eggs

Sumatran tigers, which are closely related to other Asian tigers, are found only on

Dr Andrew Polaszek, an insect expert at London's Natural History Museum, found this Encarsia

8 and replica egg in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

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Animal evolution has been shaped by the movements of Earth | Daily Mail Online

A female Hoolock tianxing gibbon, a newly discovered species in Yunnan, China

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We've found just over 6,000 new marine crustaceans and almost 8,000 marine molluscs in

Five animals you never knew make milk for their babies

Animals. Funky Ducks Thrive at NYC's Central Park: Photos

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Scientists from the Universities of Exeter and Cambridge used sophisticated digital imaging to test just how

Turtle Walks, at the Museum of Discovery and Science, will be the chance for

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Komodo dragons are an example of a species which can produce offspring both through sexual reproduction and parthenogenesis.

Books about mammals for children

Scientists have discovered that eggs can only have been laid by chickens, thus solving the


The asexual, all-female whiptail species Cnemidophorus neomexicanus (center), which reproduces via parthenogenesis, is shown flanked by two sexual species ...

New Hampshire doesn't have a state museum. I never realized there were such things until someone I interviewed mentioned a mastodon fossil in Albany, ...

Below: a highly ornamented coot chick displays to its parent.

Mammals for KS1 and KS2 | Mammals homework help | Mammals for kids | TheSchoolRun

Why don't we see baby pigeons?


Scientists want to bring 24 animals back from extinction (Dodos make the list... but dinosaur DNA is so old, Jurassic Park isn't an option) | Daily Mail ...

A beautiful reconstruction of Megatherium (joined by the glyptodont Panocthus) on the pampas of

Ancient DNA traces extinct Caribbean 'Island Murderer' back to the dawn of mammals

Scientists have shown that birds defending their nests against the Common Cuckoo - which lays its

... exploitation of nesting beaches for ports, and tourist centres have disturbed the breeding of the olive-ridley species across the planet Dominic Tilley

Copulation ...

Marsupials such as kangaroos are known for carrying their young in a pouch. The group

Dino Easter Egg Hunt At The Dinosaur Place

The remarkable fossil of a Dinocephalosaurus, discovered in a field in China, shows an

Study finds that some young Theropod dinosaurs had teeth and developed a beak later in life

The platypus is a monotreme, which along with echidnas, are the only mammals that


Lay eggs

Don't call it a comeback… we've been here for years. FIVE years to be exact. And for this 5th Annual March Mammal Madness we've dialed it up to 11 ...

Passenger pigeon

A Taita African caecilian (Boulengerula taitanus/taitana) (Credit: Milvus, CC

Backyard Biodiversity Wild Action

Aquatic Worm

Oligocene mural.

Client Client Client Client Client

New nude species is looking at YOU to name it!

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... chicks show what self-respecting baby birds are supposed to look like—these chicks are doing their best to resemble a rock.

Dr. Nicole Burt and other museum curators, scientists, and educators will be team-tweeting from the @CMNHzoology. To learn more about CMNH go to their ...

Oldest Known Squawk Box Suggests Dinosaurs Likely Did Not Sing | Amazing Science | Scoop.

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Punctures in the plant after the damselfly flew away

9 Animals You Won't Believe Exist

Books about mammals for children

Books about mammals for children


Even a small claw cut or bite wound can get infected and lots of times an animal will back down rather than take a risk for little potential benefit.

In fact, in an experiment in 2008, water bears became the first animals to survive unsheltered in the vacuum of space. And they did it for 10 days!

Garden Snail


That is not in fact a man and a hippo doing a live reenactment of a cartoon they saw. That's an experienced park ranger, who narrowly avoided getting killed ...

... Diploptera family, ...