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Many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy are troubled with a

Many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy are troubled with a


Illustrative photo of a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy treatment. ( chemotherapy image via Shutterstock)

Many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy are troubled with a condition known as chemo brain,

Scientists have worked out how to soften up tumours ahead of treatment, making them more

Chemo Care Package

I Was All Set to Become the Most Popular Guy in the Cancer Ward. Then

I Was All Set to Become the Most Popular Guy in the Cancer Ward. Then I Met My Nemesis: Ben. | Washingtonian

'Mastectomy Recovery" Book 3 "How To Speed Up Your Physical Recovery After A

Women with breast cancer who exercised while on chemotherapy felt less pain, had more energy

Chemotherapy: How Cancer Drugs Impact the Body Long-Term June 2, 2014

chemotherapy Despite having a higher risk for cancer ...

Men with incurable prostate cancer live two years longer if given chemotherapy at the same time

A Note from Americans for Safe Access

Many Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemo, Big Study Finds - NBC Connecticut

3 Chemo attempt to kill cancer before killing patient JohnLee

Agence France-Presse

Personal Care Products for Cancer Patients to help reduce and relieve the uncomfortable side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Cancer Gifts to delight ...

Many Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemo, Big Study Finds - NBC Connecticut

Emily Tsang

This inexpensive, web-based treatment may help patients overcome cognitive issues from chemotherapy.

Prayer for Cancer Patients (very personal to me because I have lost two loved ones to cancer)

How much that aspect troubled you on average during your breast cancer chemotherapy (ranked from

Quick Tips to get through treatment. -- remember doing just about all of these

A patient receiving chemotherapy treatment Credit: Jim Craigmyle

'We need to ask patients about their preferences [about where and how they want to die] while they are receiving chemotherapy,' say the study's authors.

Chemo Fog at a Glance - There are several strategies that can be implemented that might help combat chemo brain before, during, and after treatment…

Beauty Tips from a Breast Cancer Survivor

Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments often suffer from side effects like nausea, mouth

A nurse prepares to administer chemotherapy to a cancer patient. In Kenya, breast cancer treatment is so expensive that even wealthy patients often have to ...

Chemo with Hardly Any Side Effects? Mission: Possible

267 best Helpful Resources for Cancer Patients images on Pinterest | Breast cancer, Cancer treatment and After effects

Testicular cancer: Tumour stem cells, etiology and effects after chemotherapy


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Miss Mafi took to Twitter to call for help, writing: 'My Mum and

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In two new studies, early-stage breast cancer patients who had scalp-cooling

Umaima Tinwala, who survived breast cancer after buying cheaper chemotherapy drugs in India, speaks

Steve Brewer (pictured) logged on to eBay, and to his astonishment, discovered

Last year 132,138 patients in England did not see a cancer specialist within the 14-

Chemo PAINT Spreadsheet #1-03102015 ...

Barbara Bradshaw,

Pancreatic cancer patients could live more than twice as long if given chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women, affecting approximately 1 in 8 over the course of her lifetime.

There are many causes of massive hair loss but one of the most common is chemotherapy treatments.

CANCER BEAUTY: Marianne Kelly, founder of the Image Recovery Center, a beauty salon

Robert Trivett who was killed by an overdose of chemotherapy at the BRI, Bristol.

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Troubled patient with cancer tumor holding a cup of tea while being comforted by a family


Bruce Mead-e, 63, who has advanced lung cancer, stands in the

Black people make up an increasingly large share of those with Hodgkin lymphoma and HIV, according to a new study. They are less likely, however, to receive ...

Vicki Richards, 37, of Coventry, West Midlands, thought she was infertile after

A cancer patient on his way to a doctor's appointment in New York. '

SA also had chemo with Irinotecan and she developed cramps of her facial muscles. Her gum bled after brushing her teeth.

PHOTO: Mckenzi Middlebrooks, who is battling two forms of cancer, decided to "

Read more about What is Chemo Brain? on Headcovers Blog. More information. More information. Many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy are troubled ...

Scalp cooling treatment cap reduces hair loss from cancer chemo

Doctors: Chemotherapy Expensive and Does Little for Advanced Cancer Patients

VIDEO: School Helps Kids With Cancer Focus on Play

Cancer: The mysterious miracle cases inspiring doctors


Hannah Lyson (pictured) was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May last year when she

Device that cools the scalp may help cancer patients save their hair

George Keays, Colorado realtor at La Pradera International Health Center in Havana last October.

3 Recent research result has shown that about 50% of women with breast cancer have been receiving chemo that they don't need! So, is chemo given to women ...

Infographic on a device that reduces hair loss during chemotherapy treatments. Contributed by the Pittsburgh

Figure 3: Late effects of cancer treatment in childhood cancer survivors (Robison LL, Hudson MM, Nat Rev Cancer 2014) ...

Unlike chemotherapy, which affects rapidly dividing cells in the body, smart drugs target only

Ontario's chemotherapy scandal, involving 1,202 cancer patients who received overdiluted doses of two vital drugs, should never have happened.

Doctors in the US revealed that, compared to chemotherapy, Nivolumab doubles the chance of

Madat Trust certificate

Chemotherapy is a pretty scary prospect, but a lot of people are convinced by their doctors that its potential benefits are worth enduring the very ...

Challenges doctors face when treating an aggressive cancer. Chemotherapy ...

... thinking about some things that I found helpful when I was going through chemo. In the spirit of that, I've put together a cancer patient's gift guide.

A genetic test could spare 2,500 breast cancer patients each year the ordeal of unnecessary chemotherapy


Amanda Goodwin who lost her husband to an overdose of chemotherapy at the BRI, Bristol

'Chemofog' Persists in Many After Breast Cancer Treatment

Chemo Brain Awareness

Amish Family Wins Court Battle over Daughter's Cancer Treatment

DaSomá is a medicinal lip balm (not a cosmetic product) specifically formulated for cancer patients exposed to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment.

Table 3 Description of cancer patient sample (N063)

Dubai resident Hana Abu Lughod was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 32

Marisa Da Silva says she was told to apply for work while undergoing chemotherapy

Children suffering from cancer have to undergo chemotherapy, and other treatments, which can take

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Agence France-Presse

Maggie Ryon

Edina Van Staveren has a promising prognosis after having a novel treatment for complex abdominal cancer

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