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Map of NZ Maori Iwi South Island Maori t Maori South

Map of NZ Maori Iwi South Island Maori t Maori South


Map of NZ Māori Iwi - South Island

Picture. TE WAKA A MAUI CIRCA 1840 MAP. Shows Māori place names in the South Island of New Zealand.

From NZTE& Māori Cultural Kit for people wanting to do business with Māori organisations, a map showing tribal boundaries of New Zealand& Māori iwi.

Map of NZ Maori Iwi - North Island

... Maori language and its pronunciation. Map of Aotearoa

... Maori Resources. See more. Aotearoa New Zealand place names

Map showing districts of the principal Maori Tribes in New Zealand

This is a list of the Māori iwi of New Zealand. According to the glossary definition of the National Library of New Zealand, “iwi” is a “Māori word for a ...

Before colonists, Maori didn't have a commonly-used name for the whole New Zealand archipelago. It seems at first to have been referred to the North Island ...

Geological map of the Province of Nelson

Map of iwi territories in New Zealand. In Māori culture, "iwi" means "people" or "nation".

This ...

New Zealand Maori War

Aeotearoa (New Zealand!)

North Island Maori Iwi (with Whanganui River and tributaries shown)

Map showing Cook's voyages. Map showing Cook's voyages. Māori ...

Ngā Iwi O Aotearoa Map (B&W)

... at 1,500km east of Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa in Māori) comprises two main landmasses - the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (Te ...

Culture of New Zealand - history, people, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social, marriage

Captain James Cook's map of New Zealand, showing a mixture of Māori names and names Cook coined himself

TE IKA A MAUI CIRCA 1840 MAP. Shows Māori ...

Step by step on how to lay a Hangi #aTableForTwo

A 1943 poster produced during the war. The poster reads: "When war broke out ... industries were unprepared for munitions production. To-day New Zealand is ...

Map of Māori iwi, with the Ngati Mahuta iwi—with whom Potatau had ties— highlighted. The Māori King Movement's territory roughly corresponded to the region ...

Click on the map to see a larger version. Māori History

Chatham Islands from space ISS005-E-15265.jpg

Rohe (region), South Island

A Maori warrior surveys the oceans near Ngāmotu (New Plymouth). Māori oral history

See a Maori waka paddled by powerful warriors at Mitai Maori Village

The history of New Zealand dates back at least 700 years to when it was discovered and settled by Polynesians, who developed a distinct Māori culture ...

On the screen is where proposed Kermadec Sanctuary will be. It is our far north territory – close to the exclusive economic zones of Tonga and Fiji.

Hone Harawira has spent his life seeking greater autonomy for Maori. Again and again he has argued that iwi and hapu should be able to shape their own ...

A map shows the two islands which are subject of an application for Coastal Marine Title


The Waitangi Sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi. Context, Treaty to establish a British Governor of New Zealand, consider Māori ...

570x778 Large Print New Zealand Map of North Island Giclee Art Print

Here is a map for those confused about where the Chathams are.

education resources

Polynesian Triangle

NZ New Zealand Tourism Map Maori Travel Vintage Poster Retro Canvas Painting DIY Wall Stickers Art

Wellington High School History Department; 18. The Traditional Maori ...

Five years in the making, Kā Huru Manu provides a Ngāi Tahu perspective on the

New Zealand Wars Campaigns: This North island map depicts the battle locations between 1845-1872.


This map indicates in yellow those areas remaining in Māori ownership. Reduced land holdings made farming less economic for some tribes, and .

The large green land area on this map of Auckland is the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park

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Maori pa

Territories of iwi (tribal groups) in New Zealand and locations of hazard events we have discovered so far in the record of oral tradition.

Radiocarbon dating, evidence of deforestation and mitochondrial DNA variability within Māori populations suggest New Zealand was first settled by Eastern ...

4 New Zealand is a country in the south- ...

Map of New Zealand during the Maori Wars.

Maori Arts and Culture: Matching costumes add to the unity of dance.

An early plan of the layout of the town of Auckland, situated on the banks

An 1863 meeting between Māori and settlers in a pā whakairo (carved pā) in Hawke's Bay Province.

All the old maps of New Zealand, like this fragmented one of Taupo, invariably made reference to the pre-Maori people, as did the "pre-grievance industry" ...

Loss of Maori land.

Ngā iwi. Tribal names

Tuki's Map by Tuki Te Terenui Whare Pira (1793)

Singing and dancing are big parts of a Maori cultural performance.

Map of New Zealand showing the Kermadec and surrounding Islands.

Maori Warriors at Te Puia

This map is a fantastic resource for learning more about New Zealand places from a uniquely Te Reo perspective. For those interested, prints of this map can ...


4 New Zealand is a country in the south-western ...

Haka - Māori war dances. A short film that focuses on the story and meaning behind the Haka, a traditional

Tiki Tour Map – The Tiki Tour Map offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors to experience local Māori business and tourism experiences, and unique stories ...

Maori are the 'host people' of New Zealand. Although described by many as ' Maori' in fact Maori are a composition of many Iwi (Tribes) Hapu (Subtribes) and ...


After more than 200 years of popular use, New Zealand's North and South Islands could be rechristened with Maori names from next year.

The carved entrance to Te Puia, a Maori cultural icon in Rotorua.

Māori culture

Maori arrival on a stamp


Dean Whaanga, Stewart Bull and Muriel Johnstone all contributed to the Ngāi Tahu cultural mapping

Te Paki o Matariki, 20 November, 1894 Te Paki o Matariki, Cambridge, N.Z.: Kingitanga (Māori ...

Haka performed during US Defense Secretary's visit to New Zealand (1).jpg. Māori ...

Maori Culture

But the maps have no direct link to a discovery voyage and do not fit either

A view of the Murderers' Bay

James Watkin's word list (MS-0031) and Ray Harlow's book reproducing He Puka Ako I Te Korero Maori


Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua.

(a) Aotearoa-New Zealand's tectonic location in the South Pacific

Milford Sound NZ and a long white cloud.



GeneralCopy of the first Maori map of New Zealand. 1793. Primarily of Northland.

Map of northern coastal Taranaki showing (1) Mimi, (2

Maori pa